As the music plays in the background I begin to feel the warmth of her breath upon my half asleep half awakened body. I remain still thinking that the mere possibility of something like this occurring could only take place within my deepest dreams. As I lay there I feel the pleasure of my dream become a surprising and sensual reality. As not to disturb her right away I remain still in a sleep like state. She begins. I feel the warmth of her tongue from the nape of my neck to the small of my back. The sensation causes me to let out the smallest of moans. To her pleasure she smiles to herself as she encourages herself to continue her exploration of my body. She continues. As I feel the wetness on my back from the trail that she has just traced, I begin to sense wetness elsewhere. She rubs my back ever so gently with one hand as she strokes my hair with the other. The feel of her hands upon me are like no sensation I have ever experienced. By now countless moans begin to escape my lips. No longer asleep but fully awake and aware, I turn over to greet her with no words at all. I taste her lips as if to thank her for the feelings she has caused me. We exchange brief smiles yet continue to venture on. Our bodies are now warm and slick from the moisture caused by our desire for one another's love. I begin to stroke her and press my naked body firmly against hers. In turn she does the same. The softness of our bodies intertwined is like soft satin with a hint of silk. Ah! The pleasure she brings to a room. Although she has allowed me to caress her body up to this point she assures me that this show is her's alone. Still with no words exchanged she slowly and gently leads the way to a place that she knows I long to go. A place called ecstasy and she literally had my ticket in the palm of her hands.

Circles begin to trace my inner thighs. Her hands are so very soft, as if they had been tended to for hours at a time just for this very purpose-- to please her lover. And that she was. As her fingers continued to tease and tense my thighs my love began to seep out from impatience and with terrible yearning it screamed for her attention. In violent desperation I moan loudly, yet ever so sexy within the depths of her ear. She loves this part so much. She enjoys devouring me slowly and with pure perfection. As for me, I love and hate this part all at the same time cause she's so damn good and she knows it. I wanted her badly. But as with everything, even she has her weakness. It was me. My body began to squirm and crawl involuntarily with anticipation of her touch right where I needed her to be. Her weakness you ask, well that's easy, she wants and needs to please.

She could no longer continue putting her own desires aside. She needed everything I needed and more. With great ease she rolled me over onto my stomach. She slid her warm sensual voluptuous frame upon me ever so slowly as a way to signal her last tease. As I said her body slid slowly. Her breast grazed my ass, my back and on up to the very top of my sensual honey colored shoulder blades. Then the warmth of her moistened center settled over my ass cheeks. She was so very hot! I loved it. But just as she began her grind from the back she remembered her pleasure was mine and she was not going to be selfish. She slightly lifted me up just enough to slide one digit directly over the center of my clit. She pressed hard and whispered with her hot breath in my that where you want it? I reply through my moans "Oh yes baby..yes". We journey into an easy grind at first and I begin to hear more of that voice she knows I love. A moan escapes her lips from deep within. We are in tune to one another's needs. My ass slowly and carefully presses against her center to provide her with the utmost pleasure possible. Harder and with a little more speed she presses harder against me. We are one. Our voices echo in an harmony unlike any other and better than any orchestra you could ever imagine. Harder and faster and closer and closer to our destination upon this road of ecstasy we continue to travel until she reached an abrupt end. Without warning her emotions had over come her with a strong wave. She had fulfilled her part of our long journey together and although completely exhausted she unselfishly directed me the rest of the way. Without much further to go I too had reached my end. With an enormous wave upon thee I collapsed upon her hand as I made my finale press against her.

Moments pass before I realize I'm crushing her hand. I roll my exhausted yet well satisfied body off of my baby. She looks at me in relief although she would have never dared disturb me herself. I smiled. She in turn smiles back at me and at last words are exchanged. "Good morning Sunshine". With my remaining energy I reply "Good morning babe". With that we roll over within each other's arms and drift off into a well deserved sleep.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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