by Ten

Man i just cant stop the pain-slightest thought drives me insane
Makes my stomach muscles tight-the lies you told here in plain sight
Your deception all too real
You never thought how i would feel
If i found out what is true- why you lie the way you do?
Made me feel like i was dirt- yeah im a stud but i still hurt
If you cut me i`ll still bleed- an explanation is what i need
Yeah ill try to understand why you lied about a man
Girl im waiting shed some light on why you lied to me each night
Its the lies that i despise- it hurts to look into your eyes
All the loving words you said- i cant get them out my head
What is false and what is true- i dont know now `cause of you
Gave my all- this was my fear
Said you loved me- said you cared
Should I believe you or just leave you
I guess ill try it- Im undecieded
Want to get throught this-you didnt have to do this
Cant stop thinking of you
Too dang late I love you

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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