__________by Lovelybrown

It's not very easy living all alone
My friends try and tell me find a girl of my own
But each time I try I just break down and cry
Cause I'd rather be home feeling blue
So I've saving all my love for you
--Whitney Houston

I am consumed by some demon

Cause shorty...she got me believing

Even after all these years of promises turned into lies

I dream about the trail of her hands going up thighs

Shit I guess I was in denial

But baby girls words. Her actions were my bible.

Guess I was blind

Wasted a lot of time

Missing my blessings

Cause over you I was stressing

Trying to believe

That your home was with me

Like it used to be

Remember when we planned

For me to work and you to get that engineering degree

Guess I was foolish, cause I thought it was me

See your love was special

Cause it made me wanna believe

And stop being that fake ass hard girl I portrayed myself to be

When we met

Canít forget how I wanted to be your wife

How much I changed my life

For you/For us

The trustÖ..

But now I understand

I loved you so deeply that I forgot myself

To caught up in being spoiled and placed on that shelf or pedestal

But in reality the foundation was weak

Guess I didnít want to see the deceiving

To busy caught up in the way you was eating

MeÖ.she and you

Had that family arrangement set in stone

While I played the player and submerged myself in pimping and plotting

Feeling so alone

Still loving you


Always in second place

I suppose you still ignore the pain you see on my face


She needed youÖ

Well I did too

But canít complain

See I never got the ring or the child

But I carried the pain for awhile

And I still love the way you make me smile

But I canít save that love for you anymore

Itís becoming to much a burden

To much of a chore.

You used to tell me we'd run away together

Love gives you the right to be free

You said be patient just wait a little longer

But that's just an old fantasy

No Longer featuring you and me

So I let that go

So my heart can be free

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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