for "marci"
__________by tj

Jonesing...the addiction of you so sweet
wrapped up...whipped...tore up from the floor up

Craving the white-hot ectasy of you so far underneath my skin
every fiber of my being stands at attention on pins and needles and pins
pleasure to the point of pain so close that I can taste it

Why do I want yet can't cease needing your feeding the hunger
that sustanence from root, grain, nor beast can fulfill?

Parched lips unsoothed except from the moistness of your lips, the touch of
your skin, and the river flowing from the center of your body earth
Restless spirit tamed only by your presence

Experiencing you exceeds the emotional, sensual, sexual, and spiritual summit
of my fantasies and realities
You're wonderfully ethereal

One more hit? I don't want my high to end just yet...

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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