As far back as I can remember I have always liked women.

First there was Iyanni she was a mixed breed of Black and Jap. She was about 5'7, and 132 pounds, nice tight package, intelligent, very outspoken and just plain gorgeous. One night just out of the blue she said not even looking at me "I don't want to be gay anymore." And with that she packed her things and left.

Then there was Bridgett who was one of the sexiest black women I have ever seen in my life. She was 5'9 155 pounds silky jet-black hair, big gray eyes, and a body that wouldn't quit. She had a wonderful sense of humor and I was in love and so was she just not with me.

Two months or so later I met Alexis I can describe her in one word: PSYCHO!!

This story isn't about any of them, One night I was out with my girls we always go out once a week to keep up with the local buzz, but back to the story at hand. We took our usual table in the back so that we could see the faces that came through the door. After an hour or so the girls I was with went on to do their thing. I myself was checking out the ladies sitting at the bar. There was one there that caught my eye she was sitting so I couldn't really tell her height, but she was a healthy sista around 200 pounds or so. Not my usual flavor but I found something attractive about her. It could have been her smile, or it could have been her full lips, which I find very attractive, could have been a lot of things, so I made my way over to the bar to find out just what it was.

I sat down on the empty stool next to her and said my good evenings to everyone in hearing distance. She glanced over and smiled and returned the gesture. She was cute she had a baby face with the cutest dimple just one and I thought that to be very sexy. I didn't know how to approach her so I said something like "Slow tonight isn't it?" She looked back at me and replied "I don't really know this is my first time here". So I asked her where does she usually go she said, "to bed my friends dragged me out tonight". You're not enjoying yourself? I asked her. Yes, I am she said. So I thought to myself since I have her attention I will ask her name, but before I could she said, "My name is 'Lavender." Lavender it was different but cute and it fit her. So I said, "Hello Lavender my name is " "Tee" we shook hands her hand was so soft and nicely manicured not to long and not to short I love a woman who keep her finger nails nice.

We got on the subject of my name so your name is "Tee" she said, yes that's my name So is that like a nickname or that's what your mom named you. I looked at her and said no, my friends call me "Tee" She licked her lips and said ok, well since I am not your friend what do strangers call you. I chuckled and said you can call me "Teona" I can see she has a sense of humor. This woman was beautiful in her own form she had a high self-esteem, which is good for anyone to have. She held her head up high, and I liked that. I ordered another drink for my self and asked her what she was having. She said I am drinking ginger ale I am the designated driver tonight. About another hour had past when one of her friends came over to her excused herself and whispered something in her ear. She mouthed an ok turned to me and said "I have to be going" I said to her is That your lady?" She gave me a strange look and said "As fine as I am do you think if that was my lady she would actually allow me sit here and talked to you" with that she laughed turned and walked out the door not even looking back.

A couple of weeks went by since I met Lavender and I wanted to see her again. So Friday night I went to the same club hoping I would see her. I didn't see her, but I saw her friend that came up to us when they where ready to go. She was sitting at the bar with a couple other ladies. So I took my chances to see if she'd remember me.

I walked over to her and said "Hello" to her and her company. Then I said "I don't know if you remember me, but about 2 weeks ago you where here with-and before I could finish she asked if I was looking for Lavender. I told her I was, and she told me that she had gone to New York for a family reunion and should be back by the end of the week. So I jotted my name and number down on a napkin and asked if she would give it to her for me.

Two more weeks went by and I hadn't heard from her so I just figured she wasn't interested. One day after work I didn't feel like going home so I figured I would catch a movie. When trying to decide what I wanted to see someone tapped me on the shoulder and to my surprise it was Lavender. We talked for a while I guess she could sense I was being reserved, but I don't like going through the trouble of getting my number to someone and they don't use it. She asked me "Teona what's wrong are you upset with me about something"? You're acting as if you're not happy to see me. I replied, am I supposed to be happy to see you I gave your friend my number to give to you 2 weeks ago. She looked as if she had no idea what I was talking about. Then I said the look on your face tells me she didn't give it to you did she. She just smiled and said, no she didn't. I apologized for my actions. She asked me if I wanted to join her she had won some tickets from a radio contest to see "Jurassic Park 3" and no one else wanted to see it with her. I accepted the invitation and we went in to see the movies.

