__________by Tempten

_____Have you ever made love??? Naw sistah, i aint talking about no lust! I’m talkin’ about real true love!
_____The love making in which i’m referring to starts off with a few simple words that provoke complex mental stimulation. It may end with a genuine handshake, a sweet smile or even a passionate kiss that lets you know that there is a potential energy shared between the two.
_____It’s like the baking of a cake, where each word put into a conversation serves as an ingredient that helps that cake rise and cook thoroughly.
_____This is a type of love making where you build a solid framed foundation that starts as a friendship. You know the…the kind of love making where you get passed the superficial words that are stated in the first place to see if you can get into those panties. Instead you form goals that help you get into that sistah’s mind, so each time she recalls a previously shared conversation she will experience orgasm after orgasm.
_____Come on sistah…you know how to make love! A love where respect is earned and trust is formed. So while the two of you are taking your time trying to get to know each other, you don’t have to worry about who she is laying…how or even why. ‘cause you know when the two of you reach that point of intimacy it will be a shared experience that will dictate how extraordinary the rhythm is that your two bodies find together.
_____Naw, naw…you’ve got that shit all fucked up! This love making aint like no bump-n-grind, no doing da nasty, it can’t even be classified as getting yo freak on. This making of love is natural, it’s when you and your partners’ mind, body, soul and emotions all meet to form a mystical ambiance.
_____Hear what i am saying…this conversation is not about “falling in love”. I am sure we have all been there and done that. Completely letting go of our hearts, and later finding it trampled on and all torn up a few miles down the road of life. Falling emotions first into someone’s arms without having a map to help guide you, or even a light to help you see what is laying around in your path. No one should ever simply “fall-in-love”. If you decide to do that you might as well find a black hole somewhere and let yourself be devoured. Love isn’t something that you fall into-it’s something that you make.
_____Love making…as in the construction of a house where each part of the house is put on with a calculated motion to ensure its longevity. So once someone moves in they can plan on spending some of their best years under that one roof….
_____Don’t get me wrong the labor of love can be an intense process. Hard work, dedication, endurance, collective efforts, patience, trust and honesty are just a few of the basic necessities that you will need in the love making process. After all of that love making is complete from beginning to end you can lay next to one another and share a making of love that is unexplainable with words.
_____You know…where you lay side by side kissing passionately, both gasping for air because with each kiss, oxygen escapes from your lungs into that of your partners. Where you kiss every inch of each other’s face, licking each other’s eyelids, sucking and whispering into each others ears, roaming all over each other’s wet tongues. Exploring each other’s body gently with your hands, leaving no parts untouched. Sliding downtown, slowly your bodies find that rhythm. Tangled like two pretzels, you join each other’s rhythmic beat. Cupping breasts, gently you find ways to make both feel as one every time you nibble and suck them. Around and around you lick all over your partners’ succulent breast, enjoying each taste better than the one that came before. Parting her legs with your own she quivers as your tongue pierces the uncharted territories of her belly button. Sending electric shocks throughout her body, your tongue circles the inner and outer portions of her thighs. As her body continues to quiver with delight your hands find their way back to the sweet core of all girlish pleasures.
_____First, you check to make sure the wetness has not yet escaped, the sensual honey sticks to you fingers and you lick each finger to ensure that its sweetness truly exists. Each taste that you indulge in only enhances you need to dip your taste buds further into that pot of honey. Before you slowly position yourself between the creamy thighs of your partners you give her a look that helps to reassure her there is no other love making that will surpass that which the two of you have already established. Eagerly anticipating the arrival of your own climatic arousal, you keep your composure and lower yourself slowly so that your face meets her honey pot with just the right amount of velocity. You take your time…in slow motion, you dip your nose into the honey pot, taking advantage of everyone of the five senses that your body has to offer so that you can be as one with that person. Using your tongue you taste the sweetness of the honey pot.
_____licking it…
__________kissing it…
_______________swallowing it…
Your tongue eventually strokes the one string that encourages melodic convulsions that overcome your partners love cocoon.

You are able to hear how pleasurable this love making has become as you partner takes it upon herself to moan…grrrroooooaan and yell your name.

As her hips move simultaneously with the motions of your head you are able to feel how intense this love making has become.

Her hands reach down to feel you. Your ears are so convienently arranged so that they can serve as love handles. She may now grab on and enjoy assisting the direction of your love making motions.

You are then able to smell the sweetness of this woman as her honey pot explodes all over your face. Juices flowing and emotions going. Juices tickling your tongue, making the scent of femininity intensify and drive you wild.

The glow that rises from both of your bodies makes you both see how sensational this love making is. Quivering like an earthquake, the tastes and touches send electric shocks through your bodies. The constant convulsing motions assure you of your partner’s arrival to utopian ecstasy.

_____Finally, when your bodies both relax to their original calm states, you both lay there and converse about how the making you love has helped to lead you both to the physical ecstasy that your bodies will encounter over and over again throughout your lives together…making love!!!

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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