I love women's basketball.

Love it by the ounce. Love it by the pound. I can just scoop it up and eat it all damn day. Nothing is better than watching some aggressive woman play basketball. I was hooked ever since the first time I watched the WNBA over a friend's house. I'll admit, it took me a while to get a hang of it and understand the plays, rules, and all that jazz, and some things still confuse me, but I know a basic good or bad call when I see one, and I'll jump up and cheer or rant along with everyone else.

And that's exactly what I was doing today. Sitting in the bleachers, snacking on some popcorn while I watched a local game in the park a few blocks away from my apartment building. It was by total accident that I happened upon these games. I had taken the bus home from work and it broke down about five stops away from my usual one (city buses are famous for things like that). So after I whined and complained, I got off the bus, walked a few feet and there before me was a park, with a basketball court full of women. I about dropped my purse in shock. They were all about college-aged, a few younger a few older, but they weren't some official league or something, just some neighbourhood girls that split into two teams and got regular games going on. Even though I was dead tired, I managed to stick around for a about a half hour and watched them play. I was amazed by the skills these women had, and I had managed to find out that they played every Saturday afternoon and Wednesday evening for about four months.

And that was about three weeks ago. And here I was, Wednesday evening, after buying some popcorn from a vendor near my job in preparation, sitting in the steel bleachers among a few people from the neighbourhood watching the game.

From what I saw, they took this seriously. Both teams had names, The MCs & The Poetics (don't ask, neither did I). They had uniforms, which I found out that each player chipped in to buy. The MC's wore orange with white, with a picture of a microphone on their jerseys; the Poetics wore blue with white, with a picture of a quill pen and inkbottle on theirs. Each player was committed to their team for one season, and could go on either side after that. But they had started this league three years ago, and each player had remained where they started, accept for the few new players that joined after it started. And they even had a woman who coached high school basketball to play referee.

And now for the juicy parts. They were all gorgeous women. Mixed teams, mostly black, a few Hispanics, and three white girls; two on the MCs, and one on the Poetics. But all of them were gorgeous in their own right. All of them did not fit the mold of a basketball player. Some were toned, muscular, well built, some were average build, and some were chunky. But they all held their own. But I didn't really care either way. All I was seeing was beautiful female bodies running around the court, some doing acrobatic moves, pure aggression, and it left me feeling faint sometimes. (Or maybe it was because the last time I had been touched had been well over a year ago.) But I was definitely feeling each and every one of them. And no, not just in my dreams either.

Usually I go to the games, cheer and whatnot, and then when it's over I go. I don't stay and mingle like the other fans do. To be honest, I didn't really know anyone from this neighbourhood, although I did do a little small talk with some people over certain plays or unfair calls. But other than that, I usually kept to myself.

There was less than 1min left in the second half, and the Poetics were leading 61 to 56. One of the white girls from the MCs, her jersey read Martinelli-4, had just landed a 3-pointer, bringing the score to 61 to 59, and I had clapped along with everyone else. I didn't really have a favourite team, but I did like the MCs a bit more. My reason? Daye-32. I could say her name all day long and never sweat it. Daye, Daye, Daye. She was beautiful. Tall, at least 6'3", with this dark skin that made me think of Hershey's Special Dark. She had a thick build, not too muscular, but you could tell that she worked out often-her arms were so buff-but she kept some softness to her. Coal black hair, always in tight cornrows in special designs that varied week to week, and an orange headband. I never really saw her up close, but I could see she had these intense, dark eyes that were always concentrating on something. She always seemed to be tense, on guard, never really relaxing like her other teammates did. She was intense in general, everything about her; the way she moved, the way she conversed with the other players, the way she handled that ball. But you could tell she had a passion for the game by the way she played. She was no joke. Half the time I thought she was better suited for team captain, then the chick who was.

