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It is a beautiful winter day; cold, clear and sunny. I rarely get a chance to speak to her in church, especially on the days her choir sings. You know how is it when you're trying to do things on the DL.

Approximately two months have passed since the first day Carol and I made love after church. Mind you, I was only going over to her place to watch Sunday afternoon football. We worked out our own game plan that day and have rarely missed a game day since. She hasn't started to shy away yet, like most straight women do when their orgasm-card is filled. I have been anticipating that weird moment, when Carol starts tussling with the spirit of the Lawd and the need for me to taste her love. Football season is winding down and soon she will be ready to exit her pretend-lesbian mode, but more importantly, her husband wants to spend more time with her. Damn that T.D. Jakes and his male seminars.

My mind is made up. I'm gonna let her off the hook.

Just as that thought passes, I look up from my hymnal to see Carol looking at me from the choir stand. There is nothing sexy about a choir robe, but my imagination was running wild with thoughts of her with her robe high above her waist in various sexual positions. No panties mind you.

On second thought, there is the NBA. Why be so abrupt? Who am I to deny attention to a damsel in sexual distress?

Damn, my face is feeling hot all of a sudden.

You ever notice how you can feel someone staring at you. I glance across the row from Carol and there is Saadiya about to stare a hole in my face. I give her my best silly "you want me, don't you" smile. I then look over to Carol just as she is giving me the "you got nerve" look.

Alllrrrighty then. This is a weird, but strangely exciting moment. A mental menage a trois, if you will.

Carol and I have been consistent in our love making, which explains the possessive look on her face. As for Saadiya, I haven't redeemed a coochie coupon from her in a few months. These two women are complete opposites. Saadiya is single, short, sexy thick and my age. Carol is married, tall, sexy slim and about 10 years my senior. Both are intriguing in their own right.

Since Saadiya is the pastor's daughter, I tend to think that sex with her is more intriguing. Sex with the pastor's kid, especially in black congregations, is like screwing Chelsea Clinton. (The deacons can be just as watchful with the pastor's daughter as the secret service with Bill's offspring.) It is a twisted, yet triumphant taboo.

My first encounter with Saadiya occurred after a simple Friday night movie date amongst "friends". As they say in Lezboland, one thing led to another and the rest is sordid details. After the movie, we sat in the parking lot and talked a bit. She wanted to know the dirt on my lesbianism. It was a typical "I'm not gay, just curious" conversation. After minutes of yaddah, yaddah, yaddah, we began making out like high school kids. When we paused to check our surroundings I told her, "You better get me home, before something happens that you'll regret."

As Saadiya proceeded to drive me home, a battle between good and evil was going on in my head.

Girl, you better let her take her curious ass home. How could you face her father on Sunday?

You should lure her in and fuck her brains out. You know your new strap-on has her name all over it. Get yours, dog.

Just say no. You know that she is a good girl. A sanctified girl, mind you.

Remember Marvin Gaye's song... ''I Need a Sanctified Lady" know that boy could sang and he was smart also.......well except when he wouldn't stop yelling at his daddy......anyway, all ya gotta do is pray and fast for about a week and you're in the clear.

Okay. Okay. I'll jump out of the car as soon as we're in front of my house, and I'll bid her a Christian goodnight from my doorstep. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Once she pulled into my driveway, all I did was look at her and we were kissing again. More passionately than before and our hands were everywhere. Holla!!!! Before she had a chance to change her mind, my hands were inside her jeans. That initial touch of a woman's wetness through her panties is an instant clit hard-on. In one swoop, my hand was between her legs and around the elastic, straight into her pussy. I surprised my own bad self. There wasn't an ounce of resistance as she almost came right there in the car.

There is no way I was going to let her go home now. I had to have a taste, a suck, a back-twisting fuck. She followed me into my house and I took control as soon as I locked the door. I lead her to the master bathroom and began taking her clothes off. Neither of us uttered a word. I wanted as much of her as she was willing to share. With the removal of each piece of clothing, followed long passionate kisses. The heat emanating off of her body was incredible.

"You take a shower while I get us something to drink," I calmly instructed.

"Hurry back," she said in a sexy tone.

I walked out of the room all cool and shit. As soon as I shut the door behind me, I hauled ass down the stairs into the kitchen. Ice cubes on the floor and everything. Beer, water, wine, soda. (Give your chick choices, I say. You don't want to waste time going back and forth to the kitchen.) I hurried up stairs as fast as I could with the variety of drinks, took a deep breath and re-entered the room.

She was already in the shower when I walked into the room. Yeah baby! I knew those expensive-ass glass shower doors would pay off someday.

"Are you gonna take a shower too, or just watch me," Saadiya joked.

"I can definitely do both. I'm multi-talented that way, sweetheart."

The taste of a squeaky clean pussy is an exhilarating must. After a long cunnilingus session, I introduced her to my new strap on. As soon as I entered her, she gave my nipples a hard pinch. Her love opened wider for me with each pinch and made me dizzy.

