Cole B.

A perfectly good Saturday night and I was home alone. My baby had to go to work, so I was stuck in the house lonely, with nothing to do. After a while I figured I ought to enjoy the time alone and make the best of it. I decided to make me a home cooked meal…for once, along with a nice bottle of wine. I made just enough so that I could eat some later. I pulled out a bottle of chilled Galo of Samona/Sutter Home Wine, turned the phones off and threw on some Anita Baker.

After I ate, I decided to draw myself a bath. I pulled out all the stops. I had the bath beads, oils, bubbles, and my Loofa sponge. I put a deep cleansing chamomile facial mask on, turned up my radio, slipped out of my clothes and slid into the bathtub. The fresh and soothing smell of the lavender bath oils sent an intense rush to my brain. I opened the window to let the calming summer night breeze in.

I was so relaxed, just me and my thoughts…no distractions…this was perfect. I soaked my tired body until the water grew cold. As I stood up the suds slid down my naked body and over my harden nipples; the breeze from the open window caused chill bumps down my back and legs. Sighing deeply and thinking to myself, "I wish my baby was home."

When I got out, I rubbed my body down with some Lotion and Cocoa Butter. I threw my hair up, in my ‘white girl' ponytail and dabbed on a little perfume, even though I wasn't going anywhere. I found a pair of gray sweat shorts and a white tank top to put on. I grabbed my book, now that I had time to actually read it, cuddled up in my favorite corner on the sofa, and turned on my Smooth Jazz CD.

The book I was reading was called "Tails from the Wetlands", almost like "Tales from the Hood" but the nasty version. I was on Chapter 8 ‘Bondage Bunnies", it was just getting good too, Tamika was about to grab Kandy from behind and strap her down on the bed, until my damn phone rang…I could have sworn I cut the ringer off; it was my mother. I talked to her for a second, and then I hopped right back into my book.

This was by far the best chapter I've read. Just thinking about being spanked and jerked around, someone telling me what to do, when to move and when to scream, how much I could take, telling me when to cum, was making me weak in the knees. I don't know why I was torturing myself this way; I wanted my baby's hands all over me after reading my book. I was in dire in need of some attention, and it was still 5 hours ‘til it was time for Donna to come home, and it was only 8:00.

I laid down on the couch, and closed my eyes, trying not to think about it, that didn't work. All I could see was handcuffs, Donna and my pussy spread wide. Stop It, Nicole! I tried to tell myself, but nothing was working. I turned the jazz off, and turned the TV on to get my mind off of it, but as my luck would have it, a nasty movie was coming on, and a Lesbian one at that, so you know I had to watch it.

Nicole, why did I do that? I spent 2 hours in agony; I was hoping that by me rubbing my no-no spot, it would help the feeling go down, but that only made it worse. I felt like ‘Martin' in "You So Crazy", when he was talking about ‘getting to know yourself a little better'.

I felt bad for thinking about what I was getting ready to do. Me and Donna talked about the whole masturbation thing before, and we both agreed that if we had to resort to doing it, that one of us wasn't doing our job. But this was different, right? She was doing a wonderful job; she just wasn't getting home quick enough!

I paced the floor, for what seemed like forever, but not long enough, because it was still 3 hours until she got home, and I just don't think I could wait that long. I tiptoed upstairs to our bedroom, (like someone was in the house) and pulled out our secret box, that's where we kept all our goodies. I felt like a criminal, sneaking around like that. I couldn't find anything worth using alone, so it looked like it was just going to be me and my 5 friends tonight.

It's funny, even though I was alone, I was still scared that I was gonna get caught, so I faked like I was getting in the bed to go to sleep, then stripped butt-naked, and got under the blankets. I was scared to even open my legs, I felt like I was cheating on Donna. At first I just rested my hand on top, and pressed on it a little, then eventually I started rotating my hand, rubbing deeper in between my legs. I took my index and middle finger and slowly parted my lips; I was so wet. Though I mustered up enough gusto to get my hands that far, I felt like I lost my motivation, but I just had to get it back. I ran downstairs to the living room, and got my book, then ran back up and turned back to Chapter 8, and that was all she wrote.

