by Marsha Blue

I wake up early staring at the 4 walls
thinking a bout her
I mean it is really getting bad
I wake up and she is on my mind
I move things around
trying to add some difference to my space
but she has been every where
I want to call her back
want to scream for her back
but I know that nothing
has changed
maybe everything has changed.
We are so different
and when we are together it is like we are clashing
but I cannot fathom my existence with out her
I cry cause I don?t know how she feels
she never really just sat and talked to me
she says ?it is easier said than your actions. Your action is the key?
but I am not the only one at fault
it is suppose to be easier than this
nothing that brings us joy can cause so much pain
she says that I caused her pain

the last thing she said
was the worst thing to say
and I feel inside that she was making sure
that I would never want her back
where is my pride?
where is my self love?
cause I want her so eagerly back into my life
back into my arms
when she is there we are one
when she is with me I see no one else
when she is not there cannot be anyone else
and yet we are not together
sometimes when the wind blows my way
I smell her scent
it creeps up my nostrils and stays there
I reach for her in the middle of the night
I have saved her messages and play them when
I need some reassurance
I cry when I am alone
right now tears are running down my face
my heart is aching
and my mind feels so heavy
it is 3:20 in the morning and it is
so hard to sleep with out you near

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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