Dear Michelle,

I must say that I am really excited about seeing you at the end of the month; it's been so long since we last saw one another. In fact, I was here at work taking a break, thinking about the time we spent in Los Angeles. I guess thinking about our previous adventures was too much for me because my heart rate and breathing increased rapidly while my breasts were swollen with lust. My nipples were quite erect and pressing against my sheer bra like they were trying to escape. (All I wanted at that second was for your tongue to stroke and bite my nipples through the sheer fabric.) My clit was swollen as well. I could feel it throbbing beneath my confining thong. I dug my ass into my chair so that my thong could massaged my moistness. My pussy began oozing juices from between my dark meaty lips. I can take it no longer; I go into the washroom and enter the last stall.

I pulled down my jeans and unbuttoned my blouse. I wet my fingers with my tongue and begin to circle my straining nipples through the sheerness of the fabric. Mmmmmmmm...that makes me feel so freaky. I imagine that it's your tongue teasing me. I unhook my bra, releasing my breasts. I tease them with my fingertips. I lift my breast up to my mouth so that I can gently bite and tongue the rigid nipple. I cup both breasts into my hands and squeeze them, pinching the nipple slightly causing a pleasant pain.

I reach down to soothe my aching asshole. I masssage my asshole with my middle finger. I use my middle finger (wet from juices) to make circles around my asshole. I begin to stick the tip of my finger in ass is so hot! I move it back and forth...back and forth fucking my hole with smooth even strokes. I imagine that it's your finger penetrating me. While stroking my asshole, my pussy begins to produce more cream. I can feel it running down from my snatch into my asshole, making my asshole strokes that much better.

I begin to insert my index finger into my wet twat. I take it back out, bringing it up to my mouth to taste. I savor the taste of myself on my tongue. I lick that finger up and down, putting my creaminess on my tongue. I re-insert my fingers back into the proper holes where I begin to hump my hand. My thumb is massaging my clit now. Three fingers all at once...just for you and no one else, baby. My legs are stretched wide, with one foot against the back of the stall door and the other on the floor. I'm feeling you right now. I can imagine your soft tongue licking and sucking at my hot juicy pussy. I'm fingering myself deeper now...harder...faster! Mmmmmmm, girl, I can't wait to feel you! I'm rubbing my clit furiously now. I can feel my release building inside of me. My other hand is still rubbing my breasts using my fingers as a pacifier to my mouth that's greedy for you. I'm deeper inside...deeper...shit, baby! I can't hold it any longer as I feel both my ass and cunt muscles squeezing my fingers like it was your tongue inside me. Mmmmmm...yes,baby! Yes!...Yes!...Ooooooooooh, baby, I love your tongue inside me!...Yes, baby...shit! If you were with me, we could share our juices in sensuous kissses. Mmmmmmmm......

I sat there for a moment trying to regain normal breathing. I licked my cum from my fingers, again thinking about your tongue licking away at my creamy goodness.


I miss you,



Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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