Saadiya whispered to fuck her long and hard. "Yeah, that's it. Oooohhh yeah! "Yeah!" Oh Gooooooddd!"

Where in the hell is that voice coming from?!!

"Oh God, I'm cumming. Baby, open your eyes. I want you to watch me cum."

We looked into each other's eyes as she came all over me. She never blinked once, making that moment extremely intense and exciting. I came right after her.

The next morning Saadiya made it home in time enough to shower, dress and head to work. Surprisingly, there were no weird feelings or awkwardness after that tryst. We were both comfortable and acted as if we had been sexual partners for months. And more importantly, neither of us felt the need to pray for forgiveness. Sex that good is definitely a gift from God, therefore praying, or fasting for that matter, wasn't necessary. Now if the sex sucks, you pray that something like that never happens again. How's that for reasoning?

And now, here we are. Carol, Saadiya and myself. This has the potential for a sordid threesome. Scratch that; the look on Carol's face is not one of amusement.

At the end of the service, Saadiya gestures for me to meet her downstairs. I nod a positive response, and she heads downstairs to the church dining room. I walk towards Carol, only to be intercepted by her husband, with a 'God Bless you' and a handshake. We both finished our last few steps towards Carol together. Damn, this is just a weird day all around. He kisses her on the cheek and says he has a meeting and will see her in an hour.

"Will I get to see you later," I ask Carol.

"Not today. I'm having dinner with my in-laws later. I'm surprised you even asked, being that you have plans already."

"How in the hell do you know what I got planned, Mrs. Robinson."

Uh oh, there goes that threesome potential I was fantasizing about.

"I'm sorry Carol. Look, you have a great afternoon with your family. I don't want this week to go by without making love to you, so give me a call.

She responds, "I sure will. There's a game Thursday night, you know."

We both smile and part ways.

As soon as I was out of Carol's sight, I hurried downstairs to look for Saadiya. I thought she would be sitting with her family at their table, but she wasn't. I headed for the ladies room to look for her. Jackpot! She came walking out as I was going in.

"What's on your agenda this afternoon, Saadiya?"

"I was hoping you would have an agenda for me."

"Not to worry, sweetheart. As a matter of fact, you can follow me to the house now."

We both had these goofy smiles on our faces as she turned to walk to her car. I stood there trying not to look directly at her ass as she walked away.

As soon as we arrived to my house, I parked both cars in my garage. I definitely didn't want anyone dropping by.

We decided to order Italian food. Saadiya followed me upstairs to find something for her to change into. We avoided contact at this point. We both knew that if we even kissed once, we would never hear the doorbell when the food arrived.

"Come down and see the new addition to my back yard," I said with a sexy smirk. She followed me down the stairs through the living room to the back sliding doors leading to the deck. We stepped out and I immediately pointed over to my left to my new hot tub.

"Karyn, this is great! Too bad it's too cold to get in it today."

"Oh, but it's perfect," I told her with a big ass grin. "I keep the tub between 98 and 102 degrees. At 102, you have to ease in, but once you're in it's fine."

"And when it's time to get out, Miss Smarty?"

"Well, when it's time to get out, you simply jump out, grab the robe and high-tail it inside. Besides, your ass is so hot, you welcome the shock of cold air."

"Trust me, Saadiya. I would never lead you astray sweetheart (heh, heh)".

She just looked at me and did one of those sexy "spank my ass" grunts.

Just as we were re-entering the house the doorbell rings. I opened the door all cheerful assuming it was the delivery guy with our grub.

Ohhhhh shit! You are definitely not the deliveryman. This could be a very good thing or a very, very bad thing.

"I figured you'd be home," Carol said with such calm and beauty.

"What happened to dinner with your in-laws," I said sarcastically.

Carol's face remained soft and non-confrontational. "His parents cancelled and he preferred the fellas over me, so here I am".

I unintentionally glared pass her. Here comes that fucking delivery guy. If your ass could've been here just five minutes earlier. FIVE MINUTES, IS THAT ASKING TOO MUCH?!!

"Hey Karyn what's taking you so long with the fo...od? Oh! Hey Carol, what brings you here?" Before I could think of something stupid to say in awkward moments, Saadiya brushed by me and sincerely invited Carol in.

"Don't just stand there, come on in."

As Carol walked pass me, she whispered, "Dear, you can close your mouth now". I thought I had this afternoon figured out, when in walks the sexiest wrench to ever be thrown in the plans.

All I know is that I'm fuckin' somebody, so let's just all get along and get through dinner. Wait a minute, how come those two are as cool as cucumbers? Am I the only one tripping here?

The three of us made it through dinner, indigestion free. Carol and Saadiya engaged in casual conversation as they tidied up the kitchen. I was simply sitting on my ass gazing and fantasizing about having them both for dessert. My face must've had a devilish look, because they simultaneously looked at me and asked what was I staring at.

