Orders had been cut and final preparations to activate and deploy the 29th Army Infantry Regiment of Ft. Benning Georgia were well on their way. As a whole it was a logistics cluster. Accounting for all of the light and heavy armored vehicles and insuring maintenance was up to date, inspecting packs to be issued and finding replacements for gear inevitably missing or inoperable, reviewing personnel training records to insure that at least on paper all were adequately prepared for what lied ahead, and at least a dozen other administrative tasks had the entire post running in circles and working extended hours to meet the movement date deadline.
Individual soldiers had concerns to attend to as well as far as getting all personal affairs in order. Luckily, with the exception of a few outstanding cases this seemed to be moving along more smoothly than the tasks of the collective regiment, thought 1st LT Jacinda Brown. She mentally reviewed her own to-do list:
Cancel cable…check
Put cell service on hold…check
Get rid of house plants…check
Temporary change of address…check
Appoint the folks as emergency power of attorney…check
“Ma’am, we need your signature and initials to confirm and approve PFC Delano’s allotment for moving violation fines,” says Staff Sergeant Carol Jones as she slides a folder onto the desk in front of Jacinda. SSGT Jones was the senior NCO in Jacinda’s MP (Military Police) Company. Her dark skin and chiseled 5’6 body gave her a very strong presence, and her short brown hair tastefully faded along with her natural honey brown eyes added a curious attractiveness. Looks and mannerisms left little doubt in Jacinda’s mind that SSGT Jones was family…attractive family at that. Jacinda often wondered of SSGT Jones ever had an inkling about her as well. It was curiosity more for the sake of having common ground to relate on than anything else, but at any rate seemed like an issue best left untouched to keep things professional and avoid trouble, discomfort or embarrassment. Both women were serious about their jobs and good at what they did making them a very cohesive and effective team.
Coming out of her mental checklist trance Jacinda reaches into the pocket of her utilities for a pen to sign the documents. “Thank you SSGT. Will there be anything else today? I was planning to take off to take care of a few things.”
“No ma’am. All personnel are accounted for, screening is complete and our movement details will be finalized by message here shortly. This should be all, and if anything else pressing does come up we’ll be sure to call you.”
“Very well then. Easy day!” said Jacinda as she pushed her petite but muscular brown frame away from her desk, grabbed her keys and rose headed for the door.
“The only easy day is yesterday, ma‘am!” Laughs SSGT Jones as Jacinda leaves the office.
Jacinda was a well known and respected MP company commander. On a personal level not too many knew much about her, but professionally she still had a warm and caring demeanor that made her down to earth and approachable by officers and enlisted soldiers alike. From a distance, you wouldn’t guess she was capable of the rigors of law enforcement. But make no mistake, this woman was compact cock diesel with titties and curves. Her natural confidence and military training gave her a distinguished stride that turned heads and told people she was moving with a purpose and was a force to be reckoned with. Jacinda climbed into her forest green 2003 Toyota 4Runner, popped in an Erykah Badu CD from the visor and began her 35 minute trek home.
As she put her key into the door Jacinda felt warm soft pressure against her boot and ankle. Looking down she saw the small black furball with the white tipped tail at her feet. “Aw Hershey. I forgot about you!” She opened the door and Hershey scurried into the apartment. As she sighs and drops her keys on the coffee table Jacinda thinks to herself, what am I supposed to do with that fucking cat? Hershey had been adopted by Jacinda and her ex girlfriend. Jacinda didn’t even like cats but agreed to get him after loosing a friendly wager on who had the highest love making stamina. Jacinda lost on a technicality when she had to cut the marathon fuck session short after being called in early to prep and administer a random drug urinalysis. Rather than argue the loss incessantly, Jacinda gave in to her girl, like in many things, and agreed to get the cat.
