Black Opal

I tried to make everybody happy... I married a man to please my family... I was the best wife I could be... But my parents find fault no matter what I do, and my husband left me. My "good girl" days are over! In my heart of hearts, I had always wanted to be with a woman, but never had the guts, so how would I begin? My question was answered when I went to the restroom at a gay-friendly coffeehouse, and found a big stack of the Lesbian News in the corner. I folded up an issue and stuffed it in my purse for later perusal.

I wasn't ready to read it in public, but as I finished my coffee I felt charged up, just knowing it was in my purse. I rushed home and read it from cover to cover, feeling somewhat naughty and very happy. My favorite section was the personal ads... so many women, so little time. Just reading their descriptions, and the descriptions of what they were looking for, whet my appetite. I loved knowing women could be so blatant about their sexuality and their preferences! That would be me in no time... but what were MY preferences?

And am I femme, tomboy, androgynous, butch? Am I leather, lace, tribal, denim? Do I like wearing lipstick... do I wanna kiss someone who does? Do I want someone with a dick? Do I wanna wear a dick? I don't think so... Am I looking for a pal, a lover, a wife? I don't knooooow... Guess I'm not ready to place or answer an ad just yet. Wait, what's this... "Volunteers needed to test female pleasure products." Now, that I could handle... a date with a toy!

I showed up at the appointed place and time, and was directed to a waiting area by an much-too-happy white girl. She was young, pudgy, with red hair and freckles, wearing a white dress under a turquoise sweater with little pearl buttons. Cute. Seated to my right in the waiting area was an older Hispanic woman wearing beige pants, matching pullover top, and sensible shoes. She had short, graying-black hair, (which I'm sure once had a style, before it grew out.) She looked weary.

To my left was a voluptuous sister with golden braids twisted up into a beehive. She wore tight black stretch shorts and a red halter top. She had very long fingernails, painted bright orange. Is anyone here my type? What's my type? (My new mantra.)

The chipper receptionist said she was going to pop in a short video for us to watch, which would explain the research project and what we could expect from today. She added that we could bow out at any time if we felt uncomfortable. Ooh, ooh, ooh, a handsome "androgynous" woman appeared on the screen, her white labcoat contrasting with her almost black skin. She was tall, with an athletic build... Her hair was cropped close to her head. She wore dark-rimmed glasses and a neutral expression. I found her voice soothing as she explained what we were about to experience.

We would be asked to remove all our clothing, to lie back on a comfortable recliner similar to a dental chair, our wrists and ankles would be restrained to help keep us from moving around too much, because that could interfere with various measurements. Electrodes and other devices would be attached to our bodies, and we would be asked to sit back and enjoy prototypes of new "female pleasure products."

A machine similar to a polygraph would collect data... recording heart rate, level of sexual arousal, and so on. Wow. My venture into lesbianism was going to start out rather "clinically," but maybe that was for the best. At the conclusion of the video, I glanced around... the expression of the older woman to my right hadn't changed much. The sweet thing to my left raised her eyebrows, shook her head, and made "mm, mm, mm" sounds.

The receptionist reappeared and ushered us into "the lab." She led us to a row of tan leather recliners, positioned about eight feet apart. Each was covered with a sheet of plastic and each was surrounded by scientific equipment. "New Age" music was playing at a low volume, and the room smelled like ripe peaches. Redhead told us to undress now, and to get comfortable in our chairs... the technicians would be with us shortly.

I hadn't stripped in front of strangers since the locker rooms of junior high, where we were forced to take group showers after gym class. Oh, what the heck... we were all girls here, right? I tried not to look at the others as I undressed and settled into my chair. Looking up, I saw a video camera, microphone, and various other devices attached to metal arms and plastic tubing. I thought of the oxygen masks that drop down during airline safety demonstrations.

