_____Nic was a good-looking woman and she knew it. She should. She worked hard at it three times a week: free weights, treadmill, and the occasional aerobics class thrown in for variety. She'd gotten serious about her body a couple of years ago after her breakup with Dee, 'The Bitch', as she was affectionately known now. Nic had to admit, she'd let herself slide during her two-year affair and she vowed to get her old self back. Nic loved the gym. She loved the smell, the adrenaline rush it gave her to push her muscles to their limit and to admire the results. All the workouts had the desired result-she had a body most women would resort to liposuction to get. She caught the eye of many a man but men were not her interest. Her current interest was her sometime aerobic instructor, Mercedes, though it seemed to Nic that she didn't even register on Mercedes' radar. Mercedes was shorter than Nic but fine as hell in her own right. Imagine Jennifer Lopez a few inches shorter and you've got Mercedes. All the regulars in the gym knew of Mercedes' orientation and she preferred it that way. It cut down on the bullshit from the male clients. She was a flirt in her own right but she preferred to save her attentions for the women and she had the perfect job that allowed her a steady stream of conquests.

_____ After 45 minutes on the treadmill, Nic decided to call it quits for the day. Her mind wasn't in it today so she decided to head to the showers. Her path led her past the staff offices so she stopped in to see if that fine ass Latina, Mercedes, was in. At some point she'd have to garner the balls to ask the woman something other than training pointers, right? Not finding her at her desk, she sighed and pushed the door open to the showers, feeling more than a little let down. They'd been flirting innocently with one another here recently and Nic wanted to see if maybe more could come of it. Maybe next time they ran into each other she'd be brave enough to ask her out for coffee or at the least, her phone number.
_____ "Hey lady, what're you doing leaving so early? You not gonna stick around for my class?" Nic spun around at the sound of Mercedes' voice and felt her heart jump. She always felt like there was some sort of electricity between the two of them and whenever she saw Mercedes she couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to make love to her, to touch her, to taste that smooth pecan skin.
_____ "I'm just not feeling it today, girl. I'm gonna sit in the steam room for a few and head on home. I promise you, tomorrow I'll be front and center in your class to make up for it", Nic said.
_____ "Alright then, just remember you said it. I expect to see you. Don't disappoint me, hon", Mercedes winked and turned to leave. Nic couldn't believe the effect that woman had on her. She was getting turned on just talking to her. Now, that's bad, she thought.
_____Snapping out of her daydream, Nic walked over to her locker. She undressed and gathered her toiletries before heading to the showers. The hot water raining on her skin eased her body and her mind. She let thoughts of making love to Mercedes enter her thinking and was surprised at the titillation she felt at the mere thought. What was it about her anyway, she thought. She shook her head as if to loosen the grip her thoughts of Mercedes had on her, finished showering and headed to the sauna. Nic thought that lounging in the sauna after a vigorous workout almost made all that hard work worth it. She was happy to find the steam room empty today. Not that she was antisocial or anything, she just wanted to be alone with her thoughts for awhile. She poured a cupful of water over the hot lava rocks to get the steam going and laid her towel on the cedar bench. She reclined on the bench, looking up at the ceiling, watching the steam begin to swirl and fill the small room. Feeling her whole body relax, she closed her eyes. Before long, Nic nodded out and didn't hear the door to the sauna open.

_____Mercedes had great timing. She'd left the locker room only long enough to allow Nic time to shower and hit the sauna before slipping back in to undress herself and join her. She'd been checking Nic out for awhile, too and thought, what's the fastest way to get to know someone than naked in the sauna? She smiled when she entered and found Nic seemed to be dozing. This would afford her the opportunity to watch her for a few. Mercedes took a seat on the bench adjacent to the one Nic was lying on. She watched as sweat pooled in the hollows of Nic's throat and navel. She could almost taste the salt just by looking. She watched intently as a bead of perspiration traveled from Nic's milk chocolate colored nipple down the side of her breast. She watched the slow rise and fall of Nic's breasts and found herself getting aroused at the thought of taking a chance and touching her. What's the worst that could happen, besides losing her job? None of the other clients seemed to mind the extra attention she paid them during her little 'personal training sessions' right?
