__________by Lyrical

Ever think that in time you will gently unwine
Gracefully in my mind, i see and created all things
And how i want it to be
Phase one, just a simple task..wine and dine you
Phase two, brings the skillz and the task
Where i unleash what you could never find in the past
Studz come and go but i am the one you dare to uphold
Straight nasty and sexy with it, pouring it on you like a pure freak, no reason to be shy in the sheets
Bodies banging, lips locked, hand toching, finger tips following
Heavy sweat pours, horomones ragging, nerves shot,
Nipples hard as rocks, waterfalls now pour from your center piece, where i will go, plugging up your leak

Not temporary put permantly cuz a nugga can’t go down like that
Making your knees buckle, your whole body shakes
4play intertakes, from ya head to ya neck
Got you screaming, “oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my back”
Goes to show how u feeling
Haven’t begin to even stick it on u yet
Flipping u wayz u neva thought of
Sideways, back to front, clit to clit,
Givin’ and takin so many licks
Tongue scrollin’ up and down ya body
Neva even crossed ya mind ya clit would be poppin’ with some much heat
Sexual pleasure da way lesbians get down and studs turn dat pussy around

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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