Four months later the relationship ended, Jacinda’s ex moved back in with her mother who didn’t allow pets in the house. Jacinda was stuck with an unwanted cat as a reminder to never again try to satisfy a woman wanting nothing more than a homemaker. Jacinda enjoyed playing the “little woman” role by letting her boo call most of the shots, leaving cutesy and sometimes erotic messages for her lover to hear or read in the middle of the day, and throwing a meal together every now and then. But she also loved the Army and was first and foremost a strong, independent, career oriented black woman. Commitment to an unpredictable work schedule peppered with domestic devotion boarding on clinginess was a balancing act that most women couldn’t hang with, and Jacinda had a string of ex’s and now an unwanted cat to prove it.
She was half tempted to leave the cat out on the streets and let it fend for itself but her humanitarian nature wouldn’t allow her to do this even to a pet she despised. Besides, it wasn’t Hershey’s fault her ex had the commitment of an eight year old and lacked the stability and means to consistently support herself, let alone a cat. She knew most of her friends disliked cats just as much as she did, and the ones who didn’t already had pets of their own so of course they were out of the question. Then she remembered a little girl a couple of doors down who had seemed to take interest in him whenever he was out roaming the area. Perhaps it was time to pay the neighbors a visit and see if they would be willing to provide Hershey a good home.

*** 5 months later in Iraq outside of Fallujah***

It had been weeks since the Marines leveled the city. Now it was Jacinda’s Company’s job to help the local authorities maintain order as they rebuilt, protect the equipment held at their checkpoint located between Fallujah and Baghdad, and process and relocate to prisons the occasional insurgents brought through from various convoy missions. It sounded official, being in a combat zone collecting insurgents and supporting good order and discipline but the truth was a majority of the work came from keeping their own people in line. Five months out in the desert with excruciatingly hot days and freezing cold night, where showers could sometimes become biweekly luxuries, and everybody is in a constant state of homesickness its amazing the kind of things a bunch of soldiers between 18 and 35 get into. Most of the action seen was not because of looting in the ravaged cities or captured insurgents, but rather because of the kid found slashing the soles off of his boots so he wouldn’t have to go on patrol, the dude caught jacking off to a Maxim magazine in the guard shack or the female known to be giving blow jobs for money and cigarettes. What next? thought Jacinda as she finished reviewing the paperwork for yet another NJP (non judicial punishment) case.
Jacinda decided to call it quits for the night and strapped on her flack jacket to make a run for the latrine before turning in. She hated donning the flack jacket because it added so much bulk to her already small frame. Particularly in the chest area where she definitely didn’t need any help. It also had a tendency to chafe her nipples which always hardened instantly upon stepping out into the cold bitter night air. However, it was a regiment wide safety requirement that “could save a life” and Jacinda was all for setting the example so on it went before she stepped outside.
After handling her business in the latrine being careful to touch as little as possible because Lord knew what poor disgruntled soldier got assigned to clean those things as punishment or how poorly of a job was done, Jacinda was on her way to her bunk. She paused in her tracks after seeing from the corner of her eye what looked like shadows passing near the lot of vehicles parked in the distance just outside the span of the outdoor lighting. Rather than report it to the guard at the shack or try to hunt down one of the night rovers Jacinda opted to investigate herself. Chances were it was just someone trying to catch a few winks in the privacy of one of the vehicles as opposed to the communal barracks tents.
Everything appeared to be normal with a couple of sweeps through the rows of vehicles with her flashlight, but as she got further down the first row, faint sounds made her certain that there was something or someone around. Jacinda isolated the indistinguishable sounds to a light armored truck at the end of the line. Jacinda didn’t understand what was so hard about understanding that the vehicles were off limits unless they were being driven, loaded, worked on or cleaned, but time and time again soldiers were caught breaking in to use them as their own personal sleeping, smoking, eating and lounging areas. Jacinda had no desire to make a scene at that hour so calmly and cautiously approached the rear of the truck the muffled sounds were coming from and lifted the dust flap to bust the culprit and let him or her off with a warning.
