D. Alexandria aka Glitter

"I hate getting older."

"Who doesn't?"

Keisha turned onto her side and propped herself on her elbow, looking at me. "We used to though, remember? I couldn't wait to get to eighteen, twenty-one, twenty-five."

"'Cause those ages mean something. You ain't really legal until you can rent a car without the 'under twenty-five' surcharge." I remained lying on my back, staring up at the night sky. It was Keisha's twenty-ninth birthday and, understandably, she was upset. I surprised her with a late-night picnic at one of our favorite camping spots, about an hour outside of the city. We were surrounded by dense forest and complete silence, save for crickets and numerous woodland animals going about their business. I'll be completely honest when I say that camping really isn't my style. I'm a one hundred percent modern butch who likes my TV time, Playstation 2, and if I wasn't smoking a blunt right now I'd be seriously missing my tunes. But Keisha loved the quiet seclusion of camping and getting back to nature, so I'd deal 'cause I loved her and making her happy was my contentment.

She sighed.

I looked over and took in the unbelievably cute pout on her cherub-shaped face and instantly fell in love all over again. Keisha is one beautiful sista, no one can tell me differently. Standing at nearly 5'11" with a perfect brick house body, she is the sexiest female to ever grace my bed. I could spend hours just looking at her whether she was curled up in a chair reading a book or languidly lying in bed after a break-your-back fuck fest. With her supple body, covered in the softest skin known to man, I can only hope I get to spend several blissful lifetimes enjoying the true model of what is Woman.

Out the corner of my eye, I saw her tremble. I immediately put out the blunt and headed for the stack of fallen twigs and branches we collected to feed the fire.

"You don't care that you're turning thirty in a couple of months?"

I shrugged. "I dunno. I'm not crazy about it, nah, but I don't intend to lose sleep over it either. It's not like I can stop it, know what I mean?"

"I miss being a kid."

Oh, here we go. I rolled my eyes before looking at her. "Now, Keisha Everton, you know damn well you wouldn't want to be kid again."

She looked at me with slight annoyance. "And what makes you so sure?"

I moved to where she sat, straddling her legs. My voice dipped low as I whispered in her ear, "'Cause if you weren't grown, you wouldn't be able to take my dick deep in that thick pussy of yours, that's why."

I swear I felt her body temperature rise as she took in a sharp breath.

"You're so bad," She whispered, giggling.

I gave her a soft kiss, barely touching her lips, just teasing her. She remained still; eyes closed and face turned upward, allowing me to touch her in any way I pleased. I love that about her. I prefer a woman who just gives in to whatever her lover wants. Not saying that Keisha doesn't get hers, 'cause, believe me that body holds a very powerful sexual creature, and she can come at you like a pit bull to get what she wants. However, she has this perfect sense of knowing when to just let me do my thing and it only makes my head spin with countless ideas on how to make her sing those cums I feel to my core.

When I met Keisha, one of the first things she told me was that she wasn't a fan of kissing. I, for one, felt that kissing was one of the finer points of fucking. Kissing was an intimate act, I ain't about to front on that, but a single kiss, if done right, can make a female part those thighs for you. And right now, Keisha's breaths were becoming shallow as I gently sucked on her lips, letting the tip of my tongue quickly glide across them. I started to lightly nip them, careful not to bite down too hard, and I felt her thighs press together, my signal that she was getting wet and ready.

Despite wanting to just push her down and spread her open, I wanted to draw this out as long as I could, and just as I was about to settle in for a little torture, she pulled back.

"You wanna play tag?"

"Excuse me?" I couldn't have heard right.

"Let's play tag."

I sat back on my heels, needing to look at her face to make sure she was serious. She was. "Keisha, baby, seriously…,"

"Angel, c'mon, it'll be fun." She was already wiggling out from underneath me to get to her feet. "How often can we do silly things like this?"

"Uh, we don't, 'cause we grown," I said.

She made a face but winked. "C'mon, baby, play with me."

Ok, now she really was losing it. "Keisha, it's almost midnight and we're in the middle of the woods. Who, in their right mind, would play tag right now?"