Using my peripheral vision I saw light-brown skin with the softness of age to my right, dark-brown skin with the tautness of youth to my left. My own skin tone and texture lay somewhere in-between. Here we were... a veritable palate of skin tones. The handsome African woman we saw on the video came in with a clipboard, still wearing her labcoat. Underneath it, she wore jeans and black cowboy boots. I wanted to jump her... I may have found my type!

Two assistants followed her into the lab... both women appeared to be in late 30s or early 40s. One was Native American, with beautiful long black hair. The other was a petite Asian, with short hair and steel-rimmed glasses. She reminded me of the woman who cleans my teeth, which felt peculiar, given that I was lying naked in a dental chair.

We had the United Nations right here in the lab, only we weren't working on world peace... we were working on increasing pleasure in women's lives. I was glad to be part of such a noble cause, remembering how UNpleasant sex with my husband had been. The techs snapped on rubber gloves, and began strapping us into our chairs with velcro straps that circled our wrists and ankles. Some part of me thought, what the hell am I doing?! I'd had the same feeling when I was about to leap out of a plane on my first skydiving jump.

The Asian tech worked diligently off to my right, the Native American beauty to my left... the head tech was all mine. They attached electrodes to our temples, breasts, palms, soles of our feet, and on both sides of our vaginal opening. There was no conversation from my tech as she strapped a band across my chest that would measure expansion of my lungs and rate of breathing. Our eyes met once and lingered too long... there was an exchange of some sort that felt enticingly "unprofessional."

I lost interest in the other women... they faded into the background as all my awareness focused in on my personal attendant. Pinned to her labcoat I saw a nametag that read "CHET." Chet, Chet, Chet... the first woman to observe my nakedness up close and personal. I wondered what she thought of my body, and found myself hoping she liked it!

Chet pulled down two devices from overhead that looked like suction cups. She moistened them with a little spray bottle, and positioned them over my nipples. Somehow they stuck, and I felt like a stripper wearing pasties. She explained to the group that these were one of the new toys they'd be testing today. She went on to say that another would be a pliant, formfitting vaginal insert.

From a drawer in the table beside me, she pulled out three items that looked deliciously edible. One appeared to be a grape popsicle, one a giant stick of black licorice, the third a fat peppermint stick, with rainbow stripes swirling around it. That one was assigned to me. The popsicle headed off to my right, the licorice was handed off to my left. Chet explained that these were vibrators masquerading as desserts... a new breed of vibrators capable of making a variety of movements.

Chet dipped my peppermint stick into a jar of lubricant and then, parting my vaginal lips with one gloved hand, she inserted the "candy" with the other. It felt incredibly smooth and cool as it slid along the walls of my vagina, making its way deep inside me. It was long and fat, and filled me in a way my husband's penis never had. I watched Chet at work and wondered if she thought my pussy was pretty.

The device was surprisingly comfortable... nothing like a cottony tampon or the cold metal speculum used during a pap smear. I had heard about women using vibrators to masturbate, but had forbidden myself to try one... until now. I'd heard they could be addictive, and that scared me... until now. Chet pulled a cord down from overhead and plugged it into the end of the peppermint stick.

She pulled down one last device that looked like a small showerhead, attached to a metal arm. She carefully positioned it about a foot above my genitals, as did the other techs with their subjects. Chet said that this toy was called the Clitoral Shower, and said warm water would be involved; plush towels would be provided after the session.

She announced that she would be dimming the lights now, leaving us to our enjoyment. She said that she and the other techs would retreat to another room where they would don headphones and watch their television monitors... they'd be recording data to be further analyzed. They wanted to insure that these toys would be the best of their kind.

I felt proud to be furthering the science of pleasuring women! All was silent now except for the soft synthesizer music in the background. The temperature in the room was comfortable. I closed my eyes and waited for something to happen... although my vaginal muscles were already squeezing the peppermint stick of their own accord. It felt so good inside me!

Suddenly the whir of machines started up and I could feel the suction cups on my nipples start to squeeze and release, as if someone were gently sucking them. It felt nothing like when my husband used to do it... he'd been rough and his face had felt like sandpaper against my skin.