I boldly responded, "I was just thinking how happy I am to have my two favorite women in my home, but sad 'cause I can't have you both at the same time". That's good Karyn, look sad, sadder, great. Now, flash a dimple, hold it, and hold it, good.

"Karyn, that is a pitiful face," Saadiya blurted out.

"It damn sure is," chimes in Carol.

"So seriously, what do you guys think? Carol? Saadiya? We are all very discreet, and what a better way to start the week." Don't oversell it, knucklehead.

"So tell me, Ms. Thang," Carol posed to me, "how will you act in church when we're all together?"

"We'll all be fine. Trust me sweethearts (heh, heh)."

A silent agreement was reached amongst friends. Saadiya suggested that we take showers, and I suggested the hot tub, butt naked of course, to help us relax. We all agreed, and I ran up the stairs to get towels and robes for the ladies. I showered first and headed to the room to strap up and prepare. Astroglide, check. Latex gloves, check. Dental dam, condoms, check. Hey, a Girl Scout is always prepared.

Carol was the first to meet me in the hot tub. It didn't take long for her to adjust to the hot water, especially since it was only about 30 degrees outside.

I immediately pulled Carol close to me and kissed her. I felt a slight nervousness from her, as my hands wondered down to her ass.

"I can't believe you talked me into this."

"As I remember it Carol, you didn't need much coaxing. I'm glad you're here. Please, kiss me again."

When Saadiya entered the tub, Carol and I broke our embrace but immediately began sharing our passion with her. Not one woman was untouched in that circle of love. It was as if we rehearsed for some sexy water ballet.

Saadiya and Carol kissed and fondled each other's breast, as I three-finger fucked them both. There was an exotic, unprecedented sync amongst us. Having their pussies lock down on my hand, while watching them kissing and sucking each other, placed that moment high on my best sex list. All of a sudden, the combination of the hot water and women made me dizzy. I attempted to play it off, but to no avail. Both ladies weren't too far from being overheated themselves. We immediately got out of the tub and headed upstairs to the bedroom.

I relaxed between my two beautiful church ladies. Saadiya made the first move. She sucked my nipples, while Carol kissed me. I adjusted position to reach down and stroke their clits. Both women were wet and ready to be fulfilled.

"I have missed this," Saadiya whispered as she grabbed my strap on.

"I've missed giving it to you," I smiled.

I handed Saadiya a condom and lube from underneath my pillow, as I continued fingering Carol. We watched Saadiya deep throat the condom onto my dildo. She looked up at us devilishly, as she maneuvered to straddle me. The moan she let out as she lowered herself to my strap on started a moan chain amongst us. Carol moaned as I opened her wider with my fingers. I moaned as Saadiya placed glorious pressure on my clit while riding me.

I placed a condom on my tongue and had Carol straddle my face. Her pussy was fresh and delicious. I slid my tongue into her love and she responded gratefully. With Carol fucking my face and Saadiya handling her business I came like wildfire. They both followed my lead and splashed their love all over me. It's no wonder the cops didn't show up for a disturbing the peace call.

I wasn't done there, and nor were they. After a beverage break and a chance to catch our breaths, we started up again.

I had Carol lay at the bottom of the bed, while I stood at the edge. She surprised me by placing a fresh condom on me. Not with her mouth, but nevertheless, extremely exciting.

Saadiya took a moment to watch as I fucked Carol. She came over and tongue kissed the hell out of me, as she pinched Carol's nipples.

"I seductively instructed Saadiya to straddle Carol with her ass in the air towards me. As she did this I reached for a latex glove, lubed up and entered every orifice of Saadiya's facing me. She then engaged in a long passionate kiss with Carol while I had my thumb in her ass and the rest of my hand in her pussy.

"Squeeze my nipples, please," she blurted out to Carol.

"Karyn fuck me harder," she instructed me.

Saadiya screamed out as she came in continuous ripples. Afterwards she watched Carol and I go at it. I lost sight of Saadiya for a moment, until I felt her behind me. She took a chapter out of my repertoire and stuck her finger in my ass, while I fucked Carol into a splashing orgasm. The feel of Carol's juices and embrace, coupled with Saadiya's finger in my ass put me way over the top. I had the longest and most earthshaking orgasm in my recent history.

We could only muster enough strength to climb under the sheets and sleep off the excitement of the afternoon.

I woke up around 10pm to find Carol dressing and Saadiya still asleep.

"Are you okay?"

Carol responded, I'm fine, just fighting off a little guilt."

I walked her down to the door. After a long kiss and embrace, I watched her walk to her car. All this without a muttering word.

I returned upstairs to a sleepy Saadiya.

"Did Carol leave?"


"Mind if I stay the night?"

"Of course not, sweetheart."

I kissed her and we fell asleep holding each other.


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