by Ten

Welcome to my humble moonlit dome
Lady please make yourself at home
While I heat the strawberry oil and dim the lights
Donít fight it tonight baby its gon be alright
Iíve been looking a long time for my special dame
Donít even need to know your name
I just know youíre here for me
No need to rush we can take it slowly
As I slide your unmentionables down to your knees
With the tip of my tongue your clit I will tease
Hold on tight cuz weíre about to take a ride
Slip and slide all on your insides
Babygirl I promise Im gon do u right
Just open wide..ĒDamn youíre tight!Ē
Put them scratches on my back girl have no fear
And as we both explode in ecstasy you shed a tear
Lay on my chest girl thereís no need to explain
Why we explored each otherís souls before we exchanged names.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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