_____Being careful not to make a sound, Mercedes crept over to Nic, taking in the full length of her body with her eyes. Sensing someone near her, Nic opened her eyes. She was shocked to see Mercedes naked and smiling, standing over her. Before Nic could utter a word, Mercedes silenced her with a finger pressed lightly to Nic's to full lips. Feeling daring, Nic sucked the finger between her lips, eliciting a groan from Mercedes. That was all the encouragement Mercedes needed. She knelt beside the bench, leaning over to tentatively plant a kiss on her Nic's mouth. Nic responded instantly, parting her lips to suck Mercedes' tongue inside her mouth. Mercedes allowed her hands to travel over Nic's wet skin. She cupped her breasts in her hands, enjoying the weight of them in her palms. She tweaked the nipples of each breast between her thumb and forefinger. Nic arched her back in response, her eyes tightly shut. Mercedes let her hands make a course from Nic's heaving breasts slowly down her torso, exploring the definition of Nic's muscles, alternately kneading and caressing as she went. Nic purred at the attention that was being paid to her long neglected body. It had been so long since Nic had been made love to. It was as if she were feeling all these sensations for the first time. Her skin seemed somehow more sensitive to the touch, every caress from Mercedes' skilled hands felt electric. Nic could feel her center flower, opening in anticipation of what was sure to come.
_____Mercedes took her time exploring, taking it all in. She didn't want to move too fast for fear she'd break the spell but, Nic was having none of it. She pulled Mercedes atop her, grasping her ass cheeks, pulling Mercedes into her. They kissed more passionately this time, exploring each other's mouths, as if by devouring each other they'd satisfy their hunger. Mercedes parted Nic's thighs with her own, grinding into Nic's sopping wet pussy, feeling her own juices trickle down her slit to mingle with Nic's. Their hands were everywhere at once. Nic was surprised to find herself teetering on the edge of orgasm already. Shit, her pussy hadn't even been touched yet and here she was ready to explode, she thought.
_____Mercedes sensed Nic's arousal. She wanted this to last, at least as long as it could under the steamy conditions. She slid down Nic's wet body, slippery from the steam of the sauna and their mingled juices. She licked and nibbled Nic's flesh everywhere she could reach, trailing fire on Nic's skin as she wound a path south to her pussy. Mercedes licked down one thigh and up the other, stopping to suck each of her toes individually. Licking the sensitive spot behind her knees caused Nic's body to involuntarily buck from the bench. How she loved a sensitive woman! Mercedes purposely avoided touching Nic's straining clit; instead, she'd come close but no cigar. Nic thought she would die each time she felt Mercedes get closer to her delta, only grazing it or feeling her hot breath on it. Maddening.
_____Mercedes repositioned herself so that Nic's thighs were draped over her shoulders, spreading her legs wide. She smacked her lips at the sight of Nic's pouty outer lips glistening with what she was sure would be sweet syrup. She loved the moment immediately before she tasted a woman. She liked to take her time and inhale the scent, to open the lips slowly to get to the treasure inside, to watch a woman's juices seep. Nic was so excited; she couldn't wait to feel Mercedes' mouth on her. She placed her hands atop Mercedes' head, hoping she'd get the hint. She didn't know how long she could take this woman teasing her!
_____ "Slow down, chica", Mercedes purred as she shook off Nic's grasp. "You got somewhere else to be? Relax, ok? Let me do this."
_____ "It's just that I'm so fuckin' " and Nic was cut off by the sensation of Mercedes slowly dragging her tongue from Nic's ass to her clit. Nic shivered at the touch of her tongue on her clit. Finally! Mercedes gently opened Nic's outer lips, exposing the tender pink flesh inside to the ministrations of her mouth. She licked inside every crevice and fold, coating Nic's already drenched pussy with saliva. She loved how Nic's back would arch when she'd thrust her tongue inside her hole, how she'd purr when she rimmed her ass.
_____ Damn, this bitch knows her shit! , Nic thought. Her long disregarded body was so responsive, so sensitive to whatever this woman did to her. Mercedes stopped long enough to pull Nic up to a sitting position, legs spread apart on the edge of the bench. Laying down a towel for her knees, she knelt between Nic's thighs, smiling devilishly up at Nic.
_____"You didn't think we were done, did you, baby?" Mercedes said before leaning in and nipping at Nic's hard nipple, tweaking the other with her thumb. Nic let her head fall against the wall of the sauna, giving herself up to Mercedes and her skills. All the months she'd spent thinking about how fucking this woman would be and here she was spread out on the steam room bench like a buffet. The Goddess certainly has smiled on me today, she thought. Mercedes licked her way from Nic's heaving breasts to her navel, from her navel to the sensitive skin around the light triangle of hair covering her center. She licked the nectar oozing from Nic's slit before parting her pouty lips and sucking her hardened nub firmly between her lips. Nic felt as if she'd been set afire, all her senses heightened.