I felt so content and so free. Suddenly, I couldn't help myself... I craned my neck to look at the other subjects. I wanted to see breasts! The breast off to my right was a soft old breast, one you wanted to rest your head upon. It was spread out, almost flat, but it was pulled up by the suction cup each time the cup contracted. The woman the breast was attached to now appeared very relaxed. Her eyes were closed, and her face had a look yearning and long overdue satisfaction. Sometimes her feet would flex and then point.

The breast off to my left was round and firm... its owner squirming and rotating her hips as the suction cups did their thing. With eyes closed tight, she was scrunching up her face, sometimes chewing on her lips. She arched her back and her mouth fell open. I'd never seen a naked woman writhing with pleasure. Her movement was really turning me on, faster than a man's body ever had. I was so thrilled to be lying between two naked women whose titties were exposed! YUM.

I returned my attention to my own experience. Sometimes the suction cups on my nipples would squeeze in unison; sometimes they would alternate back and forth. Sometimes they pulsed in rapid succession, sending vibrations throughout my breasts; sometimes they squeezed long and hard before releasing. All of the subjects, myself included, were making little noises now... long sighs and soft moans. Sheer pleasure overrode any sense of inhibition.

The activity of the suction cups subsided, and a low vibration began pulsing through the peppermint stick my vagina had been sucking on. The sensation spread through my entire body and I wondered why in the world I had never tried this before! It was the most wonderful sensation I'd ever experienced. God, please let this moment last forever...

I could feel my sexual organs engorging and swelling. I began to gently thrust my hips. I thought of Chet in the next room, watching me on the television monitor. I imagined her excusing herself to go the restroom... driven to secretly masturbate because she found my body so hot. I wanted her to want me! The speed of the vibrator went up a notch.

My thrusting became more pronounced as I imagined Chet staying late at the office tonight, inserting this very peppermint stick into HER vagina... watching my video over and over again 'til she came... I licked my lips. I understood why they'd restrained our hands because I wanted to touch my clitoris so badly! I wanted to rub it and pretend that Chet, overcome with desire, would make up some excuse about needing to come out and double-check my equipment, but instead bend down and lick me to orgasm.

Ooh! My candy shifted gears, and began a thrusting motion inside me! Then it wiggled from side to side. It repeated these movements at various speeds, and I was truly in heaven as the candy rocked and rolled inside me. I hadn't had an orgasm proper yet, but I'd heard of the G-spot deep within the vagina and thought my candy stick must've found it! I made a mental to note to buy one of these things as soon as they were out on the market.

The dance of the peppermint stick came to an end, and for a moment it rested. Then it went back to vibrating, but this time at top speed. It shook the walls of my vagina so rapidly that my clitoris, sitting atop this cave of action, couldn't help but shake too. It was caught in an earthquake originating from deep inside me. The ground beneath my clit shook, and I knew I was going to come. I looked up at the video camera and mouthed "fuck me" as I exploded. I moaned aloud as the first contraction came, and imagined Chet watching my face contort. The vibrator subsided, as if to give me relief from my heightened sensation.

The candystick oozed its way out of me, as it was removed by a mechanical arm. Now the sprinkler toy came on, dribbling warm water onto my genitals. Ooh, that felt good. I imagined I was in a mossy green forest, laying in a shallow pool of water beneath a tiny waterfall with legs outstretched. I wanted to spread my legs open now, but the restraints prevented me from doing so.

The rain toy went through its paces... sometimes the water sprinkled lightly through many small jets, tickling me... other times it poured steadily through a single large jet. The showerhead moved around now, shooting at my clitoris from different angles with varying degrees of pressure. Sometimes it angled itself so it could shoot a spray of water directly into my vagina... a soothing douche after a fabulous fuck.

