by Blkrnbw

When I look into your eyes
You make it plain to see
She's not giving you the luv
You used to get from me.

I can tell Ms. Kitty
Is not getting the attention
She seeks
By the way you lick your lips
When you open your mouth to speak.

I bet you wake up wett
Thinking of that night
And how I slid down south
To taste you right.

You don't have to say it
It's written all over your face
That you want me to do it again
Just name the time and the place.

And I'll be there
Ready to play this game
Providing you with the right amount
Of pleasure and pain.

Cause Ms. Kitty's in need
of my attention
I can plainly see
Just lay back on the bed
And watch how she opens up
4 ME...

Copyright © 2005.Used by permission of author.All Rights Reserved.

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