__________by Cole B.

I know how your lips get moist
Through the crease of your jeans
And how you cream when you think of
How we make love in your dreams
Thinking of my hands all over you
Has your mind going nonstop
And the thought of my tongue caressing your skin
Has your body in shock
Excuse time is over
I have plans for you
I got this…
You don’t have to front with me boo
You don’t have to be scurred
Baby, just come prepurred
And I won’t stop until you beg
Or have my tongue between your legs
Strumming my fingers over you with an innocent touch
And exploring your body with a sensual trust
Continuously making your pussy scream in this lyrical rush
cause making your soul shake once
is just not enough
Close your eyes and visualize
my tongue whispering over your spine
Letting my tongue ring make wet dotted lines
From your lips to your hips, putting foreplay in rewind
with candles, strawberries and Cabernet wine
Then straddle you on my lap
and play with your nipples
Making circles with my lips
Until your legs start to jiggle
And you ask me for more
While tossing you on the floor
Then throw your legs around your neck
This night, you’ll regret to forget
Got you calling on the lord
And beggin’ him for his mercy
“Lord, I hope the feeling that she gives me, won’t kill me”

But you ain’t really listening….

Are you ready for some earth shakin’,
Finger fucking and some clit tastin’?
If not, lock all the doors
Somebody call the cops
Cause they bout to hear you hollerin’
All the way down the block
And I’m not talking about no amateur shit
This girl is all pro
will have you cummin’ in 6
Seconds…teaching you lessons
That your ex never taught you
But forget her, you ain’t wit her
I got her beat X 2
Ma, you don’t really feel me
You don’t even believe me
But give me the chance
and I swear you will be screamin’
You think my skills are a myth or even taboo
But when words come out my mouth
I spit nothing but pure truth
I’m talking bout grinding hips and grinding teeth
sweaty hands, and wet sheets
Curling toes and scratching backs
Moaning and x-rated acts
Recreating your fantasies
In crazy positions under the canopy
And if you want to get nasty
We can fuck right on the vanity
I’m talking bout’ wet slits and hard tits
Lickin lips and suckin clits
Doggy-style and legs up
Making love or blatant fuck
Staring intensely at you
with these deep brown eyes
And as orgasms subside
Firmly grippin your thighs
Have you hitting high notes like Ms. Carey
And the morning after
You’ll be writing poems about me
About how my tongue touched your soul
And made you loose control
And how you thought a story is what I told
But how the truth did unfold
And how you wasted time as you fought
But will still have you shakin’
from your afterthoughts
You don’t even have a clue
about what’s in store for you
Not trying to be conceited boo
Just tryna be straight wit you
Just imagine what I can do
When this ain’t even real;
Even got you caught up in the mind fuck
Tell me, how does it feel….

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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