Ever since that first game when I first lay eyes on her, I had some serious dreams about what that girl could do to me with those hands. Dreams that made me moan in the middle of the night, then feeling like an idiot when my roommate, Danielle, would knock on my door out of worry, or probably out of hope that some guy was in there with me. No, she did not know about my attraction for women-in fact no one knew. I was still trying to figure it all out, only being with a woman twice, but still unsure. But as the weeks went by, my curiosity was dimming less and less.

Daye, Daye, Daye. I was watching her now. The ref blew the whistle, and Kevins-14 and Barnes-22 of the Poetics, were running down the court, with the ball, towards their basket, when all of a sudden Daye just swooped in, and snatched up the ball from between both girls and ran the other way. They looked shocked for a moment, and then reacted by running after Daye. You could feel how tense the crowd was while we watched Daye pass the ball to Eli-9, then she leapt into the air, just as Eli made a shot, and Daye slammed the basketball in.

A few moments of complete, utter silence, and then we all broke into cheers and screams. I leapt to my feet and actually did an Arsenio Hall arm roll and bark. A couple of people still cheering glanced my way, but I didn't care. That was the most beautiful move I had scene. They must have rehearsed that like crazy, because it was just perfectly in sync. We were all dying down and as I sat, my eyes searched for Daye, and when they found her, I almost gasped aloud. She was looking straight at me.

If I wasn't as dark as I was, I swear I would have been beet red. I looked away and picked up my popcorn and tried to concentrate on something else, but I could feel her dark eyes on me. Of all the times to make a fool of myself and feel nostalgic for the early '90s. Why here, why now? Why in front of the woman that dominated my dreams for the past few weeks? If I could, I would have snuck out right there, but there was still 20 seconds on the clock and nobody in the bleachers were moving yet, and I wasn't about to make myself stand out even more by leaving by myself. So I just dealt with my embarrassment and sat still and watched the remainder of the game, which ended pretty quickly, with Day landing one free through as a result of Kevins-14 fouling her as she made her lay-up, bringing the MCs to 62 and winning the game.

As soon as the crowd got to their feet, I maneuvered my way between bodies, off the bleachers, and quickly rushed out of the park. I made it home in record time, just to say a quick hello to Danielle, as she rushed out to meet her boyfriend for a night of romance. An empty apartment royally sucks sometimes. And watching Danielle walk out in that ultra short red dress made me envious. But envy doesn't do shit for you, so I just ignored it and proceeded to make myself some dinner.

I flopped on the couch with my sad-assed bowl of spaghetti and turned on the television. No matter how many channels cable claims to have, it still strikes me as funny that I can't find anything I want to watch. And then I hit it. ESPN2. A repeat of a WNBA game. Women's basketball probably should have been the last thing that I wanted to watch after my spectacle today, but I was addicted. New York Liberty vs. Washington Mystics. I couldn't believe that I had forgotten about this game. My girl Tamika Whitmore was playing! I don't know what it was. I usually like my chocolate skinned sistas, but this light-skinned cutie had it going on. My earlier incident forgotten, I settled in for a good night of basketball, but Daye wasn't far from my mind.

She never was.


Saturday. After a lazy breakfast with Danielle and getting to hear about her magical night with her well-endowed boyfriend, I mustered the courage to walk over to the park about noon, when I knew the game would be starting. It was a warm day, and I wore a navy skirt set made out the same material as sweats and black sandals. I had pulled my purple shoulder-length hair (I like to look different) in a simple ponytail, and wore minimal make-up, and my favourite scented oil, vanilla. I was nervous as hell as I walked to the park, but by the time I made it to the courts, I had managed to relax some, especially when I noticed the game had already started.

I found a space to sit on the first bench near two older women I had spoken to a few times before. After quick hellos, I turned my attention to the game. The Poetics were in the lead, 9 to 6. After a quick glance, I found Daye, who was sitting on the bench, watching the game intently. I was a bit surprised to see her on the bench so soon. She was a starter, and was in the game majority of the time, hardly spending time on the bench-although I thought she should, for resting at least. And as if she could sense someone watching her, her head turned sharply, and those dark eyes met mine. I quickly averted her gaze and forced my eyes back on the game, all the while, still feeling her watch me.

