by Sin_Cere

A Lick, A Suck
A Nibble...A Fuqq
No Strings
Vibratin' so you receive no rings
Carnal desire
Re-igniting that fire
That you and your love once shared...
BUT is no longer there
Like your conscience
Disregarding consequences
Cuz you got this thirst that just HAS to be quenched
That can only be scratched by the taste or the feel of something different
Wishin, it wasn't so
Cuz dayum, you love your woman so
But honestly, nowadays any type of intimacy y'all engage in is mediocre
You'd rather take shots of Hennessey, than make love sober
B Real
After a while, its kinda boring spinning the same wheel
A Touch, A Feel
New Pussy = Immediate Appeal
Yet, you love no less
As you unzip that red dress
Failing the fidelity test
But winning with this sexual conquest
Promises to be discreet...A kiss on the cheek
Back in your bed, you slide under the sheets
& kiss the love of your life goodnight...

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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