by Ten

She is my umbrella when the rain starts to pour
She is my life and my wife and i couldnt ask for more
She shields her stud from the crazies when Im about
to go insane then she wraps me in her arms and says "nigga maintain"
In her arms i hear the harmonious flow of her blood
and i borrow her strength in exchange for my love
The epitome of femininity she needs me to be there,
to hold her, to mold her and show her i care
As her studsband I vow to love and protect her-never negect her-always shield her from rain
Put no one before her, always adore her and hurt the one who causes her pain
She's the one I need and for her i will bleed till every ounce of my blood is gone
She`s the reason I rise- to see the love in her eyes- from daybreak until its dawn
Baby i want you to know nothin makes me feel bigger
than when you kiss me and say "you big sexy nigga"
You make me feel complete inside and all my pain disapprears in your eyes
I love eveything about you- cant live without you-where your life goes ill tag along
You say you love me for my strength and I dont know why because youre really the one thats strong.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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