For some reason I wasn't really into the game today. Although I stayed for the entire game, cheering and jeering like usual, my heart wasn't really in it. I chatted with the two ladies every once in a while, but my eyes kept glancing at my watch. The game ended in less than an hour, the Poetics winning this time, and I felt a little dejected, but still applauded like everyone else. It was a good game, and Daye played as ferocious as usual. But when the final whistle blew, I got to my feet and made my way to the park gate.

"Hey, purple hair!"

I felt my heart seize in my chest and my feet halted. I turned slowly, just in time to see my fantasy become a reality. Daye, holding the ball against her hip, dripping with sweat, smiled gently as she made her way to me. For the first time I was standing face-to-face with her, and I realized just how small I was compared to her. I'm not a petite woman, by no means. I stood 5'8", and weighed about 225lbs. By most people's standards, I should have been spending the majority of my life in a gym. I wasn't one of those fat women you see on Jerry Springer; I did manage to retain somewhat of a shape, but was very thick. Daye, on the other hand, had a pretty thick build herself, but was thinner than me, as well as taller. My eyes were at level to her shoulders, and I was wondering how it would feel to be in her arms as I lay my head against those shoulders on a dance floor. I forced my eyes up to meet hers, trying to clear my head, and I could feel myself begin to melt.

"Why you rushing off so quick?" She asked while still trying to catch her breath. Her voice was softer than I expected, somewhat childlike, but somehow it seemed to fit her just right.

Whatever you say, just don't sound stupid. "No reason, I was just going for a walk, that's all."

"Mind if I walk with you?" She asked.

Was she coming on to me? Sometimes you just didn't know in these situations. It's more likely that she was just trying to be friendly, which is usually the case. Being gay (or even curious) was tough as shit, because no matter what anyone says, gaydar doesn't always work. Although I was pretty sure she was down, there was that .1% chance she was straight and just a tomboy.

Either way, walking with her couldn't hurt. I could feel her out and see. "Sure." Smile, don't force it too much, or you'll look desperate.

But her smile was bright, and all beautiful teeth with a small gap in the front that I found adorable. "Cool, don't move, I'll be quick." She turned and walked back to the court. And don't you know I seriously didn't move while I watched her picked up her backpack, and waved to her friends before coming back to me.

"Aight, which way you walking?"

I absentmindedly pointed to the direction of my apartment building. She started in that direction and I fell in step with her, which wasn't easy with her long legs. Those long, strong legs with calves that looked like you couldn't even crack with a brick.

Clear the mind, clear the mind, I told myself.

I had expected an awkward silence, that's what usually follows when someone's made the first move in any type of setting, but she came quick with the conversation.

"My name is Isis," She began, "but my peeps call me Ice. And you?"

I smiled. Ice. It suited her, and not because she sent chills up my spine either. "Alexandria." I replied. "My friends call me Alex."

She thought for a moment before she smiled again. "As much as I'd like to be your friend, I'd much rather call you Alexandria. If you don't mind, that is."

I shook my head. "No, not at all." It usually nerved me to hear someone say my name, I preferred my nickname, even at work, but on her lips, my name sounded beautiful. "If you don't' mind my calling you Daye. I kind of like that."

"That's fine with me." She replied.

Our conversation only went uphill from that point. As we walked, I found out that she was twenty-seven, the youngest child of eight, one of the only two girls. Her brothers all moved out of state, her sister, Imani, still lived in the city, married with one son. Her parents were still together, married for almost forty years, which touched my heart. Lasting marriages were not of the norm in this day and age, especially if you were African-American. Daye had graduated college, and actually worked in a similar field as me, which sparked another conversation, we comparing our jobs, and the job market. I was usually a big talker, but I loved hearing her speak, so I basically asked her questions to keep hearing her voice. I couldn't help myself. For such a long time I had been so attracted to women, but I had limited experience, only having two one-night stands, both resulting from club pick-ups. I didn't regret anything, but I didn't get to know either of the women before or afterwards. So this was my chance to do things the "right way" so to speak. And much to my surprise, my nervousness slipped away, and I was finding myself more and more comfortable around her.

