Long distance situations are tricky, convenient and entertaining, but tricky. Notice I said situations and not relationships because that's not exactly what Sonja and I had. We were two very sexually and physically compatible women with only a friendly emotional attachment. See, that's the thing; before we decided, well, more like nature decided one drunken night, to upgrade our platonic status to FWSIO (Friends With Sex Included, Occasionally) we were pretty close. I'm Trayvaughn, by the way and SHE...she, as previously mentioned is Sonja.
It all started when we met on line. I know your thinking, pathetic, right? But screw you, wait a minute before ye pass judgment. She was "Lkkin4LuvNOT" and was I "PoetikPrttyBoi." I stumbled across her page via someone else's on my friends list. Sonja was an absolute goddess. Long curly tresses, dimples, gorgeous smile, hazel eyes, flawless caramel complexion, at least 5' 8 with a sexy, classy style, personality and unattainable attitude that made the beautiful, yet dull, envious. So, me being me, I sent her a brief message complimenting her page and it began from there.
 Fast forward about a baby (9 months guys, keep up lol) and now here we are: FWSIO...
Once again, I'm brought to the west coast on a promo book tour. You know the usual, signing, networking, meeting, greeting, flirting and loving every second of it. Did I mention I love attention? Blame my mother for spoiling her only child, lol, but back to the matter at hand.
2:30 PM
I had been here since 11AM and the line was still wrapped around the building with women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities waiting for a signed copy of my latest work, Black Juice. My cell phone rings. I sign the book, "Thanks for the support." Never missing a beat I answer, "Hello, hey babe, you suck cuz I'm gonna miss you this trip. When are you getting back?"
"About 30 minutes ago," she said hanging up the phone and walking up to the table. She dropped a package with the La Perla insignia on it in front of me and smiled as she leaned down and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Surprise." She looked around, "How about you get back to work and save your special signature for me later because judging by the irritated faces of these women. . ."
I nodded as she walked away. I was about to greet another fan when something crossed my mind. I called her as I examined the beige gift box. "Grigio or Black Label Collection?"
"You'll just have to find that out later. Cya." Click. Such a damn tease, that's my bytch, I thought to myself. Back to work.
6:45 PM
I'm passed out in my suite and having the most exquisite dream featuring Nicole Scherzinger, Sarah Shahi and myself when my phone rings. I groggily answer.
"Yuck, you sound like an old man," she laughs.
"Yeah, well you look like one," now I'm laughing and completely awake.
"What's up, loser?"
"I'm just getting some sleep. Still got that damn jet lag and today was exhausting man. I didn't expect there to be a line that long."
"Oh please, you already knew that was going to happen you lady killer. Those women were about to jump on my ass because they probably thought I was cutting in front of them. Oh, hey, I have something to ask you and don't you dare call me shallow b/c you already know I am! There's just something I've been wondering. That piece you did, "SoBe" was that about me?"
"You've got to be kidding me, Sonj. Your right, you ARE shallow." I get up to grab a bottle of vitamin water. "You know your my bytch, right? I love ya to death, but honestly your not the only woman I've fucked on the terrace of a $500 a night suite at the Delano on South Beach. ON New Year's Eve, after downing two bottles of Cristal might I add. Who else, did I spend it with? Yeah, I do that every year," I said sarcastically.
"Fuck you punk."
"That's the first time I finally gave into your advances when we met up in Miami to spend the holidays together, remember?"
"MY advances? Ha! Yeah OK. Anywhoo, what are you about to do?"
"Get in the shower and order some food."
"You will do no such thing. Come on over, I'm about to start dinner, but DO wash your funky booty!" We laughed at her silliness.
9:50 PM
I'm upstairs in Sonja's bedroom on her Mac Book Pro laptop checking and responding to my fan mail when out of the shower she walks in a plush lattice towel that barely covers the most exquisite part of her nakedness. Now, don't get me wrong, I've seen many a naked woman, but something about a woman fresh out of the shower; hair wet, body wet and glistening and smelling so breathtakingly fresh is so sexy. Major turn on. However, I ignore her and continue my clicking and ticking on line.
was fine, sort of, until she leans over and slings her freshly washed mane in front of the 17inch screen, impeding my view. "I just bought this shampoo Jessie suggested, smell," she leans into me, "Isn't it divine?"
I inhale. "Your right, it is pleasing to the senses," I teased. She was right though. Of course, I wouldn't let her know that.