She reached for her K-Swiss', an old beat-up pair that she wouldn't be caught dead in back in the 'hood, and slipped them on. "Where's your sense of adventure?"

"I was about to show you before you moved."

She smiled. "Please, baby? Just indulge me."

I was already out here complaint-free, wasn't I? That, right there, was some serious indulgence.

I hadn't answered her and she gave a dramatic sigh, hands on her hips. "Ok, what if I make it interesting for you?"

Hmm, "How?"

She thought for a moment, before a wicked glint crossed her eyes, "I'll strip."

I chucked, "Get the fuck outta here."

"I'm serious," She was now grinning. "I'll strip naked right here and then take off. All you gotta do is catch me. That ain't hard, is it? And if you want, we'll even play back and forth."

"You chasin' me?" I smirked.

"What? You afraid I'll be better than you?"

I rolled my eyes, "Whateva."

"Well, what then? Scared? Too dark for ya?"

"Oh, please!" I said sarcastically.

Keisha reached for the hem of her sweater and she lifted it slightly, baring her soft stomach. "Don't tell me you're gonna punk out on me, Angel. What would your boys say if I told them you were too afraid to chase me in the dark? And naked, at that?"

I stared at her. Well, actually I was staring at the bottom curves of her bare breasts, which she teasingly revealed as she continued to slowly lift her top. I felt my clit twitch at the thought of touching them, getting my hands and mouth on them. Damn, I was aching for her in a serious way.

Her hips swayed provocatively as she pulled the sweater off, dropping it on the blanket. She stood before me, slowly writhing to a melody only she could hear, yet I could see her full hips tapping out the beat in the air. Her large breasts hung freely, moving with her, both nipples tight and hard. I caught myself biting my lip as I watched, and before I knew it I was wondering how long it would take before I could catch her—if I gave in, of course. When I said it was dark, I meant it. In fact, if the slightest bit of cloud cover hit the moon, I wouldn't have been able to see my hand in front of my face. But thankfully, I could probably see about a good ten feet problem-free, and if I gave her a slight head start, I could catch her before we got in too far.

"C'mon, Angel Baby," Keisha's hands found her dark nipples and she gently tugged on them. "You can catch me, right? I mean, your ass hasn't gotten that old yet."

And she knew that shit would work. My pride was too high. I grumbled as I got to my feet, pulling off my jersey (I'd play along, but I wasn't about to ruin a perfectly good Patriots jersey while up in the mix).

Keisha's face lit up at my acceptance and she began tugging down her jeans.

"Leave on your panties," I said suddenly, eyeing the pale pink cotton thong hugging her most intimate curves. I wasn't sure why, but I didn't want her completely naked…yet.

She gave me a sly look as she left them alone, pulling the jeans off her long legs and tossing them on top of the sweater. She stood before me in just her panties and sneakers, looking as fine as she wanted to be, and God help me if she didn't look as if she were in her element; her ebony skin glowing from the campfire, long limbs ready and taught, even how her hair, which was pulled in a tight pony tail earlier, now had strands which had fallen loose, kissing her cheeks. All she needed was some animal skin and a spear and I'd be at her feet in worship.

I silently thanked my foresight to wear my battered pair of Tims before I crouched low, feeling my strap press against my left inner thigh and I shuddered in anticipation. "Ten! Nine! Eight!"

Keisha took off. I watched her slip into the darkness, the last sight of her was the jiggling of her ass as she ran away. I took a deep breath to calm myself and finished counting, stretching out the last numbers to give her more time.

"Three! Two! One!" I called before I followed. It was dark as hell. I was rushing through the trees, my eyes darting from side to side to catch sight of her as I maneuvered around rocks and brush, batting branches out of the way. I had assumed I'd be able to find her right off the bat, but as I moved, I realized that my first instincts were right and it was going to be a helluva task to see anything while in here. The night air was still, the darkness threatening to envelope you indefinitely. We might as well have been playing Hide and Go Seek. I was trying to think like Keisha, wondering how she'd try to move, and as I stepped, a branch snapped loudly under my boot. I silently cursed and slowed my pace.