"I've been talkin' for a minute." Daye said suddenly. She glanced at her watch. "Damn, when you said you were going for a walk, you meant a serious walk, huh?"

I finally took in my surroundings and realized we were well past my building, and my neighbourhood for that matter. I could feel myself redden. "I guess I got caught up in the conversation."

"Me too." She looked around. "Are you hungry, 'cause I'm starved. We can find somewhere to eat and talk some more." She glanced down at her shorts and jersey, and then grinned sheepishly at me. "Somewhere casual, I suppose."

I just laughed. "How about this. We can go to my place and I can make you something to eat. The attire is always casual there. Besides, my roommate's gone for the day anyway, so we can talk in private." And where did I get the courage to come up with that?

Daye just nodded, that beautiful smile getting wider. "That sounds wonderful."

So we turned and walked back, this time she was the one to ask me the questions so I had to open up. I told her about my family, being an only child of a single mother, my father MIA since my birth. I told her about my not going to college, but falling into the company I worked for after high school and somehow working my way up, taking various courses here and there. She was surprised that I was only twenty-one.

"You seem to have it all together. I was more of a mess when I was your age."

"I wouldn't say you were a mess." I replied. "Just that you didn't have to be so independent so quickly, that's all."

She nodded, flashing that smile again. If I could wake up to that smile every morning, I swear I would find a way to cure world hunger.

We had walked about a half-hour past my building. By the time we made it there, it was past 3 o'clock, too early for dinner, but I could whip up something good. I let us in with my key, and silently thanked the gods that I had tidied the apartment the night before. Usually Danielle and I are too busy to keep the place clean 24/7.

"Make yourself at home while I find something to eat. Are you thirsty?"

"Yeah." Daye set her backpack down, and started surveying the apartment. By the time I brought her out a glass of Mountain Dew, she was staring at a picture of Danielle and myself. It was taken after we had first moved in and had thrown our house-warming party. Our friends had bought us matching teddies as a gag gift, but we decided to put them on and pose for a picture. We were sitting on the sofa, arms around each other posed for a kiss. From an outsider's point of view, it must have appeared that we were an item.

"That's a gag picture. We put it up to freak our parents out." I said as I handed her the drink. Just in case she was interested, I wanted to make that clear immediately.

She broke into a relaxed smile, but not answering me. "Your apartment is nice."

"Thanks." I pointed to the television and remote. "I will be in the kitchen, you can watch TV or something."

"Actually, where's your bathroom, I need to freshen up a bit. I'm sweaty, and I know I must be funky."

I just laughed. "Actually if you want, you can take a shower, if you don't feel too uncomfortable. I know we just met and all."

"That would be great. I got a change of clothes with me."

So I showed her the bathroom, handed her towels, and I rushed to the kitchen to scrounge up something to eat. I wanted to off myself right then and there. I was supposed to have gone grocery shopping today. My fridge was on the verge of being bare. I was gonna have to be extra creative.

By the time Daye was finished, I was setting the kitchen table. I wasn't sure if she drank or not, but we had a case of Corona's in the fridge, so I set a bottle and glass beside her setting along with another glass of Mountain Dew just in case. I was making the plates, when Daye entered the kitchen.

Gorgeous. That's all I had to say. Extremely, wonderfully, beautifully gorgeous. I gave her a quick glance so I wouldn't seem too obvious. Gone was the headband, so I could actually get a good look at her face, which I knew was already attractive, but damn...she was hot. She wore a simple orange wife beater with Fubu jean shorts. She had two small gold hoops in her ears, a simple gold chain, and an ID bracelet with a solitaire diamond on the band (all that in a quick glance?...yes, I'm that good). And her cologne. I recognized it, but couldn't remember what it was. It made me feel a little heady.

"Can I help with anything?" She asked.