Silly me…I was so into that damn chapter again, that I forgot to do what I had set out to do. Instead I started imagining everything; I imagined so hard that I ended up daydreaming and falling sleep. Can you believe retarded is that?! lol

Though it felt like only moments had passed since I fell asleep, it had actually been some hours that passed by. Slowly and sensually, I was awakened to the sweet kisses from Donna, on the back of my ears and neck.

She said, "You look so beautiful when you are naked and snoring".

My eyes popped open, and I asked her how long she had been watching me sleep? She said, long enough to get her mouth watering. She said that while I was tossing and turning, my naked body was just exposed all over the place (I'd clearly forgotten that I took my clothes off).

She asked me what I had been doing all afternoon and night.
Hornier than before, I said, "Missing you".

With that she slowly took me in her arms, and started to kiss me.

She said, "You have NO idea how much I missed you tonight, I've been daydreaming about you all night, I couldn't wait to get home to you…I hardly got any work done". At least I know I wasn't alone, and she wanted me just as much as I wanted her.

Not even 2 minutes later, it was on… like catfish and fried greens. She was hungry and she set her eyes on her feast; believe me, I was ready for her to dig in. She ripped away the blankets that clung to my naked body and threw them to the floor. She pulled her shirt off, and had on her wife-beater (She looked so sexy like that). She flipped me over on my stomach; pulling me from my hips, she lifted my ass in the air, and then she smacked it…she liked to see my ass jiggle.

She palmed my ass, while she sucked on it…gently then harder, then she started to bite it, making me moan louder and louder. She told me to stay just like that and not to move. I heard her scrambling around for our goody box. The next thing I heard was…

"What the heck!"

She had found the box unlocked (I forgot to lock it back). She came close and whispered in my ear, "You couldn't wait for big daddy, could you?" I shuddered at the thought of what she might do if I told her no, but it was rather exciting too. My voice trembled, as I told her no…I tried to explain why. She interrupted me and said, "You've been a bad girl!"

At that moment I held my breath, I didn't know what she was thinking or what she was gonna do; but it actually seemed to turn her on, knowing that I couldn't wait for her. She asked, "So, how was it? Was it the same?" I said, "No, nothing can come close to you baby"; hoping I'd score Kudo points. She just laughed, with that sexy laugh of hers, and said, "Don't worry baby, I'm not mad, but I'm going to teach you a little lesson about patience". Immediately my pussy started to clinch, I didn't know what she had up her sleeve, but I knew she wouldn't make me hold out too long; she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her.

She grabbed me with one hand, by my thighs and flipped me over on my back. I didn't know what to expect from Donna; she was so sexy, she made me blush just by her looking at me sometimes (I wouldn't tell her that though, she might take advantage of that). I laid there staring her in the eyes, with my finger hanging in the side of my mouth, trying to look sexily innocent. I couldn't see her that well since we were in the dark, but I knew whatever she was planning, I was going to enjoy every little bit of it.

She told me to close my eyes. Then I felt her slide a silky material over my eyes. She massaged my body with her wet tongue…from my ankles to my thighs, then from my belly button to my nipples. She had the perfect tongue, for lickin'…it was so soft, it felt like slow running water against my clit. (Damn, she can eat some pussy!)

With full lips, she kissed around my pussy, outlining it with her tongue and kisses. As she hovered over my naked body, the she paused. I could tell that she was staring at me, so I started to grab and caress my breasts, to arouse her. She grabbed me by the knees and pulled me down to eye level with her, and she started sucking on my nipples (outside of pussy, this girl can suck the hell out of nipples, what could I say? I married a Pro!…Whew!).

She grabbed some flavored heating oil out of the box, and got to work. After that I was ready for her to work her way down. Why was she teasing me? She flipped me back over on my stomach, but gentler this time, and gave me the best toss salad, that any restaurant could ever serve. She slowly lifted me up on my knees, and blew circles around my clit; she dabbed some of the heated oil on my pussy; and it electrified senses that I never knew were there, as she blew. She stopped everything, for me to take it all in, then 5 seconds later she grabbed my pussy with a full-mouthed grip and sucked on my clit. I let out a yelp so loud, I knew dogs could hear it.

