__________by Vic

The way you greeted me with a warm hug and memorable smile
The way you nourish your child
The way you stride across the room in your sexiest lingerie
The way you kiss me bye as I leave for the day
The way your river flows, to quince my thirst for you
The way your blush when I call you Boo

You deserve yellow roses for the way you cherish our friendship

The way you enjoy my caresses
The way you know when and when not to be aggressive
The way you share your innermost thoughts can be mesmerizing at times
The way you whisper moans, groans, and sexy whines
The way you place your full lips upon mine, I close my eyes and Iím in Shangrila
The way you embrace me, sends me straight to Utopia

You deserve red roses, for your hopeless romantic ways

The way you vibe with me as we listen to romantic music
The way you are sensitive as you reminisce, is a unique characteristic
The way you bat your pretty brown eyes
And your bashful way about your thighs

You deserve a bouquet of purple orchids, for the way you display intimacy

The way your scent lingers with me long after youíre gone
The way you sing your favorite song
The way you captured my undivided attention was essential
The way you bring me happiness with each phone call
The way you feel in my arms can only be described as lustrous and smooth
The way you get me in the mood

You deserve white roses for the candid way about you that never leaves me guessing

The way you laugh at my endless banter
The way you compliment me, leaves me flattered
The way you watch me from the corner of your eye
The way you arenít afraid to cry

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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