"Nope." I pulled out her chair. "Just sit and enjoy."

All I have to say is that it was an amazing time. I never laughed so much in my life, especially during a meal. First, Daye commented me on the food, and said I was a great cook, but I had to admit that it was just Ramen Noodles with diced chicken and veggies. She laughed so hard I wanted to fall out of my chair and disappear.

"Girl, you got skills." She said, making me feel better. And that started a conversation on what the average ghetto person should have in their home "just in case." By the time we were done and cleaning up, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to give myself to her. She was utterly perfect. I know perfection is impossible, but she was just perfect for me, I felt that right there. And I wanted to know what the next step would felt like.

"I noticed earlier that you had a huge collection of Disney cartoons." She said suddenly.

"Oh, god," I laughed sheepishly. Everyone always made fun of my love for Disney cartoons. I had no kids, but my collection could rival just about any parent's. "I'm a big kid, that's all."

"Wanna watch Winnie the Pooh?" She asked.

She's kidding. "You're kidding."

"For real. I love Eeyore." She said.

You are too perfect. Marry me? "Really?"

I had just finished drying a plate and she took the towel from me and tossed it on the table, before taking my hand and walking into the living room. I found the tape and popped it into the VCR. When I turned around, she was sitting on the sofa, and patted the spot next to her. I smiled and sat beside her.

Everything was getting pretty cozy. Her cologne was still driving me crazy. I found myself leaning towards her slightly still trying to place it, and when our arms touched, I pulled back quickly, and just smiled apologetically. But Daye just raised her arm, put it around my shoulders, and just pulled me against her, focusing her eyes back on the television. Now, normally, when a guy does that, I demand that he ask first, just because I think that's respectful. But for some reason, Daye just taking the initiative to do that seemed right. And I ended up relaxing against her while we watched the cartoon.

_____By the time the movie was over, I looked at the clock, and realized it was going on seven o'clock. Where the hell did the time go? Danielle would be home soon, and I wasn't ready to really show Daye off just yet. Plus, I wasn't sure how Danielle would take it. She was open-minded, and taking a fake picture was one thing, but actually being faced with it was another.

_____"I should get going." Daye got to her feet, and reached out her hand, and helped me to mine. "I don't want to over stay my welcome or anything like that."

_____As much as I wanted to avoid Danielle seeing her, I didn't want her to leave either. "You're not." I said honestly.

_____"I had a good time." She was looking directly into my eyes, and she was now holding my hand in both hers, gently caressing my fingers. I could feel that chilling feeling in my spine again, and now a warm feeling in my tummy that was spreading to that spot between my thighs.

"So did I." Oh, god if she kisses me right here and now I won't be able to keep standing.

"Can I see you again?" Daye asked. "On an actual date, I mean. I want to take you out somewhere." One step closer, now taking my other hand in hers.

"Uh-yeah, definitely." What was I stammering for? This is what I wanted. And why couldn't I remember that damn cologne?

"Good." She gave my hands a gentle squeeze. "I'll call you then."

I just nodded unable to unlock the hold she had on my eyes.


"Yes, Daye?"

"Would it be alright to kiss you?"

And she even asks for permission to kiss me? I couldn't make my voice work at that moment, so I just nodded.

Daye closed the space between us, and let go of my hands. She placed one hand under my chin to tilt my head upwards, and I watch her part her lips and lick her bottom lip once, before bending her head. When our lips met, I swear to all the gods in the heavens, that my toes literally curled. Just a soft, gentle, lingering kiss that felt like a feather brushed across my lips. Then she pulled away and smiled at me.

"Can I kiss you again?" Voice softer this time, kind of like silk.

I couldn't help but smile myself. I just nodded.

This time, she bent her head and I felt her tongue lick across my bottom lip, and she gently sucked it into her mouth for a moment before covering my mouth with hers. The kiss was gentle and soft, but there was a passion behind this one that I felt. And before I knew it, I parted my own lips and let my tongue slide into her mouth, but she pulled back, and shook her head at me.

