Lady Scorpian

She walked beneath a moonlit sky
Pondering the where's and whys
Her heart broken to be sure
For it's demise no immediate cure
When out of darkness she did come
My ebony goddess blessed by "The One"
She stopped her wonderings for she then knew
Here was love in a whole new view
This was indeed love at it's very best
She enjoyed it chose to forget the rest
Her goddess oh yes she had come
Gave her the ultimate love
When she most needed some
The clock struck midnight
So much to be done
Before the kiss of the mornings first sun
She took me under her wing
And healed my wounds
Yes she did do her thing
So much purity in love
Oh yes she did bring
Now when my mind goes there
I turn to watch you sleep
And smile at the memories embedded deep
Of that very first midnight & You

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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