__________by Chyann

Can I cultivate that secret garden
Cause I would love to take a journey to that secret place
Where I am lost in the sensuous embrace of nature
Observing the beauty of her mountainous ranges
Where she peaks
In valleys so
I wanna go down
And search to discover and uncover
That hidden location
That private destination
Where only I hold the key
I can get there once I let her physicality
And her topography guide me
To her secret garden
Where I can cultivate the tulips
And its bulbous center
As my fingers enter the soil
With rising anticipation for precipitation
As you reach your elevation
I am relieving you of your drought
Then I take sweet libations of your fragrant smelling dew
Slowly savoring the flavor of your residue
From that secret garden

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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