by sexy_yet_intelligent

As I lay next to you,
Watching you sleep peacefully,
I wonder who you are dreaming about,
Is it her or is it me?

Who are you making love to?
Making her moan with pure and utter bliss,
Who are you holding, who are you touching,
Who are you longing to kiss?

Who makes your heart skip a beat?
Whenever they come around,
Who do you want to be “The One”?
The one you know will hold you down.

Who do you want to comfort you?
When it’s Mo Mo that you miss,
Would you choose the one your heart tells you to?
Or the other, would you be willing to take that risk?

Will it be the one who stayed,
Through all the names like bitch and ho,
Or will it be the one who got fed up and left,
Taking her child, your heart, and your soul?

Will it be the one who stayed,
No matter how bad things got or seemed,
Or will it be the one who bounced,
Taking away all your hopes, desires, and dreams?

Who can help heal your heart?
Who can love you deeply, unconditionally, and true?
These are the questions of an ex,
Tell me reader, which one would you choose?

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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