As I moved, my heart was pounding and I could hear every pulsing thud in my ears as I took measured breaths. I was stepping gingerly, trying not to make a sound as I listened out for her, knowing that if she was smart, she would be trying to remain low 'cause of her height. I paused by a slim tree with low-hanging branches and squatted, my eyes now adjusting to the darkness. I was hoping to see the moonlight against her skin, but was having no such luck as I peered all around me. I figured I had been moving for almost ten minutes in one direction, and wondered if I should double back, just in case Keisha was purposely staying close to the camp site.

I was about to turn around, when something in the air caught my attention. I stopped and inhaled deeply, my lips spreading to a wide grin as I recognized a scent almost as familiar as my own.

"You're wet, baby girl, I can smell it," I called out, my clit throbbing behind my dick as I surveyed the area. She was close; I knew it, unless she was that aroused, her scent was just lingering in the air. I took a few steps towards the right and heard rustling to my left. I turned my head in time to see a quick blur of pink rush past a couple of trees.

I chuckled as I quickly followed, barely seeing her move ahead of me, but able to hear her quick, excited breaths. No doubt, she was completely worked up. I was right on her tail and able to smell her arousal even more, knowing at this very moment she wanted it just as much as I did. She suddenly made a right turn, and I did the same, knowing exactly where she was headed. I increased my pace, my breaths short as I pumped my arms willing myself to pull ahead. In a few minutes I broke through the trees and stepped on one of the hiking trails we often took, this one leading down to a small pond about a mile away. I stepped back into the trees, and quietly counted until I heard her footsteps.

Just as she was about to pass me, I lunged out, my arms looping around her waist and I pulled her close to me.

"Gotcha!" I roared as she struggled in my arms.

"Dammit!" She gasped heavily before accepting a deep kiss from me. I was feeling drunk on the adrenaline that was coursing through me. Keisha fell into me, her arms lacing around my neck as she hungrily returned my kisses while still trying to catch her breath. I relished in the feel of her naked body as my hands glided over her now slightly sweaty skin. I cupped her ass with some force and pulled her tighter against me so she could feel my dick through my jeans.

I pulled my lips away, "You want it?"

"Yes," She hissed as her lips reached for mine.

I ducked my head, giving her earlobe a soft flick with my tongue. "How bad do you want it, baby girl?"

"Fuck, I want it bad."

"What do you want, Keisha?"

She gave a half-groan half-whine, "Angel, I want your dick! Please! Now!"

I gave her ass a tight squeeze with both hands before pulling away. Just as she tried reaching for me again, my hand swung out, connecting with an ass cheek, the smack echoing around us.

"You're it!" I smirked before I turned and ran.

"Asshole!" She screamed, but I heard her footsteps behind me.

I stayed on the trail, moving quickly, until I was about a quarter of a mile away from camp, before turning left. This part of the woods had trees which grew closer together, and obviously since there wasn't a defined path, I had to make my own, holding onto tree after tree for balance as I moved. I forced myself to move faster, the sound of Keisha's footsteps starting to fade. When I could still see a glimpse of camp far to the right, I darted to the left and crouched low behind a couple of bushes and waited.

After a few minutes of not seeing her, I began to worry, wondering if maybe the path I had taken wasn't as forgiving to Keisha in her sneakers. But before I could rise to investigate, I heard a branch break to my left. I had to grin. The girl had taken another route, hoping to cut me off as I had done to her earlier. But, of course, she hadn't anticipated my beating her and hiding out. I watched as she stood still, trying to listen out for me as she searched. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Her body glistened with sweat in the moonlight, her hair a complete and captivating mess, and every breath she took forced her breasts to slightly lift. Damn, I needed to have her pussy wrapped around my dick. She caught sight of camp and gave another hopeless look around before taking a step towards the glow of the campfire.

I jumped out and grabbed her, pulling her hard to me as I kissed the back of her neck.

"I guess we know whose best, huh?" I taunted as I held her arms to her side.

