Here I am, lying in bed, waiting to be touched,
waiting for that special moment to arrive.
I can feel the bed move, although there is no movement,
just as I glance at my radiant lover.
Her fingers are like silk, running through my hair,
awaiting my answer as I lay still with desperation.
Touch me, tease me, release your energy inside of me.
Let go of all your frustrations.
I kiss her, she kisses me, we kiss each other
as I am awaiting that beautiful moment of bliss.
As I maneuver my way atop her sexiness, there I am again waiting,
waiting to explore paradise.
I want to experience paradise.
I desire to know what it feels like after waiting for an eternity.
The best was yet to come. It happens. It actually happens.
I finally get to feel total femininity.
This is the moment that Iíve been waiting for,
to see her smile and hear her soft moans.
Her luscious body is turning me on,
filling my passion pit with anticipation for her to cum.
As she quivers with relief, there I am waiting for her
to display total and complete affection.
She then says so tenderly, I love you boo,
and that made the night of waiting so worthwhile.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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