The scene inside the truck bed was completely different from what Jacinda had expected. There before her eyes, oblivious to her presence and barely made visible by the moonlight was SSGT Carol Jones going at it with a young girl Jacinda only recognized as a private from the 2nd Battalion. SSGT Jones was seated on the bench along the edge of the truck bed in boots, a wife beater, and her utility pants with the belt unbuckled and the button fly hanging open. The private was straddling one of her knees in nothing but a thong and SSGT Jones was sucking hungrily on one of the private‘s breasts while massaging the nipple of the other. Jacinda stood watching, paralyzed by shock as SSGT Jones thrusted first two then three fingers deep into the sex of the private. The thrust was smooth and firm. The SSGT’s forearm flexed as the private gasped an inhale and rose momentarily off SSGT Jones’ knee then settled back down across the knee with an exhale and a widening of her legs. The private’s hips gyrated around on the knee and SSGT Jones’ hand until another thrust sent her up and gasping once again. The private threw her head back and opened her mouth. Just as she was about to let out a shriek SSGT Jones smoothly cupped the hand that was massaging the private’s nipple over her mouth to muffle the sound.
The private began to claw at SSGT Jones’ washboard stomach then swiveled her hand around and dipped it into SSGT Jones’ unbuckled and unbuttoned utility pants. SSGT Jones bucked towards the private’s hand before letting out a soft guttural moan as if in protest and delivering another thrust sending the private almost to her feet. This time, SSGT Jones released the breast from her mouth, arched the private’s back and drew a path with her tongue from between the private’s breasts down to her pubic line. SSGT Jones repositioned her legs so that the private straddled her entire lap. The private then arched her back and rocked backwards as SSGT Jones feathered kisses down her torso with her arms wrapped firmly around the private’s waist. Then in one fluid motion SSGT Jones stood, still holding the private’s waist, and spun around placing her gently on the bench where she had been sitting moments ago. Crouching to her knees, SSGT Jones gingerly parted the nether lips of the private and drew small circles around her clit with her thumb before attacking the area with her tongue. Realization that the scene was causing her own clit to harden and moisten snapped Jacinda out of her momentary paralysis.
“Sniper in the trees, ladies!” snaps Jacinda as she directs the beam of her flashlight onto the women in the truck. They both jumped startled. The private crossed her arms in front of her in an attempt to shield her naked breasts. Then they both sat wide eyed and motionless as if they’d seen a ghost.
“LT Brown! Ma’am, we…”
“Shhhhtt!,” interrupted Jacinda as she gave them a glare that could have burned a hole through a tank. She shone the light around the inside of the truck momentarily holding it on the pile of uniform items in the corner before shining it back on the two women who still sat motionless. “90 seconds to be fully dressed and at attention in my office,” ordered Jacinda in a soft but stern and unwavering voice before storming off.
In half the time she had stated, Jacinda was seated at her desk facing the entrance to her office. Clit still hard and wet, her sexual hunger and frustration was through the roof but still paled in comparison to the shock and anger she felt from what she had just witnessed. The two women flew through the entrance and aligned themselves side by side in front of the desk snapping to attention. SSGT Jones stood emotionless while the private was visibly shaking and appeared to be on the verge of tears. Jacinda sat staring at them in silence for a good minute before yelling.
“Do you have any idea how many regs you're in violation of? SSGT Jones? I’m sure you can tell me! You're one of my fuckin MPs! A damn good one I would say until tonight! You all’s behavior tonight is a shameful representation! Its like finding out the DC sniper was black! I take personal offense to your lewd and reckless lack of inhibition! What's your name, private?”
“Ma’am, private Chandra Young, ma’am.”
“Well miss Young… if you plan on making it very far I suggest you find some self control! There are a lot of people who want to see you fail for a lot of different reasons. Its way too early for you to get careless and make it easy for them, private! First thing in the morning I’m informing your entire chain that if you’re found near my vehicles attempting a lover’s rendezvous again there will be hell to pay! They can deal with you and that information as they wish. I’ll withhold the details on who you were meeting with and how far it went, but don’t consider it a personal favor! You're dismissed!”