She walks over and hoists one leg on her platform bed and begins to lotion her lower body. Stay focused Tray, stay focused. She was teasing me and loving every minute of it. Sneaky bytch, gotta love her. "Find anything interesting?"
"You know, same old, same old. Sexual advances, marriage proposals and genuine appreciation of my work. I love it."
In an instant she was at my side once again, this time towel-less, cleavage saluting me and skin begging to be touched, licked and kissed. She handed me her organic lavender and melon infused body lotion as she turned around. "If I might steal you away from your work for a second, do you mind getting me from the back?"
God, I could take that and run with it. She grabbed her hair and held it up off of her back as her ass was now face level with me. I was done playing. I lean back in the reclining chair. "Depends, do you mind being fucked in every which way until the sun comes up?"
She looked back at me as her eyes grew with excitement and I "grew" with anticipation. I bent her over on the table with my body as I closed the notebook and moved it over to the far side of the desk. Everything else was game for the floor as I pushed it down and made space for her body. I slowly kissed from the nape of her neck, down to her spine and then to her ass before turning her around, pulling her close as my tongue intruded her eager mouth. Hands. Skin. Slippery When Wet.
I picked her up and replaced her beautiful body where her once organized desk top was. Repeated moans escaped her mouth as I explored every inch of her body as if this was my first time discovering it.
1:45 AM
We're both naked and barely able to move. Her telephone rings. "Shit Jess, what time is it? Oh, no girl, I'm not going to make it out tonight. You hookers have fun without me tonight. What? NO, Tray and I are not fucking. I'm giving her a 15 minute break." She giggles like women do when they're telling their friends how naughty they've been sexually.
I go, further. I take one of her perfectly manicured feet (one of her spots) and begin massaging it. I start doing what I know will get her there. I slowly start sucking her toes. "mmmm," she moans, forgetting she's having a conversation as I take each toe and show each an ample amount of attention with my tongue. "Huh? Not you, umm, let me call you back," She promptly hangs up and drops the phone to the floor. I told you, I love attention. Her head falls back as she inadvertently begins caressing her breasts. "Baby, you know what that does to me," she says in between moans.
"No, I think I need a reminder, " I say switching to the other foot. I know how much it turns her on as she proceeds to show me just how much. As her left hand is grabbing her breast, the right travels down and begins to play with her clit slowly. Her breathing quickens as her moans increase while she is steadily pleasing herself. I am completely aroused because there is NOTHING sexier than a woman who is in tune with her own body and knows how to please and satisfy herself. I make my way North because shyt I couldn't help it anymore and replace her hand with my mouth on her increasingly wet pussy. Yeah, she's wet alright, but I can get it wetter. As she is moving her hand away I intently suck her juices off of each finger then proceed to devour her as if she were my last meal.
I get in deep. As deep as the length of my tongue would allow in her pussy hole. I lick around her walls and play a game of tag with her clitoris. She beckons and welcomes me as her legs are spread in an uncompromising and incomparable "V" as I'm thanking God for her Yoga instructor. I go back and forth licking from her ass to her clit and now its my turn to tease. She begins to squirm with desire and anticipation of the nut she's about to receive. Her hair is wild, we're both sweating and as she is biting down on that beautiful bottom lip of hers, I'm kissing and sucking her pussy lips. My tongue is slipping and sliding in her creamy essence and she is getting louder with each flick of the tongue.
"B-aby. Please...I can't take it anymore, just let me cum," she pleads. I ignore her and continue my bidding. I stick a couple of fingers inside of her.
"Oh my Goddddd!" she exclaims. She's almost there, almost where I want her to be. As my fingers penetrate her, my tongue solely focuses on her swollen clit and begin flicking my tongue in a fluid motion.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh shyyyyyyyt. Shyt! Fuck, Tray! Tray, I'm about to cummmm!" I stiffen my tongue even more as her hips begin bucking wildly and she goes into "lock and load" mode. Those legs, those beautiful legs have a tight grip around my neck and her back is fully arched as she grips her silk sheets and orgasms very hard in my mouth.
After that mouthful, literally, her grip loosens and I make my way to the head of her bed and lay next to her. She lays there, eyes closed as she caresses my face and kisses away any remains of her womanhood off of my lips and chin. We look at one another, exhausted and simultaneously utter, "Loser" as we fall asleep. Naked as the day we were born.

The End

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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