"Don't move." She whispered. She winked at me before kissing me again. Her lips explored mine...soft, teasing kisses, letting her tongue sneak out and gently lick across my lips, making me tremble before slipping inside, exploring my mouth and my tongue. Then harder kisses, more urgent, crushing my lips, taking my breath away and making my knees so weak I was afraid they would buckle. She must have sense it because she then put her arms around my waist, drawing me close, pressing her body against mine. I felt something hard press into my stomach, but didn't really think about it. Immediately I let my arms reach up and encircle her neck, but she pulled away, and shook her head again.

"Don't move," She repeated, removing my arms and placing them back at my sides. I was kind of at a loss, not sure of what to do. I thought I was making all the right moves. All I wanted to do was touch her and feel her skin under my hands. But the look in her eyes told me to play along, and I would most likely be happy that I did. So I balled my fists and kept them at my sides.

Daye then took my face in her hands and kissed me again. Her tongue rushed into my mouth, and began stroking my tongue, extremely slow, so I felt every single damn movement, causing my nipples to harden to the point where they were beginning to hurt. All I wanted was for her to touch me...anywhere, everywhere, as long as she touched me. The fire between my legs was getting worse, and I could feel my panties were getting damp, and the panties were begging to be ripped off. I had never been this aroused before in my life.

We had been standing there for at least twenty minutes. I wasn't used to kissing for this long...ever. And her hands were now everywhere. First her fingertips were trailing up my arms, around my back, and tickling the back of my neck, then down my back until she was at my waist again. They dipped lower, cupping my ass and pulling me even closer to her, and I felt that hardness against my stomach again.

I couldn't help it, I was so damn aroused, and all I wanted to do was touch her the way she was touching me, and that damn scent was so driving me crazy. My hands quickly touched her face, and I felt how soft her skin was. She suddenly grabbed my wrists and twisted my arms until she was holding my hands behind my back with one of her hands. Out of instinct I tried to pull my arms away, but she was too strong.

Our eyes met, and she winked at me. "I told you not to move, Alexandria." Her soft voice was heavy with passion, but strong with conviction. I probably should have been afraid, but something in her eyes told me that the fun was just about to start. And strangely enough...I liked the forcefulness. And before I knew it, I relaxed.

"Alexandria?" She said softly.

"Yes, Daye?" I panted.

"I'm not ready to go home yet."

There it was. What I had wanted to hear. "Neither am I."

She searched my eyes for a moment, and I just nodded. She gave me one of her big smiles, before kissing me again, slowly walking forward so that I was forced to walk backwards. We were soon out of the living room, into the hallway, and she was steering me towards my room. Once there, she kicked my door closed, and we stopped in the centre of my room. Daye pulled back, letting go of my hands and finally took me in with her eyes. She smiled. "Close your eyes."

She's definitely kidding now. "Are you serious?"

She nodded. "Trust me. Just close them."

One final look, then I closed my eyes. I felt her kiss my lips gently, before planting kisses all down chin, my neck, and my shoulders. She worked her way back up to my neck, then my earlobe drawing one into her mouth, and flicking it with her tongue as she gently bit it. I let out a soft moan, almost letting my hands reach up and touch her, but I forced them to fall back and stay at my sides.

"Good girl." She whispered into my ear.

I wasn't sure why, but hearing that made me feel a little good. I was kind of proud. Now, thinking that made me feel odd.

But I didn't really have time to think, because I felt her slowly unbuttoning my shirt. With every button she undid, she would kiss then lick the spot of newly revealed skin, making me gasp each time. Once she had my top open, she slipped it off my shoulders, down my arms, tossing it aside. I felt her fingers on my bare skin, her hands encircling my waist, before slipping inside the waistband of my skirt. I felt her breath on my skin as she moved down, sliding my skirt down as well. As she helped me step out of the skirt, she was kissing and licking my calves, knees, and thighs, her lips trailing up until she reached my panties, then she stood again. I practically moaned my disappointment, but I forced myself to stay silent.