My knees begin to crumble at her every lick. She took 2 fingers and parted my caramel lips, then wrapped her tongue around my swollen clit. She rammed her tongue as far as she could into my pussy…tongue fucking my pussy and swirling her tongue around my g-spot, I wanted her to fuck me so bad. I began chanting those words to her, hoping she would comply with my wishes, but she said, "No you've been a bad girl, so you have to wait". I could have smacked her, why was she playing games with my sexual emotions.

She continued to hold out on me, but I was lovin' every minute of her procrastinating; she had me reaching notes Mariah couldn't touch. With every lick and suck my knees were buckling; she knew I was lovin' that shit, it was like she was doing it extra good on purpose or something. She grabbed my thighs, and turned me sideways, and then turned on her side, like we were doing the 69 …she knows I can't handle that position, and since I just woke up, all my senses hadn't come back just yet, so it felt like my body was completely out of my control.

My pussy was creamin' and I wanted her inside me now, I didn't care if I had to put my foot down, she was going to give me what I wanted or I was going to have to be slick in getting it...and since she seemed pretty determined, I figured I would have to do the latter. I kept pushing, and she kept refusing, until finally her body succumbed to her desire.

She worked her body up to meet me, but what she met puzzled her. I had the biggest pout on my face, and then I folded my arms in frustration, like a child. She asked what was wrong, being genuinely concerned, and in a soft tone I said, "you know what I want, but you won't give it to me", then she said in a baby voice (clearly making fun of me), "aww… poor baby want her toy, but she was a bad wittle girl today, I sorwwy". I continued with my pouting and loud sighing hoping she would fall under the pressure. She started licking her lips, and growling softly, I knew that the spoiled little girl act would get to her soon, then almost immediately in a her erotic voice and with her sensually intense eyes, she asked, "Tell daddy what you want"?

I was so excited, but it was hard for me to keep it contained; I had the biggest grin on my face, in a soft baby voice, batting my eyes, I said, " you know what I want baby". "And what's that?" she asked, with the fervor in her voice. She always wanted to hear the words…could never take the damn hint. So I said, "I want you to fuck me baby" while moaning softly. That's all Donna needed to hear, that child already had it strapped, she was just waiting for the words. Before I finished my little sexy moan she threw my legs back over my head and slid her thick black rod inside my deep wet pussy. I know was flowing like a river. Even though she was a woman, she knew how to work that shit; gyrating her hips up and down and in circles, then pulling it in and out and twisting it…I wouldn't trade her in for the world.

She was working it out…I thought she would be tired from work, but she seemed to be full of energy. She strong-armed my little behind, and put me on my knees… she was banging my ass out like she was angry. She started grabbin' and pullin' on my ass, then out of nowhere she smacked it. Ooh! That shit felt so good. I told her to do it again. I know my bootie was gleaming red after she was done.

She asked me if I liked that, and of course I said yes. Then she said, ‘come here baby, I wanna try something new'. Anytime, anyone says those words, be afraid. There is nothing sexy about trying something new that we have not sat down and talked about first…some people have parameters that cannot be crossed…ya know! But because I'm stupid, sleepy and horny, I go ahead and say okay, but proceed with caution.

One thing we had a big discussion about when we first met was, levels of comfort and respect. Donna loves spontaneity, excitement, and being unpredictable, but one thing she said she would never do, is hurt me or do something she knows I wouldn't like, sexually speaking. She wants to try a number of things and she wants to do them all with me, but she says that respect comes first, and if its something that I am definitely not down with, she won't push it or get an attitude about not being able to do it. And I truly love her for that; she is my baby. But whatever it is she has up her sleeve, better be good.

She sat in the center of the bed with her legs tucked underneath her, then she told me to cradle her lap and wrap my legs around her waist…She was trying to do some Kama Sutra shit. It looked ok to me, so I did what she asked. I slid down on that chocolate stick and I felt paralyzed, then she asked the most outrageous thing, she asked me to ride her. I said, "come again", she said, "yeah, that's what I'm trying to do, but you have to do this first". She was being a smart ass, but I was too tired and too horny to retort, so I gave her a smug look instead. Then I said, "Now how am I supposed to do that"? "Easy", she said. Just follow my lead Nicole, and believe me, after you get going you'll want to take over… just trust me.

