by DL

How about a lil adventure you
Wanna play a role game
There痴 no need for special props
Or many rules to follow
To start just meet me at the corner at quarter past eight
I値l be waiting for you so don稚 be late
When you see me don稚 stop just slow down as you pass
I値l give you a shady glance
And then I値l flash you some cash
Then follow me to the side alley
There I値l Bend and trick that ass
Nice and crass
Quick and fast
I wont linger or make it last
Then without a word I値l leave when we are through
And when you get home
Innocently I値l say, Hey baby, I致e missed ya, where were you?
Then I値l Get up, greet, hug and kiss you
Then pull back with a sniff and untangle from you
Giving you a look of bitter suspicion
Then angrily ask, Have you been out there tricking
You try to deny it, but I wont believe
And in an angry hurt huff I値l get up and leave
Now, You go change into something sexy because there痴 more
20 minutes later I値l be back, I値l knock 3 times on the door
You open the door looking happily surprise
You池e now that conniving best friend my lady rightfully despises
You know the type that likes when I come knocking with despair in my eyes
Now you set up your game pulling out your trick and your lies
Slickly Telling me 全he値l never love you like I do, you need to give real love a try
but I will resist saying I just need to think and quietly sit
Of course that痴 how you want me vulnerable and shit
Kneeling in front of me you say, 土ou need to relax, here let me massage your feet
I値l try to pull them free but you slip off my sock and shoes, you won稚 let them retreat
Then quite causally and innocently with you knees slightly bent you will sit
Your legs open just enough to reveal a hungry pussy that wet
You値l smile from knowing what my wandering eyes has spied,
And your intentions are clear you make no attempts to hide
Then I feel you take my sensitive foot and began to make it slide
Tingling as it glides across your inner thigh
Then boldly you stop it right on your clit
No fucking shame to your game as you moan
Then Press against and grind on it.
Got me weak, and hot, I知 swallowing hard to resist
But I知 strapped with a throbbing pussy
With a need to be fucked not teased
I値l stand up dropping my jeans,
then fall savagely between you knees
I値l push you on your back, blazing hot to my core
Slide it in hard and fuck you hard and nasty right on the floor
Give you the fucking that you致e been begging for
No kissing, just hitting, then guiltily out of the door
Damn! Just the thought of Cheating on you makes my conscious sore
When I leave this time don稚 wait up for me
I know you値l be tired from playing so you shower and rest I値l use my key
I値l grab a shower and wash the remnants of the night away
Climb next to you and hold you in that gentle way
Before slowly sliding down and getting lost between your knees
Lazily and teasingly lick your love until it steams
Your wide awake now, it definitely not a dream
Slowly long lick you to frenzy
Till your calling my name delirious and dizzy
Can稚 think of a better way to end the night
Loving you in any role is always a delight
I like to make it new for you never quite the same
So tell my love do you want to play this game?

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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