_____"Hey Karyn, How's it going girl?"
_____"I'm doing great today (now that I see your nice ass and legs). God is good this morning". I had to smile to myself. Any morning to see Carol in a dress with those legs makes for a blessed morning.
_____"He's good every day," she responded.
_____Carol is one the hottest older women I've ever known. She's 5'11," shapely and the color of hot cocoa. Her best assets, besides her great cleavage and tight ass, are her wondrous legs. I thought I would catch fire crossing the threshold of the church vestibule, while watching that tight ass. How in the hell do you keep that ass soooo tight? "Oh! Good morning pastor," I stuttered.
_____"Yes sir, it sure is a good morning," he replied. Shit, I thought, did he notice me drooling at Carol's ass and legs? If he did notice, I'm sure he understands. The man ain't blind.
_____I have taken it upon myself to maintain contact with my spiritual upbringing, despite the man-made homophobia the Church has created. All black folks know that the exception to the no-homos-in-church rule is the choir director. (Everyone knows it's always better to have a great choir than to ostracize the talented church queen.) I enjoy listening to the Word when it suits me. Of course, any mention of homosexuality being wrong does not apply to me, because I always manage to do it right. And then there's the infamous question, "Hun, why aren't you married yet." Well if you must know nosey, I'm too busy fucking the pastor's daughter to look for a man. Just kidding. My usual response is, "Haven't found the right one yet".
_____"Sister Karyn, why don't you sit with me today?" Carol asked.
_____"Okay," I responded trying not to show all my teeth. She is a very friendly person, so anytime I get a hug or kiss on the cheek I think nothing of it. We take our seats in one of the pews and chitchat prior to the morning service.
_____I have to admit that some of my best fantasies play into mind during Sunday service, especially if a boring visiting or associate minister speaks. As the congregation started singing "Oh how I love Jesus," I felt a sense of deep guilt come over me. Oh how I would love to lick the entire length of Carol's leg, right up to her pearl. Surely, if someone looks as great dressed as she did, then seeing her butt naked must be a mutha fucka. I heard somebody say, Burn, Baby Burn, Disco Inferno. Yikes! Do they have central air in Hell?
_____Okay, the pastor has stirred the congregation into a frenzy and the doors of the church will be opened to some revived soul. Almost time to go home, relax and watch football.

_____Soon after the pastor gave the benediction, I turned to Carol to say goodbye, and she responded with an invitation to watch Sunday football at her house. Huh? What? "My daughter is out of town with her father and I'm bored by myself," she said.
_____Okay Karyn, don't get excited. Steady. Steady. Now speak. "Sure. I'll be right over after I go home and change."
_____Carol came to the door in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and her hair back in a cute ponytail. How in the hell does she make bum-around clothes look like designer-wear? When she turns around I remember. The ass, that's it. She showed me the way to the den with the large flat screen TV with surround sound and a very comfortable loveseat. My visual palate was in overdrive. Football on a huge screen and a nice ass crossing in front of it; can the day get any better? I took a seat on the loveseat, while she excused herself to the kitchen. She returned with pizza and soda and took sat next to me.
_____While eating, (pizza, you dirty minds) we made comments about the game and sports in general. Suddenly, she blurts out, "Are you a straight or gay?"
_____Choking on my pizza, I managed to get out, "Huh?" Am I a smooth talker or what? "Are you going to get all freaked out if I answer yes to the latter," I asked defensively, but softly.
_____ "Of course not," she replied. "I just wanted to confirm your preference before I kissed you."
_____Yikes! Say something you idiot. Looking into her eyes, I responded, "I think you know the answer to that question." Good answer. With that response she leaned over and gently kissed me on the lips. Before I could look dumb-founded into her eyes, she kissed me again. We were both nervous. I got the impression that I should take the lead, being the butch in the sheets' type person. I asked her how far she wanted to take this. "How ever far it takes for me to understand what women see in each other sexually."
_____ "When is your daughter returning?"
_____"Tuesday evening." Well, alrighty, then. School is in session!
_____I gave her the normal pre-lesbian sex speech for newcummers. Let me know if something is uncomfortable for you, blah, blah, blah. Okay Karyn, take it slow. I grabbed her face and kissed her slowly and passionately. In return she positioned herself closer to me. We were now breast to breast and I could feel her breathing pattern change.
_____I had Carol straddle my lap, then softly told her to take her shirt off. She wore a deep blue silk bra that showed off her erect nipples. She began kissing me much harder than before, making my clit my erect. I undid her bra (thank goodness, the snaps are in the front) and her beautiful tits fell perfectly at mouth level. I cupped her breasts as I sucked her nipples, paying equal attention to both. "That feels so good," she said in a sex-starved whisper.
_____I couldn't take it anymore. The jeans have got to come off. "Stand up a moment, please. Let me help you with those jeans." As she obliged, she demanded that I do the same. Her panties match, of course. As for me, I was wearing boxers, and felt I had to explain that this is not my normal undergarment, I just wanted to be free after wearing those damn pantyhose earlier. At least my bra matched the boxers, if that's any consolation.
_____I laid her down on the loveseat and continued sucking her breasts. My mouth moved from her breasts down to her navel. I slowly eased her panties down to her feet and began to kiss her leg from the ankle to the kneecap to the thigh. Finally, positioned between her thighs, she begged for me to do what hadn't been done to her in years. I gladly obliged.
_____I parted her lips and began to tongue-kiss her clit. When I put my fingers inside her I felt her throbbing G-spot immediately. She cried out so loud, it startled me for a quick second. Damn baby, when was the last time you had sex? I felt her muscles tighten as I continued to suck and finger-fuck this church lady. She grabbed my ears and held on for dear life. "Oh my god, I'm cummmmmiiinnnnn!"
_____I was on top of her and held her while she recovered from her orgasm. I then took off my boxers and clit fucked Carol. I mean it was one of those good clit fucks, like in the old days when dry fucking was popular, except in this case we were both far from dry. God, she's biting the shit outta me! I guess tomorrow will be a turtleneck day. As I reached underneath and grabbed her ass, we climaxed together.
_____We gathered our senses and our clothes. We kissed on and off while dressing. "Next Sunday, my house for football," I said with a smile.
_____"You're on," she replied.
_____" .and it's good," the sports announcer said with perfect timing.


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