senia moore

just think of my hands holding you close to me, as you listen to my heart beat, and my breathing as i sleep. i feel your lips wrap around my sensitive nipples, and i cant help but moan out loud. i know that you like to lick my breasts and suck my nipples, i've only been in town for a few days, and you seem to want to suckle them everytime you see them. which is just fine by me.

i want you to come up and kiss me on the lips, which you do. and we continue to please each others mouths. my hands reach out to grab your titts, and i stroke them for you, then i bend and pull them into my mouth...i feel you getting more and more turned on.

i arrange us so that i am on top and you on the bottom, and i spread your legs, as i lean over you to kiss you i enter you with 2 fingers. you gasp as i bite your neck and pull your hair. i continue to enter you with my fingers, you hear me growling, fiercly....and you cum....i want to enter you with my strap. "can i enter you with sampson??" i ask you.

"no, i think that its too big."

"i wont hurt you.."

"i cant.."

"oh yes you can.....and you will." so i have you to turn over, and i pull some thing out of the bedisde table, and quikly you feel its weight across your ass. you become excited, i can tell your pussy is starting to ooooze. *whack* i hit you firmly, you bite the pillow to keep from screaming. *whack* harder, *whack* harder, till you get tears in your eyes, and i know that you wont resist me any more.

so really slow i ease your ass up, and you feel the head of my dick rubbing against your slit, you softly moan. i enter you inch by inch real slow, until i have all 9 inches inside of you....we begin a rythm that takes us to another level. you start getting loud.

im holding your ass wide so that i can see my dick going in and out of loving this. i start to go faster and faster, you are screaming now, but taking it like a good lil' girl. suddenly your back arches, and you collapse. i pull out of you, unstrap, and hold you for the rest of the night.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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