__________by RENDAVAD

There she goes again, this beauty so bronzed, whole complete
Sultry eyes and smile say all those wonders
Her tongue won't allow her to speak
I yearn to taste her loveliness inside
Fulfilling both passions, stud fashion buck wild
If given one chance, I'd solve her mystery
Of what it is that Lez's do
But I don't know how to step to her
Because I'm eighteen years her senior

Who can define attraction or how it comes to be
Because the things we have in common, past decades, now obsolete
Our goals, desires and life's paths fork infront
Both different, treading forward, bumping heads sometimes blunt
But oftimes in visions, I lay her, orchestrate, give true pleasure
Then I wake in the morn, still eighteen years her senior

Her young mind so vital this two-four year black queen
Separate by cars, musiq, and fabrics that cloth her multi-faceted structure
So heavenly, how serene
Both times doth tick, I'm aged, her pace steady, beating fast
I'm bringing up the rear, waiting...hoping...finally...damn maybe at last
As defeat take reign, yes youth prevail
I'll let her cake me and be her mama, any tender
As my mouth caress her gently, yeah! Eighteen years her senior

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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