I remember lips on me. Hot, soft, moist lips acting in concert with an even softer more moist tongue now flicking my clit gently and slowly almost expecting the very nature of me to melt in her mouth like brown sugar. With every stroke of her tongue I felt myself getting hotter and hotter, higher and higher. My body developed a severely automatic addiction to this tongue as I wiggled, shimmied, grinded against its female super power. I wanted to be put on, to get off. But the owner of these lips was not trying to give me my way; at least, not yet.

But wait, that wasn't what got my attention. It was the sudden warmth of thighs slowly lowering themselves upon my face and welcoming hungry lips. The strong essence of femininity bittersweet began to swell against my tongue beckoning me to taste, to lick, to swallow. A sigh sprayed from my lips when a new set of lips found their way to my left nipple, so rigid I swore it would pop in her mouth like a kernel of hot buttered pop corn. She sucked so hard I knew she was trying to swallow me whole.

Are you keeping up? I ask this because I had trouble doing so because the plump lips above me were now gliding against my chin and started to spread hot sticky molasses-tasting beauty against my mouth, my reward, a clitoris so hard, so big pressing insistently between my lips making my heart shout while her big womanly hips quivered against the sides of my face. There was no (em)bracing myself as each of my hands were bound deep in warm, moist, vibrating indistinguishable places of fiery swollen flesh. Was it a sensuous mouth that sucked each/all of my fingertips? Or was it a sensuous pussy that sucked each/all of my fingertips? Was it both?

I moaned as my mind slipped away, propelled by the tongue that scribbled the letter "S" over and over again inside my pussy causing a sudden rain shower that rumbled like thunder between my thighs while a storm above bathed my face, and the other tongue lashed my left nipple violently like lightening electricity. Muffled female voices sang songs of lust all around me, filling my ears, my mouth, my pussy, my . . .


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