She pulled me into her arms, gently kissing my lips, before she turned me around. I felt her fingers undoing the hooks on my bra, then she slowly slid it off and tossed it aside as well. I felt her breath on the back of my neck before her soft lips came in contact with my skin. I couldn't suppress that moan even if I wanted to. Her soft, wet tongue began licking small circles on the back of my neck, making its way down my spine. I was trying to stay still, but I couldn't help trembling as her tongue slid further down my back.

"Oh, God..." I whispered.

Her tongue finally stopped at the waistband of my panties. I felt her fingers start to tug them down, and then I felt her tongue again, dipping into my ass crack, giving it a long lick down until she reached the top of my thighs, then it disappeared as she pulled my panties down and helped me step out of them.

I was now naked. I was suddenly conscious of my chubbiness, but then I felt her lips on my earlobe, and she whispered, "Damn, woman. You are so beautiful, Alexandria."

I felt myself blush, and I started to turn my face away from her, but she reached around and held my chin with one hand, so I couldn't move. "Believe me when I tell you that. I am going to enjoy making you cum for me, Beautiful."

If my nipples could have gotten any harder, believe me they did right at that moment. And at that moment I was definitely conscious of how damp my thighs were.

Daye was now moving me forward, and I soon felt the cool wall against my breasts. She was raising my hands until they were pressed flat against the wall, and she gently kicked my legs apart, so it felt like I was about to be frisked. I turned my head to say something, but she silenced me quickly.

"Don't say anything, Alexandria. Just keep your eyes and lips closed and enjoy it." Her voice was so commanding that I didn't even dare to object. I let my head fall against my arm, as I felt her hands start to roam over my body. My arms, shoulders, waist, thighs, legs, she was trailing her fingers lightly all over me, occasionally grazing me with her nails, and I felt myself begin to whimper. It was a kind of sweet torture, feeling her hands on me, but not really. When her hands reached around and each captured a breast, I groaned.

"Is that what you wanted, Alexandria?" Daye asked huskily.

I nodded.

"I want to hear you say it, Beautiful. Is that what you wanted, Alexandria?"

"Yes." I whispered.

"Mmm, good girl." She groaned. Her fingers were now gently pulling at my nipples. She was kissing the base of my neck, sucking it, and I felt her teeth start to sink in and I moaned, but she didn't let up. In fact, she began to pinch my nipples, and I gasped.

"Does that hurt?" She asked softly.

"No." I panted.

She gave my nipples a final pinch, before letting them go, gently scratching her way down my tummy, dipping a finger into my navel, before letting her hand cover my crotch.

"Oh, God, Daye."

"You are so wet, Alexandria." She licked my earlobe. "You feel so good." She slipped a finger between my pussy lips, and came in contact with my clit, and I jumped.

"Oh, shit..."

"What Alexandria?" She asked, letting her finger slide back and force across my hard, swollen clit. "What's wrong, Beautiful?"

"N-n-nothing." I said softly.

"Do you want me to stop?" She asked.

"No." I said.

"I think I'm gonna stop." She said matter-of-factly. "I don't think you want this, Alexandria."

"No, please, don't." I said.

"I can't hear you." She murmured in my ear.

"Don't stop, Daye, please." I said louder.

"You want me, Alexandria?" Daye asked.

"Yes, Daye." I replied.

"Tell me you want it."

"I want it."

"I don't' believe you."

"I want it, Daye, please." I was begging now. "Please, I need you."

She kissed my earlobe. "Good girl." Then I felt her move away. Nothing, absolutely nothing. I was suddenly afraid she had left and I hadn't heard the door. I started to move.

"Did I tell you to move yet, Alexandria?" Her voice was right back at my ear.

