Senia Moore

"Terry, where you at baby?" I am calling you, because I have a gift for you. I went out last night and bought you a diamond braclet and a big stuffed tiger. The braclet is around the tigers wrist, so that you wont notice it right away. "Baby, why are you hiding from me?" "I have something for you, i say as i come up the stairs to our bedroom. I love it when you play with me, you know that i am looking for you, I geuss that I will just have to play along. (wink)

I turn the corner, and the door to our room is ajar, i smell candles burning (peaches), and i can hear you moaning. Hmmmm. I wonder what you are doing? A smile comes across my face, and i place the tiger at the door. Opening the door, i see you laying across the bed, three fingers deep in your pretty pussy. "Umm umm umm." I say under my breath as I approach you. "Hey sexy," you say to me as i kneel in front of the bed. "Hello little one, do you like playing with that?" "Oh, yes Daddy, but I LOVE it when you play with it."

I begin to kiss up your legs, taking turns with the left and the right (making sure neither leg feels jealous) as I go up your calves, I notice that your pussy is ooozing, I want to taste you, but I take my time. Slowly kissing, licking and biting your legs. I make my way up to your thighs, making sure that my tongue touches every inch of your beautiful skin. You are sqirming, and gasping for air, grabbing at my hair, and shoulders, then you grab the headboard. I can tell that your pussy is aching, still swollen, but still needing me. I kiss your pussy deeply, smelling you. I am being gentle and tender with you, I know I've been kinda rough lately. But you like it rough, dont you? I pull your clit into my mouth and gently bite down, flicking the tip with my toungue. You like that dont you?

I stand up and i can see the panic in your eyes, "Shh baby, i am just getting undressed thats all." "Syn, let me help you," you whisper to me as you seductivly crawl across the bed. You begin at my belt buckle, unzipping my pants, pushing them down my hips, you kiss and lick my belly, and then just above the tight curls of my pussy. Your touches affect me, while i am pulling my shirt over my head, i can feel your toungue flicking my nipple rings. I can remember the day i got them and you spent the whole night before kissing and sucking them. (grinning)

When i become fully undressed, i lay on my back on the bed, my new toy standing erect. (looks a little bigger, but you trust me) Silently you lower yourself onto me, instanly filling yourself. As you get into teh groove i catch a nipple inbetween my lips, and begin to nurse like a baby. Tears are flowing from your eyes, and i can tell that you didnt want me to see, but i do, and i kiss them away. As i lower myself back to my back, you follow so that you can kiss me as i fill you up. My hands are carressing the small of your back, grabbing your ass, slamming your pussy onto my strap. (i forgot i was being gentle) All you can say to me is, " Ahhh, damn, oooooh yes, yes,yes, Daddy make me cum......." "No little one, not yet, Daddy's not ready."

I begin to stroke you softer, not going all the way in. "Am i too big for you love," I ask while i love you. "No baby, uhhhh shit, you fit just rrrrrrright." I grab your hair, and pull your head back so that i can kiss your neck. Our nipples are touching, making it hard for either of us to hold it much longer. "Are you ready Terry?" "Fuck me Daddy.........This pussy needs you." I smile to myself, I know that you been ready for me. Faster, you are screaming my name, faster, i can see your eyes rolling back in your head, faster, "Yessss....Syn, baby, damn."


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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