Donna was gentle; she cupped my ass and began to move me to her rhythm, and she was right, once we got the flow, I wanted to ride the heck out of her. So with my legs wrapped around her, I pushed up on her waist with my legs, and the feeling was incredible. I couldn't do this long though, because my body was becoming weak, and I was going to explode at any minute. I know she was close to cumming too; the other side of that strap has a piece that rubs against her clit, so I know she was feeling it.

I had my arms wrapped around her neck, she took one hand and was caressing the back of my head and neck, then she tugged on my hair a little; that really turns me on. Then she pulled my head toward her, and whispered in my ear, "you gonna cum for me ma"? Oooh yes Papi… you want it baby? I replied. She couldn't speak another word; all she could was nod her head, yes. She pushed my back up against the headboard, and then threw my legs over her shoulders. She gave me a deep wet kiss, then stroked me deep. It was so good, tears started to stream down my face.

She started to moan out, while pumping me harder; we were fucking so hard I thought the bed was going to collapse. She grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled it as she started to cum, and I wasn't to far behind. I was breathing uncontrollably… I could hardly speak. As the cum was creamin' down her legs, her body jerked at the sensation of her orgasm. My thighs tingled as my orgasm began to subside. We looked each other in the eyes, knowing that our hunger had been fulfilled. I kissed her passionately on the lips and said I love you…she returned the gesture. We laid there in silence and sank into the feeling of bliss.

About 20 minutes later I rolled over and told Donna that I wanted to take a shower, and that I would be back in a sec, she nodded sleepily and said, "okay, hurry back love". I blew her a kiss, then walked into the bathroom.

Damn! I thought to myself, I just took a bath, but getting dirty was well worth it. I didn't get to fancy with it, I just grabbed a bar of soap and a washcloth and got to scrubbing. I got out and started to dry off and step into my nightgown until I smelled something. It smelled like my food from earlier that evening. I said, "Damn, did I belch or something, because that shit is strong…*smelling my breath* "No, it ain't me".

So I hurried up and put on my nightgown, brushed my hair back in a ponytail, and opened the door. Donna wasn't in the bed. So I grabbed my slippers and went downstairs, she was getting up from the table and heading back to the kitchen. She kissed me on the cheek and put her plate in the sink. As I'm standing there in confusion, she walked back pass me and said thanks for dinner sweetheart that hit the spot.

I grabbed her arm and said, "What dinner, I didn't make anything for dinner"? She nodded her head as she said, "Yes you did baby, it was right here in this pan, I know it wasn't here before, so somebody had to make it".

I said, "You mean this pan right here, the one that is now in the sink"?!?! Yeah that's the one, she said. * Scrambling through the refrigerator, talking to myself *, (I know this chick did not eat my food, and then her greedy ass ate it all…not even leaving a bite of it left).

My glare left the refrigerator and turned to her, she knew she was in deep shit, because she started apologizing before I said a word. I said I guess it's okay, I'll make it again someday * poking my lips out and sighing loud enough for her to hear *; she slid over to me and kissed me on my lips. She pushed back on me so hard when she kissed me that I had to grab onto her to keep from falling. When I grabbed her I felt something around her back, when I tried to reach again, she leaned back and said what's wrong? (No sign of genuineness this time, this was pure guilt).

I asked her what was behind her back; she did the ever popular, "huh". Then I knew something was up, I tried to grab it and she said, I don't have anything, what are you grabbing for? I said show me your hands, because one hand was still behind her back so she showed me the opposite hand. I peeked around one side of her, and she blocked me, then the other side, until I faked left and she went right, and my mouth hit the floor…this bitch had my damn wine! She really violated with that one. The food I can get over, but don't ever mess with a black woman's liquor!

I took off in a sprint, and tackled her ass on the ground and started to punch and tickle her. "I swear nobody but black folks!" I exclaimed. She said, "But you love me though", and of course I started blushing, because I do. I said, " Yeah, I love you, but stop messing wit my shit," as I slapped her on the ass.

As I turned off the lights in the kitchen and made my way upstairs, I thought to myself, ‘It was nice while it lasted, cause I damn sure ain't home alone anymore.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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