__________by DreamChylde

Don`t move, just listen;
Don`t look, just feel;
Stay still as, toward you, I crawl.
Don`t talk...
Your body language tells me all.
You`re trying to breathe...
Instead, you gasp,
Inhaling sharply,
Exhaling abruptly,
As my soft whispers in your ear
Drip like honey down the
Crevice of your breasts.
You`re trying to touch...
But instead you grasp,
Fingers grabbing aimlessly,
Palms rubbing randomly,
Attempting..., no striving
To make their way to the
Back of my head,
But instead, stripping the sheets
>From the bed.
You`re trying to squirm...
But instead you jerk,
Gyrating your body like a
Belly dancer gone insane,
Thrusting with convulsions like a
Tiger, far from tame.
And, still yet, you`re trying to moan...
But instead you yell, holler,
Scream, shout, laugh, cry,
And wonder to yourself why
Are you spouting out gibberish
And undecipherable phrases
>From some ancient language
Derived from that all powerful
Bond called "Sex"?
Then, as your eyes open,
You reminisce.
You`re baffled, for you swore
You felt my kiss.
You pull your hand from between your thighs...
The sweet nectar of your womanhood
Greets your eyes
As a yearning sigh
Escapes your lips.
Your body quakes from an
Involuntary spasm,
As you fall deep into a
Sexual chasm,
Caught up in the rush of
Your own fantasm,
You become a victim of my
Mental Orgasm!

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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