"No." I answered; relieved she was still there. I felt her arms encircle my waist, and I felt her breasts on my back. She had removed her clothes. She pulled me until I had taken a couple of steps backwards, then she pressed against my upper back, forcing me to bend forward, until my hands were again on the wall, but I was now more bent over. Her hands were on my hips, and I felt her kneel behind me. I wasn't sure what to expect, and I tried to prepare for whatever, but nothing could have prepared me for the feel of her lips on me. Not a damn thing could have prepared me for the delicious feeling of her tongue exploring me. I had to force my arms and legs to stay rigid or I would have fallen right then and there. Her hands were gripping my hips, digging into my flesh, and she devoured me. When her finger slipped inside me, I cried out at the initial penetration, my whole body trembling. She steadied me with her free hand, never letting go of me with her mouth. She was moving slowly, back and forth, in and out, then another finger, and, then another, and I was starting to move my hips with her, blatantly rocking back and forth. She then moved her free hand around to my clit and started massaging it, and all hell started to break loose.


"Yes, Alexandria?"


"Are you gonna cum?"


"You want to cum, Beautiful?"

"God, yes..."

She started to pump her hand faster, then faster, and I felt it start to happen. I felt my body start to go rigid, and then she quickly pulled out of me.

Oh, no she didn't. Hell no. Not like that.

I was kind of dazed, a bit confused, and I spun around to ask her what was up, but she pulled me into her arms and kissed me hard on the lips, pulling me towards the bed. I was so caught up in the kiss, and the numb, aching feeling between my legs, I hardly noticed that definite hardness that kept hitting my stomach. I let her lay me down on the bed, and she spread my legs, as she crawled between them, gathering me into her arms, kissing me again, this time more softly.

"Why did you stop?" I managed to ask between kisses.

"I didn't want you to cum yet." She replied softly. "When you cum for me, I want to look into your eyes, Beautiful." She sucked my bottom lip into her mouth, and I felt her legs spreading my legs wider with her knees. Then I felt something hard against my crotch. My eyes widen and I looked into her eyes, and she just smiled.

Then she was inside of me, and I cried out so loud. I was gripping her shoulders, and she reached underneath me to cup my ass as she gently moved with me. I lifted my legs higher, wrapping them around her waist, locking my ankles, and she groaned.

_____It felt so damn good. My whole body was literally singing. She wasn't limiting me anymore, and my hands were all over her body, sliding over her strong back, gently scratching her as I glided my hands down to her ass, over the thin leather straps, digging my nails into her soft flesh, urging her on. She was kissing me all over my face, biting my lips, dipping her head to capture a nipple between her lips, and I felt myself start that crescendo.

_____"Daye!" I gasped.

_____She kissed my lips. "You're gonna cum for me, Alexandria?"

_____"Oh God, yes..." I groaned.

_____"Go ahead, Beautiful. Cum for me." She whispered into my ear. "Let it go."

_____I was holding her with me, my nails biting into her back, and as our eyes locked, I felt myself reach that peak. I screamed so loud, I was praying that Danielle wasn't home to hear me, but Daye leaned forward and just kissed me, silencing me. She was still moving faster and harder, and I was moving with her just as fast and hard, never wanting to let her go or stop. My whole body felt like it was a live wire, every movement, every stroke just seemed to make me tremble and shake. Then I felt her go rigid and start to tremble herself, and I held her close to me, wrapping my legs tighter around her until she finally collapsed on top of me.

_____A while later, I rolled over, forcing my eyes to open. I had somehow fallen asleep. When my eyes were able to focus in the dark, I glanced at the clock. It was past midnight. I looked to my side, and there she was. Lying on her back, eyes closed, her face turned towards me...not so intense anymore, just completely relaxed. Beside her on the bed, was her toy, and I felt myself blush. I looked at her face again, and I couldn't help but smile, she looked so cute. I was about to lie back down, when it hit me.

Drakkar. That's what she was wearing. I was grinning now with my self-triumph, when her arm suddenly shot out and curved around my shoulders, pulling me towards her.

_____"Go back to sleep." She murmured sleepily, never opening her eyes. I lay my head on her chest, and closed my eyes, thinking to myself...Daye, Daye, Daye...


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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