by Marsha Blue

Soft smooth skin
As she lays on her side
I watch the curvature in her
Waist down to her hips
From the moonlight and
I am enthralled in her sexuality
Captivated by her femininity
I watch her
She silently sleeps
A hand falls onto the bed the other
Placed under her head
Nipples are exposed
Hard from the coolness of the
Night air
Still I am breath taken
Even after excitement showing fresh
On her naked body after love making.
I, still awake lay mesmerized
Still with your scent lingering
Mixed with mine lets off this aphrodisiac
That leaves me craving for more.
She is my more
And whenever I want it is her.
I never would have thought that she
This woman could tame this lady that
Always searched for more.
I reach out to touch her face
Her skin is cool to my touch
My hands are hot
She opens her eyes and on her
Lips I see this smile
I whispered "I love you"
She pulls me near and she fits into my
Curves and she falls back into her slumber
And I still awake watch her
Think of ways not to fail her
Cause she is my more
Whenever I want it is her

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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