Now the water pulsed into my vagina in spurts. Damn, would this pleasure never end? The robotic showerhead angled back now, and began to circle my clitoris with a steady stream of water... I had an impulse to tear at my breasts but I couldn't. I felt drunk as the stream trailed round and round and round... I BECAME my clitoris and I became the water... we were all one and there was nothing else in the world.

I was shaken from my trance when the pulsing action resumed... this time water shot down alongside my clitoris to touch my inner lips... first it sprayed on one side, then the other, then on both sides at once. It had impeccable aim! The showerhead began to swing from side to side, pulling a stream of water back and forth across my clitoris, splashing water onto my thighs as well. The showerhead began to flail wildly... water sprayed all over my body. It was so refreshing... so primal. I felt like I was being born.

The music in the background faded and shifted to the rumbling of distant thunder. I heard the sound of rain falling as water splashed randomly over my body. I found myself yearning for the stream to touch my clitoris... and every now and then, it would! Gimme more, please gimme more! The sound of the thunder became louder as the shower repositioned itself over my genitals. The spray became broad enough now to cover my clitoris and outer lips, and it pulsed rapidly in a random rhythm that rapidly heightened my excitement.

The entire chair beneath me began to vibrate and I knew I was about to climax again. I bucked my hips closer to the water, and then let myself go... ahhhhhh.... was wonderfully intense. Was Chet watching? I hoped so... Just then, her voice came over a loudspeaker... "Thank you ladies for your participation today. My assistants will be removing the equipment from your bodies and unstrapping you. There are towels on the counter behind you. Please dress and exit, except for the subject in the center chair. You were randomly selected for a brief followup study."

I closed my eyes and took deep breaths until the other subjects and techs left the room. It was just Chet and me now... one on one. She said it was protocol to blindfold the subject for this portion of the study. She slipped a soft sleeping mask over my eyes, and told me there was absolutely nothing I had to do. The machines would record my response to some additional sensations.

I swear I felt Chet sucking on my toes, then running her tongue down between them! It was as if her tongue made a direction connection with my hypersensitive clit through my toes. Next she held her tongue inside my ear and again, my clit responded. She softly bit my neck, giving me goosebumps and shivers. She held one breast at a time and removed my nipple-suckers... they popped off with a suctioning sound. Now her hands were on my breasts, boldly gripping and squeezing them. Her soft mouth visited each of my nips.

Last but not least, Chet inserted her tongue in my vagina. God, how I craved her. "I want to do this to you!" I cried out. "I've never been with a woman!" Her response was to stroke her tongue up to my clitoris and to rummage around. She stopped to say, "You're beautiful," then continued stroking me with her tongue. Her repetitive motion got a strong vibration going. "Please Chet... let me do this to you! I'm begging! Lay back in this chair and give me your pussy... let me touch it and smell it and eat it!"

Velcro crackled as she ripped off my restraints, pulled back my eyemask, gripped the sides of my head and kissed my mouth hungrily. Her glasses were off, as were her clothes! She said, "You can do whatever you like for as long as you like, but only if you come for me." She leaned down to finish me off with her tongue. She extended it to a point and revisited my wetness, flicking back and forth from the top of my clit to the bottom and back again, intermingled with bursts of rapid circling. I loved it!!

She positioned one hand so her fingers could dance on my nipples and vibrate them. My nipples and clit were erect and in ecstasy. I couldn't believe how responsive I was under a woman's care! My half-open eyes feasted on Chet's smooth skin, small breasts, narrow waist, curves of her firm buttocks, all of which would soon be mine!

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the red-headed receptionist, half-hidden behind a curtain, watching Chet do me. She, too, must've had a crush on Chet, because her panties were pulled down and she was thrusting her hand in and out of her vagina in a frenzy, her mouth hanging open as she panted heavily. I turned away from her and caressed Chet's body with my eyes. The thought of having free reign to explore that body, and do anything I wanted, put me over the top... I spilled and convulsed, cherishing the first orgasm given to me by a woman.

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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