I am sitting here thinking of you and wondering why I am doing this, whatever it is, to us. I know that I love you, there is no question about that. I just do not want to lose myself in you. I do not want to be totally submissive to you. But in my stubbornness, I can feel your touch.

I can feel you caressing my body with your hands, with your mouth. I can feel your kisses on my lips, your tongue deep inside of me, probing, searching and I respond. My body tenses in anticipation and aches for more. My breath catches in my throat, gasping for more. Your lips on my breasts send shockwaves throughout my body. I want more and you oblige. Kiss me all over, kiss me right down there; you know what I want, you know what I need. Don't tease, don't stop. You linger briefly on my stomach, letting me know what is yet to come. My hips arch into the air, ready, waiting, wanting, needing more. My hands gently push your head lower and lower until you are there. That's it...Oh God...yes...yes...that's it! I lose total control as you kiss, suck, lick me like there is no tomorrow. My mind tells me that I can take no more. I try to move away; slowly, but urgently, I push myself up the bed. But you follow, grasping my hips, playing my body like a harp. I hear your moans, your sighs. I can take it no more! I cry out, "Oh my are killing me!!!" This is too body...shatters...and I...cried.

I am sitting here thinking of when we made love but, is that enough? Should I submit to you always? Should I?...I think not!


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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