__________by Senia Moore

Your love is costing me a great deal, but if thatís
what it takes to have you for this moment, then I will
just have to deal. I need a love like a spring well,
something to quench my thirst and give me what I need
to live. I know you wanna handle all my love, and I
want you to, but I need to know that even if we arenít
together that you are mine and I can get to you. Its
just a matter of fact I want your whole heart, forever
entangled we will never be apart. I told you that you
were my rose and girl I meant that. You are the only
soul thatís got me in a bind, cant get away cause my
love is blind. Just want you to know that I love you
so, cant get you off my mind, and I donít want to. You
fill me up with such great ease, just to get a taste
of your love Iíd do anything. Can you tell that I love
you, girl I hope so, cause I wanna fill you up with
love like everyday. I wanna show you that love brings
a brighter day. You are the sunshine that flows all
over me, the breeze that keeps me cool, and the air
that I breath. Its oh so serious the way that I feel
for you. I need your loving everyday, and in
everything I do. Please know that whatever happens, I
love you girl. I need your love in my life, you are my
whole world.

Your Love.

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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