Poetic One

25-Year-old India Sanchez sat at a corner oak desk reviewing legal briefs. The day was moving slower than a turtle’s ass and the repetitive nature of her existence was beginning to take a toll on her. The clock on the left corner of her desk read 1:15 pm and the concept that her day wouldn’t end until at least 6pm was a cruel reminder that her day was actually just beginning. She had graduated from the Boston University Law School about a year ago. The position of Legal Aide at Johnson & Graig seemed promising and temporary with much hope for advancement, but it seemed like that hope was short lived. For the last year she was over worked and under paid. No room or time for fun of any sort...not even a relationship. She feared that she would turn into this person who had nothing to look forward to except going to work and coming home to her cat fluffy. At 25 years old she saw a very unsatisfying pattern setting in.
India hadn’t been on a date in months and in a relationship in even longer than that. She had lost track of the last time she had even had sex. The nights of masturbating in the bathtub was hardly a substitute for what she desired. She chuckled to herself, thinking about the last time she had even found time to please herself. She remembered squirming to the words of the latest Zane novel about three weeks ago. Having to reposition herself...crossing and uncrossing her legs as moisture dripped down her inner thigh. She wanted to grab the closest cylinder/dome shaped object and quickly insert in her...only to realize that this most inopportune display of sexuality was occurring during her morning commute on a crowded MBTA train...the orange line to be exact. She remembered looking around to see if any of the other commuters had noticed her sudden temperature change...discretely taking a sniff at her fingers to make sure she hadn’t blacked out and let loose in the midst of all this. India sighed a sigh of relief after realizing that she still smelled the strong scent of Irish Springs soap and Kiwi strawberry hand lotion. That event had been the closest she’d gotten to an orgasm in a very long time.
India considered herself to be a fairly beautiful woman. Her short stature stood about five feet, four inches tall. Her bi-racial mixture of Dominican and Black gave her this dark brown complexion that was contrasted with her naturally hazel eyes. Her perfectly arched eyebrows and full lips were just the beginning of a totally enticing package. India’s body was this average build wearing thickness in all the right places. On this particular fall day India wore a long sleeve, teal colored button up shirt. Her 34D breast practically burst through the top few buttons of her shirt. Her short black skirt quickly failed the fingertip test. Her long black hair rested just past her shoulder, and her perfectly manicured nails made streamlines through her hair as she used them as a make shift comb.
Her mind and thoughts continued to focus on the drought she was experiencing. She looked around her office, which was filled with middle aged white men, many of who were hesitant to even look at her let alone talk to her. Her attire was so much more trendy and revealing than the other female legal aides. Sexual harassment was a big thing around here and nobody was trying to get caught up. She scanned the room several times making mental notes as to why none of the men in this office would be a worthwhile release. The reasons ranged from them being old, married, white, and well just plain old lack of equipment. India visualized possible encounters with some of the younger attorneys but quickly shook the pointless image out of her head.
“Anything going out?”
“Huh...what?” India said as her mountain of thoughts had just been invaded.
“I said do you have anything going out?”
India starred at the boyish woman standing before her. Trinity Alexander stood patiently waiting for India to respond. India looked her up and down examining every inch of her noticeable body. Trinity stood approximately five feet, nine inches tall and weighed about 155 pounds. Her brown dread locs with blond tips hung underneath a brown knit scull cap. It perfectly matched the brown sweater she wore. Her khaki cargo pants sat perfectly on top of a pair of brown Timberland boots. Her entire outfit was clearly too big for her. There was no real indication of where her breast began and ended.
Perhaps that was the idea. To pull off this level of disguise that kept the pretentious lawyers guessing. Trinity’s bottom lip was decorated with a slender, silver hoop that hung off the right side of her lip. She also had her labret, nose and eyebrow pierced. Her green eyes were a typical addition to her butterscotch complexion. “Well,” She said, interrupting India’s thoughts once again. “Umm...I do, but its not ready. I’ll either bring it down or leave it for the evening pick up. Thanks.”
