I had never had an affair with an older woman until Madamemoiselle Payne came into my life. We met each other at a faculty party a couple of months ago, but didn't immediately hit it off. I thought that she was stuck-up and very much stuck on herself. Not that she did have good reason. She was extremely attractive as she had a model's looks, figure and elegance. But the way she talked down to people obscured her physical beauty.

Mademoiselle Payne and I wouldn't cross paths again until a few months later when we were assigned to a task force group designed to increase minority retention on campus. Our first meeting didn't not go well as we came to blows on many issues. I left the meeting disgusted, not wanting to be in the group. However, several of my colleagues encouraged me to stick with the project. So I decided to hang in for better or worse.

Things had gotten worse a the next couple of meetings until I told Mademoiselle Payne off. Ususally, I am not like that but her lack of understanding the issue that African-American students go through was bugging the shit out of me. So I let loose on old girl. And when I was finished I left and felt better. But as I drove home wondered if my anger wasn't being driven by my underlying attraction to her. No way could I be attracted to someone who was old enough for my mother.

The next morning Mademoiselle Payne was in my office. She asked that I not say anything just listen. She said she came to apologize for being so insensitive to the issue confronting the students. She also told me that although she didn't like the way I went off it was understandable. I was completely taken aback. She extended her hand to me and asked could we start over. I smiled and told her I would like that.

We set some time aside later that day to meet in her office. I felt good about the project now that the personality conflicts were pushed to the side. But there was still the problem of my attraction to her. Throughout the day, I tried to shake images of her lips pressed against mine while my hands unbutton her blouse. And then imagining that her blouse would then fall to the ground revealing her smooth ebony brown skin. Then almost instinctively I glanced at the clock. It was time to go to her office.

When I opened the door I was surprised to see her desk nicely decorated with wine and cheese. She thought that it would be nice to have a snack since we had no idea of how late we would work. So we got down to business. As we discussed the project we talked about other things. It was interesting to hear of her life in Hati, especially since it shed light on why she carried herself the way she did. I had new found respect and admiration for her.

As the hours flew by I developed a little too much admiration for her. Maybe it was a combination of all that wine for, when I am drunk, I am horny as hell. One minute we were on the couch talking until we started looking into each others brown eyes. The next minute were we kissing and petting each other like a couple of high school aged girls. Having some sense of what was going on I stopped. I told Madamemoiselle Payne that she was a very desirable woman but we had just started to know one another. But before I could get the last couple of words out Mademoiselle Payne pried my mouth open with her hot wet tongue. I then felt her slide it out of my mouth in and out like a snake slithering through grass. To get me even more horny she then sucked the tip of my tongue. Indeed I had received the french kiss of my life.

The best was still to come. She undressed herself almost as if she was stripping. Ummm I guess it was true about what they say about black women aging gracefully. Her body looked very much like a woman in her 20's. To have seen this woman with her firm 36C-26-36 physique you would not have believed that she was nearing 50. I came to her and dropped to my knees so that I could plant butterfly kisses on her tummy. As i kissed her tummy I could smell the scent of her pussy. I placed one finger near her clit and began to rub gently causing her to moan. I rose up a little so I could taste one of her nipples. I playfully licked it as I began to slide my finger along her slit. She whispered for me to eat her. I led her to her desk and told her to sit on it. I then pulled a chair over and sat down wrapping her legs around my neck. I began to eat her slowly as she moan out to suck her hard. I then slid two fingers inside and began to finger her as she called out my name. I raised her legs up a litle as I began to rapidly fuck her hole. Mademoiselle Payne could go. If you could see this woman pump her pussy as I was fingering her you would have never believed that it was the same presumbably, uptight woman that I had met. I stroked her kitty a few more times as sucked her clit. I wasn't long before her kitty had given me some of its milk. I lapped it greedily as she laid on her desk trying to recover.

I got up and gave her a gently kiss goodnight. She looked confused as I was leaving for the door. I told her to stop by my place later so she could sample some of my dessert.

Now if you were me might wonder how you could have left a gorgeous nubian queen lying there after eating her out. Simple. I wanted Mademoiselle Payne to come back for more. Within her I sensed that she had that deep-seated, pent-up type of lust that could only be unlocked by the right woman. So I managed to unlock that lust. I now planned to keep that door wide open.

I laid out a number of jasmine scented candles around the apartment.I then went into the bathroom and drew some water for a bubble bath. Around the bath tub I laid some some fruit, cheese and wine on small silver platters along with the special 'dessert' I told her about.

At that point, I heard the buzzer ring. I went to the door, dressed only in in a sheer black robe. When I opened the door, sure enough it was Mademoiselle Payne. She had on a beige trench coat which I almost immediately began to take off as she entered. I slid the coat to the ground and much to my delight she was still naked. The sight of her body encouraged me to grab her and began to passionately kiss her. As we kissed she hurriedly took off my robe. Her eyes grew wide when she saw how hard my tits were, how my nipples looked like dark chocolate candies. I felt her mouth gently suck on my left nipple. Ummm, my clit began to aching for the loving touch of her tongue.

Mademoiselle Payne released my tit without mercy. She bought her lips close to mine and we started tongue fucking. Not breaking our embrace, I then led her into the bathroom. I sat at the edge of the tub near the platters. First, i offered her wine. She said she was only thirsty for my juice. Then, I offered her some cheese which one again she refused. I then offered some fruit and she declined although she wanted the dessert I had mentioned.

I pulled the last tray, the one with the cover over it. I lift it up and showed her the dessert. It was a sucker. She had a bewildered look on her face as to say what the fuck is this. But I told her to put it to the side as she would need it later.

I got up and entered into the warm , sudsy water. Mademoiselle Payne soon joined me and resumed kissing. I felt her hand rub my mound as she nibbled on my ear . Her lips then traveled down to my neck where I felt her gently bite my skin. I began to spread my legs wider which allowed her to slide her finger along my slit. She then slid one finger into my hole. I moaned, telling her I needed to be eaten. I got up and sat at the edge facing her. She came to me and lifted my legs around her shoulders, burying her head in my mound. She did it slow at first seeming to savor every inch of my womanhood. Then she speeded the pace of a bit causing me to buck and thrash my pussy against her delicate mouth.

Mademoiselle Payne slowed it down a bit as she slid two fingers inside and began to thrust deep. I felt my clit swell in anticipation of the climax. I then knew it was time for dessert. I asked her to take her hands out of my love canal and to grab the sucker. I asked her to wet the sucker by licking it and then slide it into my hole as far as she could. She did this while continuing to rub my clit. I felt the sucker inside of me. She fucked me with it as if she had a dildo in her hand. I felt a surge of electricity pass through my body. I planted my feet against the wall so I could feel the sucker go even deeper. It wouldn't be much longer as I felt my heart pounding. I felt the sucker hit my G-spot a couple of time and I squeezed it as hard as I could. I then felt Mademoiselle Payne sucking on my right breast. I felt the sucker hit my G-spot a couple of more times before I felt a series of contractions deep inside. Mademoiselle took the sucker out and ate it. After she finished, she began to lick and clean the remaining juice out of my hole.

We got up and I led her to the bedroom where we just talked and cuddled for a while before going to sleep. As I laid there I thought that Mademoiselle Payne will never quite think of the word dessert the same. For the matter, neither will I.


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