__________by Monica

Sometimes in our day to day lives we get so caught up in work and obligations and the minutia of day-to-day living that we often let our relationships fall by the wayside. We take our loved ones for granted thinking theyíll there after Iíve finished with whatever important task needs to be done or planning to make time for them at a later date. We take them for granted without even realizing it and then weíre surprised when friends stop calling or are confused when the relationship ends. Or we wonder what our significant other means when he/she says, ďI feel like you donít need me anymore.Ē
Anyway, thatís what inspired this poem (if you can call it that). Itís not quite an ode, but it comes pretty close. I used abcís as the foundation because theyíre fundamental to the written word just as AJ is fundamental to me. So, this is for you, AJ.

The ABCís of why Iím so in love with AJ:

Affectionate lover as well as an amazing kisser with an awesome voice
Beautiful both inside & out (though I know you hate when I call you that)
Considerate, cuddly, & cute as can be
Daring yet down to earth
Everything Iíve ever wanted in a lover & life partner
Gives the best hugs
Honest & hardworking
Intelligent & inspiring
Just who Iíve been missing in my life
Laid-back, loving, & loveable
Never dull
Powerfully passionate & perfect for me
Quick on your feet
Strong & stubborn as well as soft & sensual
Tough and tenacious
Unbelievably sexy
Wild & witty
eXciting lover
Young @ heart
Zest for life thatís contagious

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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