“Whateva,” Trinity said and smiled softly as she began to walk away.
“Hey,” India called to her. Trinity paused in her steps waiting for India to continue. “Your hair...its nice”
“Thanks.” Trinity smiled to herself and continued her rounds.
India kicked herself for the ridiculous attempt to make conversation. India had noticed Trinity everyday doing the mailroom rounds for corporate America. She had wondered many thoughts about her including ones that she never thought she would ever wonder about another female. There was something about Trinity that India found somewhat intriguing. She had this ambiance about her that left India fantasizing about stalled elevators or adventures in locked stockrooms. There was something real sexy about Trinity, and India wondered if that would be the worthwhile adventure she desired. India squirmed in her seat at the idea and spent the majority of the afternoon in this continuous daydream about fucking Trinity in the mailroom after everyone was gone.
India considered herself a heterosexual woman and for all intents and purpose she was. She never had any type of sexual experience with a female and up until very recently she hadn’t even thought about it. India figured that her level of horniness had reached an all time high and at this point she was willing to take what she could get--as long as it was satisfying and reasonable.
Her day ended around 7:30 and India made her commute to her Roxbury apartment. Her cat Fluffy greeted her at the door and although the warmth of the apartment seemed very inviting. India had made the decision hours ago that she was not going to spend another night in her lonely apartment with her only company being her little black cat. It was about 10pm by the time India got home and changed her clothes. She had been meaning to check out this new trendy club located in the Chinatown area. She headed back out and jumped back on the orange line. She exited at the Chinatown T stop and headed for the club. She wore a denim skirt that was even shorter than the skirt she wore to work earlier that day. It had to have stopped right before the middle of her thigh. Her pink one strap shirt formed just right to her perky breast. She wore a pair of pink boots that matched her shirt completely. They stopped at her knee and had about a three inch heel.
India showed her ID and entered the crowded club. She scanned the room and found a seat at the bar. She ordered a sour apple martini and observed her surroundings. India sat there nursing her drink for about twenty minutes before she decided to walk around the huge club. She weaved her way through women and men and people ofquestionable gender. The music was on point. It was a lot of intense beats that sent a seductive like chill down her back. India spent the next hour dancing and sipping on sour apple martinis, by martini number three she was feeling real nice and began making her way to the bathroom. It was around 12:30 the last time she checked as she made her way through the crowd. She turned down a long hall way and just as she was about to enter the bathroom she felt a soft hand grab her arm. Her first reaction was to pull away, but the person was relentless and pulled her close.
“Since when do big shot lawyers hang out with common folk.”
India smiled at the cynical comment rolling off of Trinity’s lips. “I’m far from being a big shot lawyer.”
“Your the last person I expected to see here.” Trinity replied.
“Really? Why is that?”
“This don’t seem like your scene.”
“Really? And what would be my scene.”
“I don’t know...something a little more uptight.”
“I come off as being uptight?”
“Well I’m not.”
“Apparently.” Trinity still had a hold of India’s hand as she scanned her body and outfit. “I never realized you were so short.”
“Yeah, I figured my shoes would give me a little height.”
“Yeah,just a little though. Pardon me for saying but . . . damn you look good.” Trinity smiled.
“Thank you. You do too.”
Trinity licked her bottom lip and bit on her ring a little. She pulled India close to her. India took a deep breath and attempted to step back. The blatant aroma of CK lingered off Trinity’s body and India could feel her heart speeding up. India looked up into Trinity’s green eyes and smiled a nervous smile. They had been standing in the middle of the walkway. Trinity deemed it a good idea to move. She gently pulled India further down the hallway and placed her back against a wall. Trinity stood less than two inches in front of her and whispered in her ear, “So, what you all about?”
“What do you mean?”
“What you all about? There’s something different about you. You ain’t like the rest of them cats at that law firm. You seem more free, willing to let loose. You just seem like there is something holding you back.”
