Patricia Darrow

Tasha Grant and I had been friends since childhood. We spent our early years together playing house and chasing one another up and down East 103rd street in South Central Los Angeles. Tasha and I were constant companions from elementary school through college. She and I were even employed at the same Department store.
_____Our families were extremely dose. It went without saying that Tasha and my brother, Jamal, who is five years our senior, would someday marry. Jamal had always been protective of both of us. One day, while playing, Tasha and I cut our fingers, mixed our blood and said, bonded forever friends now, sisters later.
_____I try hard to remember when our interpersonal relationship began to change. Tasha always seemed to be oblivious to everything. When we were approximately 10 years of age, I remember noticing that Tasha was physically maturing much faster than 1. It must have been during my teenage years, when I noticed that a drastic change had taken place in me. I began to view my relationship with Tasha differently. I did not have the ability to read how she may have been feeling about me; so, I kept things to myself. My brother, Jamal, was a major obstacle.
_____The first time I tried to express my feelings to Tasha, my efforts turned into a fiasco. 1 was 19 at the time. It was a hot spring day in Los Angeles. Tasha and I sat in my bedroom, studying for our mid-terms. I was sitting on my bed and she was sitting across the room from me on the floor. I happened to look over at her to ask a question, when my eyes drive to her beautiful full round breasts. The warmth from the afternoon's heat had caused seat to encase Tasha entire chest. The t-shirt she was wearing was clinging to her , and you could see the outline of her thick, hard, black nipples. Tasha caught me looking at her. "What?" she said smiling.
_____"Nothing," I responded.
_____After staring at Tasha for a few minutes, I looked down at my chest and said, I wish I had your titties. Damn, I still look like a boy."
_____ Tasha parted her beautiful full lips with a smile and said, "Maybe your boobs are small, but I think they're sort of sexy."
_____I smiled back and said, '"Yeah, that's just it, sort of sexy."
_____Tasha returned to her studies and did not notice that I had put down my notebook, got up from the bed and began a slow stroll across the room to where she was sitting on the floor. "Can I see em," I asked.
_____ She looked up at me somewhat startled "See what?"
_____"Your titties."
_____Tasha broke out into a nervous laugh. "Are you serious?' She asked.
_____"Is the Pope a Catholic?" I shot back. The rhythm of my heartbeat began to pick up speed.
_____Tasha looked a little bewildered. She whispered to me to close the door. "Ain't nobody here but us" I said.
_____"What if your mother comes home," she asked.
_____"Look, Tasha, momma went to the Valley to shop and have dinner, she won't be back until late."
_____"What about Jamal?"
_____"What about him," I asked impatiently. "Tasha, he ain't here," I said.
_____"What if he comes home?"
_____ "Then you'll have to explain to him what we're doing," I said laughing. "He's your boyfriend--"
_____ "But he's your brother," she responded. Crossing her arms in front of her body, Tasha reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it off.
_____ "Ahhhhhh, shit" I murmured as her breast popped from under the t-shirt. She had the most perfect set of titties, I had ever seen. Full, round, black areolas, with big thick nipples. Tasha leaned back and supported her body with her hands. When she did that, her breasts spread and covered her chest. "Girl, how big are those things" I asked half panting.
_____"40ds," she said shyly.
_____MMmmmmmm, I thought. Looking down, I started unbuttoning my blouse. When I reached the last button, I put my arms down and let my blouse slip down off my shoulders. My breast were small and mostly nipples. My areolas had begun to swell from desire and my nipples were becoming hard. Tasha gazed up at me. No words were exchanged between us as we admired our bodies. I could feel my pussy becoming moist.
_____Tasha began to put her t-shirt back on when I reached out and said, "No, no, please, let me touch them." I knelt down in front of her. Tasha leaned forward to accommodate me.
_____Just as I began to reach for her titties, we heard the front door open and close and a voice say, "Hey, anybody home?"
_____"Shit," we both said simultaneously. "It's Jamal!" We began scrambling for our shirts.
_____"In here, Jamal," I yelled back. By the time he reached my room, Tasha and I had put our tops back on.
_____ "Hey, troll," Jamal said to me.
_____"Hey," I replied breathlessly.
_____ Jamal stopped, turned and looked at me with his eyebrows furrowed, "Are you ok?" he asked.
_____ "Yes, I'm fine."
_____"Are you sure?" he asked again.
_____"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine."
_____ Jamal turned his attention to Tasha. "Hi babe," he said to Tasha as he bent down to give her a kiss.
_____Tasha kissed him back, closed her books and got up. "Let's go to the movies tonight, Jamal," she said.
_____ "No problem," he said.
_____ As she and Jamal walked hand-in-hand out of my room, Tasha turned her head slightly towards me and gave me the strangest look. I lowered my eyes, feeling somewhat embarrassed.
_____l fell back on the bed, took my pillow and covered my face and whispered, "Damn, what's wrong with me!"
_____Tasha returned shortly to my room and stuck her head in the door and whispered, "Angie, I ain't no poonani. I'm straight. You know Jamal and I are in love."
