Lil AJ

_____ Akira, my sweet Akira. My Queen. The one who gave me immortality and strengthened my entire being. I met my maker walking the darkened streets of New Amsterdam exactly 375 years ago. The 7th of June in the year 1626 I was on my way home from an evening ball. It was a beautiful starry night and I decided to walk the mile to my home and enjoy the scenery. I didn't get to enjoy the nighttime much so when I was out beyond dusk I liked to relish in it. As I walked down the roadside I noticed a young woman who looked about twenty-five years of age such as I was. She was dressed in a dark cloak and hunched over looking quite in pain. I approached her. "Excuse me Miss are you hurt?" She looked up at me and nodded. I asked where she was from but she seemed to be too hurt to entertain my inquiries. I helped her up. She felt cold although it was quite warm. Her eyes were hazel and shining in the moonlight. There was a depth to them such that I couldn't possibly see through her. Her lips were pouted and red. Her long dark hair cascaded down her back like a black waterfall. She was fair-skinned and seemed unusually smooth, like beige porcelain. She had full breasts and thighs, and a small waist. Her stomach was non-existent. She was beautiful. She looked almost like myself. The only difference between us was the eyes. Mine were dark. If not for this fact I might have been looking at a mirror image. I invited her to rest the night in my home. "Would you be comfortable spending the night in my house? It isn't very big but you are welcome. I would not feel good about leaving you here all night." She nodded once again. It was only about a quarter of a mile left before we reached my house. She nodded when I asked if she would be able to take the walk so we continued on together. When we reached I immediately sat her down and offered her some hot tea. She accepted. As she sipped the tea I found a nightgown for her to dress in. It wouldn't do to have her sleeping in the clothing she was on the roadside with. When it seemed as though she were feeling better I decided to get to know my houseguest.
_____"Are you feeling better?" I asked.
_____"Yes, thank you very much. You are very kind." She answered still looking down.
_____"Where are you from? What is your name? I am Khymani."
_____"I am Akira. I have traveled from Cairo."
_____Cairo. That is probably why we look similar. I am from Cairo as well. I should have recognized the Egyptian beauty.
_____"I am from Cairo as well so I am aware you have journeyed a far distance. I would like to know what brought you all the way to New Amsterdam but we will continue our conversation in the morning. You should get some rest. You are welcome to my bed. I will sleep on the sofa."
_____"Very well. Thank you again."
_____I nodded and showed her to the bedroom. I closed the door behind her and I made a bed for myself on the sofa. It didn't take me any time at all to fall asleep. Like I afore mentioned, I was not used to the nighttime.
_____Sometime during the late night-early morning Akira crept into the living room. I felt her presence standing over me and was startled.
_____"Akira, are you alright?" I asked.
_____"I am fine. I am not used to sleeping during the night is all. I didn't mean to wake you. I am sorry." She explained.
_____"No it is no trouble. You are my guest and I want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Tell me what it is that you need."
_____"I need you. I need to taste you. Drink you." She said as she knelt down by my side. I was taken aback. I have never had a woman say these things to me. Before I could respond Akira kissed me deep and long. It felt as though she were draining me. Lifting my soul out of my body. When she pulled back she smiled. Her smile was breathtaking. Intoxicating. It was so perfect and snow white. Then I paid closer attention to her teeth. She had fangs, small sharp pointed fangs. I went to scream but I couldn't. I was too scared and too intrigued by her all at the same time. I had heard about Vampires but I thought they were just a myth. I managed to speak. My voice was shaky and quiet.
_____"A-are you going t-to kill me?"
_____"No. I want to keep you. I want to make you. If you wish to be mine you will be immortal. If you do not wish to be mine then I will have no choice but to kill you."
_____I didn't want to die. I wanted to be with Akira. I don't know why. Maybe it was the fear of death or simply because I felt a connection with her from the moment I picked her up on the roadside.
_____"Akira, I want to be yours." I said as I touched her face.
_____"Very well. Before I make you there is something that needs to be done." She said smiling and exposing her fangs to me once again. She stood me up and unlaced my gown slowly. It fell to the floor in a satin pile at my feet. I stepped out of it and stood naked anticipating Akira's next move. She moved behind me and stood close. I could feel her breath on my neck. It was warm but at the same time chilling. I was so very frightened but I wanted her to continue. I stood rigid as she traced my frame with her hands. Her touch was gentle. She was the most desirable and yet daunting creature I had ever come across. She kissed my neck passionately, taking her time tonguing my pulsating jugular. She bit me gently letting me feel the sharpness of her fangs. She didn't pierce my skin but I suspected that would come later. I grew more rigid as I felt her fangs nip me. "Do not be frightened my love. I will be as gentle as the first fallen snowflake. You are to be mine forever. I shan't harm you." Akira assured me. I felt my body relax. She turned me around to face her and stared deep into my eyes. Her face, which was once full of seduction, was now filled with sincerity.