_____ Using both hands, Mercedes spread Nic's pussy wide open, exposing the entrance to her canal. She watched Nic's secretions flow freely down to her ass. Utilizing just the tip of her tongue, she made tight wet circles around Nic's clit, slowly widening her range until she was at her hole. She then stabbed her tongue inside, slowly, firmly fucking Nic's pussy with her tongue. She used her thumb to agitate the nub to its hardest state while pulling the sensitive covering back, exposing Nic's tender button. She could hear Nic moaning, saying something unintelligible up there but she was too rapt in what she was doing to care. Mercedes used her lips, wet from all the slathering mouth work, to suck Nic's clit from out of hiding. She inserted two fingers of her free hand inside Nic's pussy while letting another enter the warm recess of her ass. Nic's whole body tightened then relaxed as Mercedes began to work her fingers slowly in and out of Nic's openings. She used firm slow, twisting thrusts while keeping up the strumming on Nic's clit.
_____She could feel Nic's walls as well as her sphincter tightening around her fingers. Mercedes increased her tempo, causing Nic to moan that much louder, her fists clenched at her side, eyes glued shut.
_____ Nic was barreling towards one of the strongest orgasms she'd ever remembered having. Her body was the cliched bundle of nerves. Her mouth hung open as she labored to take in air in the stifling steam of the sauna. She dared not move or risk losing her tenuous grasp on what was sure to be a mind-numbing climax. She was so close
_____ Just then, Mercedes changed her angle of entry and sped her thrusts. She punished Nic's pussy with deep hard strokes. Nic's eyes flew open and locked on Mercedes'. They held each other's stare while Mercedes fucked Nic so hard her breasts bounced from the thrusts. Sweat poured from their bodies, slicked their hair. Mercedes broke their staring contest to lower her mouth to Nic's taut clit again, flicking her tongue over it, around it. Sucking it between her teeth until she finally got the response she was looking for
_____ Nic skirted around her climax no more. The sucking of her clit was all she needed to knock her over the line and it hit her hard: her entire body tensed one final time, a warmth started from the very core of her cunt and spread out over her skin, a heat more intense than any steam room. Her head fell back against the wall as she reached for Mercedes. "M-mmm-Mercedes I'm " Nic stammered. Damn, I can't even form a sentence, she thought.
_____"I know, baby. It's good, right? Come on and cum for me, chica. Cum for me " Mercedes purred as she increased the pressure on Nic's clit.
_____Nic wrapped her legs around Mercedes' shoulders, trying to anchor herself for the explosion she felt coming. Her back arched, thrusting her pussy into Mercedes' mouth. The tremors started to wrack her body, her pussy tightening around Mercedes' hand. She clenched her eyelids shut, awed at the fireworks playing behind her lids. Shit, this bitch has me seeing fuckin' fireworks, goddamn! she thought. She felt as if she'd been wound tight and snapped loose. The contractions she felt in her pussy became less frequent though no less pleasurable. She collapsed in a heap, her legs falling from around Mercedes' back. Mercedes slowly withdrew her fingers, leaning in to lap at Nic's soaked, sensitive pussy. She licked her slowly, like this was the best double dip of ice cream she'd ever had. Each touch of Mercedes' tongue on her caused her to jump and thrash.
_____ Mercedes decided Nic had had enough. The steam was getting to be unbearable and the last thing she needed was for them to be found passed out in this position. She really would lose her job then. "Come on, chica. Let's get outta this hot box before we fall out in here. Let me help you up." Mercedes wrapped an arm around Nic, pulling her to a standing position so they were face to face. Nic couldn't believe how spent she felt. She also couldn't understand why she couldn't look Mercedes in the eye. She'd finally gotten what she'd been daydreaming about all this time and now she was acting like a schoolgirl. Mercedes, sensing Nic's discomfort, raised her chin so they were looking into one another's eyes. She planted a small kiss on Nic's lips.
_____"Thank you, Nic. For sharing yourself with me. I just hope you don't think this gets you out of showing up to my class in the morning." Mercedes said and smiled.
_____"I told you I'd be there and I will. I owe you for today, for missing class." Nic said.
_____Mercedes led Nic to the showers, turning on the tepid water and joining her in the stall. She soaped Nic's back while Nic just stood there, letting the water cascade over her. She was whipped. "I have a better idea, Nic. Why don't we both miss class tomorrow morning and I give you a private lesson at your place instead? I think we should work on your endurance." Mercedes grinned slyly, knowing that the aerobics she had on her mind had nothing to do with what she taught in class. But, oh what a workout this girl is gonna get!, she thought and wrapped her arms tightly around Nic, planting a kiss on the nape of her neck. What a workout indeed . . .

The End

Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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