by Precious Jones

I, Precious
Become putty
in the right hands,
slick for a lover
who understands the
complexity of sex,
who can relay it
through love words and
touching the right place
in just the right way
without taking advantage of
the sex pose and the sex sounds
without asking for my soul
on a platter
'cause they know
I'm in Yes mode
where if it ain't Yes
it's Yes PLEASE
or GOD Yes.
But let's not bring god into this,
truth is, I'd give anything
to have a lover say
I know all your dirty little secrets
and ungodly ways
and love you all the same,
and to have that love be sincere
and everlasting,
a woman, honest & loyal,
a woman who ain't so quick to
jump ship onto some other woman's
ship, a woman who
don't fall in and out of love
more often than she
get a period
a woman unafraid to ask me
about my scars,
who wants to talk about them,
a woman who has a thirst for knowledge
of their lady
of how deeply she can love,
a woman who will make
salmon and eggs in the middle
of the night
because she cares that I'm hungry,
because she knows it'll make me happy
because she takes comfort in my happiness
which is also her own because
she knows her turn for pampering
will be soon to come
as she's made me cum
so many times before.

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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