_____"I can read your thoughts. You are afraid of me. Yet you want me." She said.
_____"I am afraid of what you are. I want you because of who you are. You are the most beautiful individual I have ever encountered. You send feelings throughout my person that I cannot explain. Should I feel these things for a creature of the night such as you? For a woman?" I asked.
_____"I do not know. I have never wanted to keep anyone. I feed and travel. You are different. I feel I need to keep you as you are. I will never grow old, never change. If I do not make you as myself I will lose you to life. Something I do not have. I know you have thought me beautiful since you looked into my eyes on the roadside. You need not be afraid for I assure I will not harm you. It will be quick, almost painless. The slight pain you feel will be quickly suppressed and never remembered." She explained.
_____"Take me Akira and let me be yours." I said.
_____She kissed me again, this one deeper and slower than the first. Again it felt as though she were draining me. As I began to go limp in her arms she pulled back. "I am too powerful for you just now. I will wait to taste your kiss until you can withstand it." She kissed my neck and then my breasts. She licked and sucked my nipples as her hands traveled my body. Instead of kneeling before me she lifted me above her head. She held me as if I were a feather while she tongue kissed my inner thighs. I was becoming wetter and wetter as she got closer to my pussy. I was being orally pleasured by a Vampire while being held in midair with no wall to support my back, just her hands. She slid her tongue up and down my slit several times before she inserted it into me. She moved me up and down forcing me to ride her face. I was soaking wet and dripping down her chin and onto her heaving chest. As she sucked she forced me to flood her. I came in uncontrollable waves. She was enjoying drinking me, but I knew this wasn't what she was craving.
_____After Akira exhausted me, she lay me down on the sofa. She whispered in my ear. "Khymani, are you ready to become mine?" I looked at her with tears in my eyes. "I am." She kissed my forehead. "Very well." I felt her lips press against my neck. She opened her mouth and placed her fangs on my jugular. I closed my eyes. As she pierced my flesh she plunged two of her fingers deep into my pussy to bring me to yet another climax as she drained the life from me. She kissed me with her blood-soaked lips and let me taste my life-stream on her tongue. I could hardly breathe.
_____"Am I dead?" I managed to ask.
_____"No. Only almost. You must drink from me now or you will die."
_____Laying on the sofa, slightly more than half dead, I gave a weak nod. It was then Akira produced a small dagger from her bosom, the moonlight reflecting off of it ominously. She cut her wrist, and as the blood poured down her arm, she held it to my lips. "Drink." She said. I fixed my lips around her wound and let her life-stream become mine. It was cold, so cold in fact that it seemed to set my insides aflame. I was drinking ferociously. I felt a great strength and energy surging through my body. I gripped Akira's wrist and attempted to drain her as she had drained me just moments before. Her eyes rolled back and she screamed out "Enough!" I felt her free hand wrap around my neck and squeeze, forcing me to release my grip on her wrist. She backed away from me breathing heavily. "You are mine now. Tied to me by my blood, my beauty, and by my love. Rest now. Let the transformation complete itself." Akira covered my naked body and then made her way around the house blocking all the windows. It would be sunlight in a few hours.
_____I don't remember much after that. I fell asleep almost immediately and didn't awaken until nightfall when I felt Akira's kiss. "Goodnight my Love. Are you ready to venture out as your new person?" She asked. I sat up and smiled. I felt my fangs graze my lower lip. Reflexively I touched them. So it wasn't a dream. I really am a Vampire, an immortal, and I've been ever since. So the question is how old am I? I could be 375 or 400 depending on how you look at it. Khymani Azir, April 15, 1601-June 7, 1626 or Khymani Azir, April 15, 1601-June 7, 2001 and beyond. Take your pick. No matter what you choose my life still ended and began twenty-five years after my initial birth. No matter still. This isn't a story of my age, it is of my Akira, our love, and afterlife together. Akira and I celebrate our anniversary every year in a special way. We reenact our meeting and the very night she made me. I go to the same place I had met her, that very roadside, or rather what that roadside has become. New Amsterdam no longer exists and neither does that roadside. It is now the Eastern most point of the Christopher Street pier in what is now called New York City. Forgive me if I must be abrupt in ending this, but my love is awaiting my arrival. I must go. Until next time. Goodnight.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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