Two hours later the movie ended, and since we were already out I asked her if she would have dinner with me. We went to a restaurant that wasn't far from the Movie Theater. We sat at the bar while waiting for our table so we order drinks I had a Kailua and Kreme and she had a Strawberry Daiquiri. We talked more I asked her what she did for a living she told me she was an interior decorator and she loved her job been doing it for 3 years now. I already knew she was 27, no kids, and very single from the first time we talked. About 15 minutes later our table was ready. We left the bar and went to our table the waitress introduced herself and took our orders and left. It wasn't until we were in the light that I had noticed just how attractive Lavender was and I love saying her name it just rolled of my tongue. She told me about her last girlfriend mistreated her told her if she didn't lose weight she would leave her so she helped her pack. She made it known to me "People see the size I am before they get involved with me. Then tell me if I don't lose weight I'm leaving all I have to say about that is get the hell on. " I am happy and I'm not changing unless I want to change. If all they can see is what's on the outside then I don't want to be with them anyway." I had to agree with her on that. When the waitress bought our food we talked, ate, smiled at each other every so often. When the bill came she reached for her pocketbook, but I snatched it up before she could see and she just said "well" and started laughing.

When we were outside of the restaurant we were talking in the parking lot I just wasn't ready for her to leave yet. This time we did exchange numbers and I walked her to her car and opened the door for her, but before she got in her car she kissed me and her lips felt just better then I thought they would soft and full. I slide my tongue into her mouth and she let out a soft moan so I pulled her close to me. I could feel her nipples harden through her shirt, and my pussy moistened with wetness. She stopped me by saying, " I think I better go home." I agreed with her knowing we would be doing this again.

I called Lavender that night to make sure she got home safely. We decided that she would come over my place for dinner Friday night. The week went by fairly quick, and I was very excited about seeing her again. After, work on Friday I went straight home and tidy up a bit, change sheets just in case "wink, wink". I jumped into the shower and got dressed. Lavender arrived right on schedule when I opened the door, she looked so sexy dressed in a navy blue dress with a sheer blouse. Seeing a tattoo on her right breast was a definite turn on for me. We hugged and shared a passionate kiss that almost made me forget about dinner.

After dinner we went into the living room where she had a seat on the sofa, but not five seconds after she had set. I walked over to her and said, "Come dance with me"

She stood and I ushered her from around the coffee table. We moved into the middle of the floor. Her eyes held mine for the entire song, we stood still but it was motion and our bodies melted into each other. I gazed into her eyes that had me hypnotized. I grabbed her by the neck and kissed her chin, then her right cheek, then the left, then her nose, making her giggle. Then I zeroed in on her full juicy lips, by the time the kiss was over Lavender had gotten off my belt which was thrown across the floor, and had removed her sheer blouse it was draped over my cats scratching post.

We moved into my bedroom where she undressed me and I unwrapped her. I laid her down and we kissed again I moved down to her luscious breast sucked on one while I massaged the other. I did this for a few minutes alternating then pushing them together as one flicking my tongue against her already erect nipples. Kissed down her stomach tonguing her navel. Getting to the spot I have been dying to taste for sometime now.

I parted her thick lips and suck gently on her clit, I slide my tongue into her While running my tongue in and out of her sweet hole I rubbed her clit with much force making her cry out to me "TEONA BABY PLEASE DON'T STOP," What did she taste like? Let's just say I now know what folks mean when they say the darker berry the sweeter the juice and this woman was sweet as honey. I removed my tongue replacing it with two fingers slowly pumping her tight whole. I continued to stroke her faster with much force. She tugged at the sheets while biting on her bottom lip I placed my tongue back to get one last taste of her. I fed on her hungrily just then she screamed "ohhhhhhh baybeeeeeee I'm cuminggggggg!!!!!!!!"

She started trembling uncontrollably, her teeth chattering as is she was caught in a snowstorm this action took place for all of 20 minutes and I was very happy with myself. I climbed in the bed next to her wrapping her in my eyes brushing her hair from her angelica face I kissed her on her lips and thought I have just found a new flava and I am lovin it.


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