Private Young swiftly fell out of the office leaving Jacinda and SSGT Jones alone. “Any you really disappoint me! You’ve been in this game longer than me. You’ve been around the block. You know the ropes. In a single night you've managed misuse of a government vehicle, fraternization, sexual misconduct--" Jacinda paused then rose abruptly. She leaned forward over the desk and lowered her voice close to a whisper before continuing. “They don’t want us here because they think it affects them, they don’t wanna see it, and they don’t think its compatible with the job. Here you are throwing it in their face, making it their business and losing all sense of work ethic and professionalism! If you’re gonna prove them right, I don't want you here either! Its no good for me or the US Military!”
Jacinda noticed SSGT Jones arch her brow slightly in surprise at her comments, but only sat back down in her chair and continued. “I sympathize… Hell, I’ll even use my authority to try to assist and accommodate as much as I can. But understand that everybody is treated the same, and you’re not exempt from any of the rules and regulations that you or I would hammer other people with. You’re probably lucky it was me and not somebody else who caught you. However, make my position known to anybody else who might be headed down the same path you and Private Young traveled tonight! And don’t think you’re getting off with a slap on the wrist either! I’m suspending you of all supervisory duties over E-5s and below for the next 30 days. You’ll be pushin paper for a while. Additionally, your R&R request is denied and since you have so much energy to creep at night, you can inventory the armory and clean weapons between the hours of 2400 and 0300 for the next 5 days. Have I made myself completely clear?”
“Yes ma’am. And I wish to extend my personal apology to you for my bad representation and conduct, ma’am.”
“Very well, accepted. You may go SSGT Jones.” SSGT Jones did an about face and was headed out when Jacinda called after her, “Oh, and one more thing SSGT.”
“Yes ma’am,“ said SSGT Jones as she turned around to face Jacinda once again.
“I don’t know how you’re gonna make it happen, but I expect that vehicle to be clean and musk free by reveille. The last thing any of us need right now is a truck smelling like fresh pussy,” said Jacinda with a quick smile and a wink.
“Yes ma’am. I understand. I’ll take care of it right away.” And with that, SSGT Jones turned and left the office.
Jacinda allowed SSGT Jones to disseminate at her own discretion the details of the nights events. SSGT Jones received her reprimand and punishment well and did not allow it to affect their working relationship. She also adopted Jacinda’s philosophy, which once spread to the appropriate people, established an underground network of strict authority and support protecting those who played by the rules and outing and ousting all others. Eventually the network became much larger than the two of them expanding well outside the Regiment.

***4 years later***

It was Saturday morning, Jacinda was happy to be home before the sun came up and absolutely exhausted when she walked through the door. She stumbled to the bedroom barely noticing the light shining from the cracked open bathroom door and the sound of the shower running. As she undressed she gave the starched and pressed uniform hanging by the mirror a once-over, placed the two silver bars sitting on the dresser onto the collar with mechanical precision, then collapsed face first into the pillow on the bed. Minutes later the sound from the shower stopped and the bathroom door creaked open.
“He He…How was duty?!”
Without lifting her face from the pillow Jacinda waived her middle finger towards the voice coming from the bathroom door and her response was met with a swift swat on the butt with a wet towel. Jacinda turned her head towards the voice with a smirk on her face but did not open her eyes.
“Thanks for the uniform rig, Captain Brown, ma‘am. I‘ll get you on Monday,” said the voice before kissing Jacinda on the cheek and leaving.
Several hours later Jacinda was awakened by an alert from her cell phone saying she had a text message:
Boo tings r heatn up n Iran. U kno 1 of r regmnts will b snt.
Reply: We can manage sweets. Ppl r lookn out.
Ur rite…Duty 2nite so don wait up. I brng bkfst 2morw. Unfrm of da day in viky scrts bag bhind ur bak seat.
Reply: Rgr. Get sum, LT! Luv u.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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