(Dedicated to my sweetie in MD...LFW)
__________by Thickblklez-fl

You need some real love.
Pure love.
110% love.
* The kind of love that makes you wonder about the
afterlife because this is heavenly love.
* You know...the love that wakes you up in the
morning, takes you out to lunch, and tucks you in at
night...peace love.
* And oooooh...the kind of love that fucks up your
emotions so bad, you start to laugh, cry, jump and
shake all at once...crazy love.
* Baby, I'm telling you...you need the kind of love
that takes you higher than crack, cocaine, hydro and
'X' all rolled up into a super blunt love.
* I think you need the kind of love that would make
you wanna...run outside during the soaps...naked
because you're just THAT damn free love.
* That smart love is what you need. The kind of love
that...can write my spoken word and your music and
combine them to form a romantically poetic ballad type
* A love that makes you think that this form of
expression is turning into your future
auto-LOVE-biography because it's sooooo long yet
sooooo true love.
* My darlin'...don't you want the love which is so
good, even Tony the Tiger had to say..."It's
grrrrrrreat love?"
* And lets not forget the love that can't even compare
to a foreplay session that lasts for 2 hrs, 10 mins,
17 secs and 4 milliseconds and makes the STUD
say...but baby I'm beggin' YOU. Please stop teasin' me
and give me some but the femme says...naw baby...we've
only just begun sexin'...erotic love!!
* What about the love that makes a person want to run
from FLA to MD just to "Hi!"...Forrest Gump love.
* Sweetie, there is a special love. So special, it
makes me want to...take a baby from my womb just to
put it into yours for motherhood completion so that WE
can share in that new life creation love.
But most of all, you need an honest love.
That...I'll love you when you're old, shitty and in
depends love.
You need
That...everlasting love
That...always there for you love
That...OLE' SKOOL type love...
And baby...
That's...my love!

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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