She couldn't help but giggle as she squirmed in my grip. "You cheated," She gasped.

"You wanted to fuck up, so I could catch you again, don't front." I pointed out as I took a few steps forward, forcing her to move with me until she stood before a large tree. I placed a hand on her shoulder and forced her down to her knees, facing away from me.

Gasping for breath, Keisha planted both hands on the ground beneath her, her ass high in the air. My movements were quick, and before she knew it, I was behind her, jeans unzipped, dick in hand. I grabbed hold of her panties by the thin strip of fabric in the back, and was about to pull it to the side, when I thought better of it and gave a rough tug, tearing it away from her body. Keisha gave a loud gasp, bucking her hips in anticipation. There was no point of drawing this out, 'cause we were both primed. I pushed into her deeply, my entry the smoothest it's ever been 'cause of how wet she was. She groaned loudly, pushing back against me, her ass warm against my denim-covered thighs.

I sat back on my heels, getting a good grip on her wide hips as I pulled out to the head and then pushed back in, wanting to give her every inch of me. She was so wet that even in the dark I could see her juices glistening on the dick and she was making guttural noises every time I entered her. My fingers dug into her flesh as I stepped up the pace, just enough to watch her ass cheeks shake with every move we made.

"So, you got your ass caught up, huh?" I asked, giving a cheek a playful swat.

"Shiiit," she whispered.

"What was that?" I slapped her ass again, a bit harder.

"Dammit, Angel," She cried out, her ass starting to rotate on my dick.

"What, baby girl?" I asked as I gave her a quick thrust that made her body jump.

"It feels so goooood, fuck." She let her head fall forward as she quickened her hips.

I weighed my options and decided I wanted to enjoy a show. I stopped moving and removed my hands.

Keisha's head snapped up and she looked back at me.

"Who told you to stop? Keep going." I gave her ass a hard slap and she whimpered. "Come on, Keisha, move that ass."

Her eyes met mine for a moment, and I saw the lustful twinkle in them before she began moving her hips. I remained still, keeping my hands at my sides as I watched the woman I love fuck herself on my dick. She was working it like only a sista could, her pussy literally pulling my dick into it as she threw herself back and forth. I was mesmerized by every move she made; how her lower half seemed to have a life of its own and my body was oh so willing to oblige its manipulations. She suddenly lifted her left leg, and I swear, on everything that I am, my dick got sucked in deeper, and I quickly grabbed the leg to balance her as her ass started to ricochet off my body. In this position, I had a perfect view of her pussy greedily consuming my dick and her clit swollen and full, standing away from her body. I pulled her leg back, holding it against me, and reached for that clit, massaging it.

"Sweet Jesus…," Keisha wailed and I watched her fingers dig into the earth. I gently pulled on that slippery nub, feeling it pulsate and knew she was gonna blow at any moment. I started tapping on one side of her clit, as I resumed moving, keeping her locked in her position.

"Yes, Angel, yes!" She cried as I fucked her. I was slamming into her harder and harder, hearing the slapping sounds of her ass connecting with my body, and could feel the beginnings of my own cum. I was on a mission, just jabbing her like a piston, wanting to fill and stretch that pussy to the hilt. She was back to whimpering, only louder this time, every lunge I made making her entire body convulse.

Just when I was sure she was 'bout to cum, I let go of her leg, and quickly pushed a firm finger into her ass and she hollered, her body seizing and then freezing as she came, the song that I practically lived for escaping her lips. I was still working her pussy as my finger dug in deeper, forcing every shudder out of her beautiful body. I bit my lip hard as I silently came, unable to take my eyes off her.

Keisha collapsed on the ground, and I knew that once morning came and she saw all the dirt and bits of leaves in her hair she'd freak, but I could care less as I carefully pulled out of both her holes before lying beside her. We were both breathing heavily, and I found myself staring up at the night sky again.

"You were right," She said gasping.

"About what?" I turned to look at her and saw that familiar wicked glint in her eyes.

"About not really wanting to be a kid again," She replied. "'Cause only grown folks can play tag like that."

All I could do was laugh.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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