_____Tasha purposely ignored me for the next couple of weeks both at home and at school. I was so confused about my feelings. I felt that I had offended her. What if Jamal finds out, I thought. As long as I had known Tasha, I had loved her as a sister, or so I thought. We had been friends forever. When did this change? Why had I ever contemplated trying that? That one moment had changed my relationship with Tasha forever. What would I do without her?
_____My Aunt Carrie became ill in Houston, Texas and momma had to leave for a couple of weeks to care for her. Jamal decided to go with momma, stay for a week and return home. The day momma and Jamal were to leave, Tasha came over to the house to take them to the airport. She and Jamal would say their good byes there. This was the first time I had seen her since that afternoon in my bedroom. When Tasha entered the house, she did not look at me and but I did glance at her. Momma noticed it immediately. "What's wrong with you girls," she asked. Nothing! we both responded.
_____I decided not to go to the airport with them. Didn't feel comfortable being around Tasha. I said my good byes on the porch, waved to everyone, then went back into the house. Alone at last I said to myself. I went to my room, changed into my favorite t-shirt and laid across my bed where I drifted off to sleep.
_____It seemed as though I had been asleep forever when in the distance, I could hear knocking at the front door. I got up and yelled, "I'm coming, I'm coming." When I got to the door and opened it, there stood Tasha. "May I come in," she asked.
_____ "Of course! Since when did you have to ask," I responded awkwardly.
_____Tasha sat on the love seat. I sat across from her on the sofa. "We need to talk," she blurted out.
_____Feeling embarrassed, I looked down at my hands and wringing them I said, "Yeah, I know. Tasha, I'm so sorry about what happened the other week in my bedroom." Tears began to roll down my cheeks.
_____Tasha got up from the love seat and came over to where I was sitting. She knelt down in front of me, placed her hand under my chin and lifted my face. "Don't be sorry, Angie," she said, "it wasn't anyone's fault" At that moment, Tasha slowly moved her face towards mine, and began to brush her big beautiful lips against mine. She then gently began to kiss me. My lips instinctively parted to wait for her tongue to make its decent into my mouth. When I felt its tip on my lips, I opened wider. I could no longer wait, I began to gently suck on the tip of her tongue until I felt its entire flesh slip into my mouth.
_____MMMMmmmm, I moaned. I tried to slide my hand inside of Tasha blouse to massage her breast. She removed it. Oh god, I thought, not again. But to my surprise, she began pulling off her blouse. "You wanted to touch these"?, she asked as she arched her chest upward. All I could do was smile and reach for them. They were more than a handful. It felt as though I was massaging large ripen melons. By now, I was soaking wet. Tasha slipped her hand under my t-shirt and began to pull on my nipples. It was as if we knew exactly what to do. Tasha stopped abruptly and looked at me, "Not here," she said, "let's's go to where all of this began. We have some unfinished business to take care of'. She took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom.
_____We laid down on the bed, both of us trembling with desire. At last, as Tasha knelt over me, I was able to take her breasts into my mouth and began sucking on her beautiful full nipples. I was so hungry for them - moving my mouth from one tit to the other I sucked. She was purring like a kitten.
_____Tasha reached down between us; she spread my swollen pussy lips open and placed two fingers on my slit. She began to gently massage it . I lifted my legs and opened them wide to accommodate her massaging. I could feel love juice oozing from my pussy and running down between the crack of my ass onto the bed. "Ohhhh, baby," Tasha moaned. You could hear the squishing sounds as she made love to me. Her fingers left my clit and slid deep inside my pussy. I jumped. She methodically began to pump her fingers in and out. My hips thrust back and forth in rhythm with her fingers.
_____In the far reaches of my body, I could feel my climax begin its long slow crescendo. Tasha sensed what was happening to me and appeared to be pleased. She began to pump her fingers faster and faster. She bent down, took my clit into her mouth and licked and sucked it as she fingered me. Soft moans escaped from my lips as my body succumbed to all it was experiencing.
_____Suddenly, my entire body stiffened and my pussy muscles began a tense involuntary opening and closing. This feeling transcended to the depths of the lower part of my stomach. I began to shake uncontrollably. I moaned softly. Tasha held me tight and whispered, 'Ccum for me, baby. Cum for me."
_____As my orgasm reached its peak, I began to cry. Tasha held me close and rocked me back and forth repeating, "Its going to be ok, its going to be ok." I opened my eyes and looked at her. With tears streaming down my cheeks I murmured, "1 love you Tasha; I always have and I always will. There, I'm finally able to said it'.'
_____We made love for the entire afternoon. I used muscles I did not even know that I had. It was wonderful. Tasha responded to my love making as I had responded to hers. We both confessed that we loved one another but could not remember at what point in our lives that our relationship evolved from friendship into love.
_____It's been 12 years since our first encounter and you can just imagine the ending to this story. Tasha and 1 continued our secret love making sessions. Gradually she made the brake from Jamal. To my surprise, it was an amicable break. After college, we beth moved to New York City where we currently reside. Tasha pursued her dream and has become a promising writer for one of the well known day time soaps. We've married and are contemplating pregnancy for Tasha. As for my career! Well, can't you tell, l've become a writer of short stories. Life is GREAT, ain't it!


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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