by M. Rahim

i've been electrocuted
by this woman i'm gettin to know
she plugged herself into my soul
and zapped me with a current of infinite voltage
it brings me to life
makes my body pulse from the inside out
makes me glow with heat
expands my brain
so powerful that i am rendered powerless
so i surrender
because it feels too good not to
can't hardly breathe
when u pass through my mind
i am hypnotized
when i hear your voice
it provokes my passion
at times even stopping me dead in my tracks
aftershocks rock my insides
heart beats a little faster
senses become more aware
so that from a distance
i feel you still
i inhale
savoring your flavor
i see
deep inside you
and i keep looking
because i want to see the deepest part of you
these days
i wander aimlessly in a foreign land
it is a place that is so unfamiliar and so scary
yet it is warm and inviting
an oasis of truth and desire
a sanctuary to that which has drawn us together
and that which may keep us bound together
it is a place i would be happy to wander in forever

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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