__________by SkillsSaysItAll

Who do you think you foolin'
Talkin' to me about self improvin'
Your suit case is the only thing you movin'

Girrrlll Bye

I've seen these crocodile tears
Seen em' for the past few years
Can't find one reason why your ass is still here...so..

Girrrlll Bye

I loved you strong
Held on way too long
Now the trust the faith and everything is gone...except you


You almost had me convinced
Gave pennies for your thoughts
But it never made sense

It never was me was it?
Doesn't feel too good does it?

To not have a fool at your beck and call
You gave up nothing and had it all
I offered the world, even that was too small

Girrrlll Bye

This revolving door 'aint workin'
I'm lost and I'm hurtin'
But one thing is for certain...

I have nothing left to give
Only one life to live
No regrets, no apologies
It is what it is...


Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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