The softness of Trinity’s voice caused India to take an even deeper breath as she listened. “You make me wonder about you.” Trinity explained.
“Yeah. I see the way you be looking at me”
“How is that.”
“Like you want me.”
“Ha . . . really? You're real confident,huh?”
“I guess, but it’s more than that. You drift away when I’m around, like your thoughts are running away from you.”
“You get all that?”
“I do. You do want me, don’t you?”
India laughed a little and gently pushed Trinity away from her. She proceeded to walk away, but Trinity pulled her back and placed her back on the wall. “Admit it.”
“Admit what?”
“That you want me.”
India stood there quietly, shifting from side to side. Trinity moved closer as if there was some bit of space left that India hadn’t noticed. Trinity softly outlined the frame of India’s face, tracing her eyebrows...cheeks...stopping at her lips. India continued to stare at Trinity as she began to feel her clit pulsate. Trinity leaned toward India’s ear and whispered, “Tell me you want me.” She placed the tip of her tongue on India’s neck and gently kissed it. “Tell me you want me,” Trinity repeated. She kissed India’s neck again...this time a little longer...a little harder...and a little more intensely. India could feel her panties getting wet and teasingly move her neck away from the reach of Trinity’s lips. “India...tell me...” Trinity said as she turned India’s face toward hers...using only the index finger of her left hand. Trinity could see India’s breast rising and setting. “You know you want me.”
“And if I do?”
“I just want to hear it. I want to see the words form on your lips.”
India hesitated, wondering if this was something that she really wanted to do. “You already know I want you.” Trinity smiled and licked her lips before placing them against India’s. India and Trinity’s tongues simultaneously connected, playing games of seductive fun. India could feel Trinity squeeze her breast at just the right force. While still kissing, India felt Trinity guide her to a dark room that just happened to be about a foot away. She wondered how many times Trinity had pleasured some willing female in this same room. It was a short-lived concern. Their kissing grew heavier and Trinity didn’t hesitate to expose India’s hard nipples. She smiled, seductive intent written all over her face and began to suck the left one into her mouth like a juicy gumball. Trinity gently outlined India’s nipples with her tongue...playing...sucking...gently biting. She showed the other the same amount of attention before India guided Trinity’s mouth back to hers.
Their lips connected again and they began kissing hard. Their lips and tongues connected in ways unimaginable. Trinity proceeded to place her hands underneath that demin skirt and literally tore off the pink tongs that India wore. Trinity’s cold fingers made India jump a little, and when Trinity inserted two inside...well India felt her heart flutter. Trinity smiled at how wet India was and stuck the first two fingers in as deep as they would go. With her free hand she managed to lift India off the ground and lean her head and upper back against a nearby wall. With now a third finger inserted, Trinity continued to penetrate in and out, deeper...
India found herself caught up in the moment and found her lower body moving in the same fashion. Slowly...deeply...hard, she rode Trinity’s fingers as if they were something other than fingers. Trinity adjusted her grip and penetrated harder. Juices dripped down her hand like waterfalls. India reached out for some type of leverage as Trinity began to lower her to the floor.
In the process, India began to undo Trinity’s pants allowing them to drop to the floor as she stepped out of them. She wore silk boxers All this being done while still penetrating, still moving, still satisfying. Just as India felt herself about to cum, Trinity stopped and removed her fingers causing India to give her a look of confusion. Trinity smiled, removed her boxers, and spread India’s legs a little. She kissed her deeply and placed her clit against India’s. She began to grind hard, rhythmically...focused on this idea of giving ultimate pleasure. That intensity quickly rose again and their bodies rocked in this strategic motion as their juices mixed...spilled...
India moaned and and again. She whispered soft words that couldn’t even begin to express what she was feeling. Her thoughts scattered, mind jumbled. Trinity’s rhythm grew harder and faster. Breathing patterns changed, increased. India couldn’t decide whether to grab her hair, clench her back, scream or moan. She began to feel this build up...a sure fire indication that she was about to cum. Trinity could feel the same sensation and as they released together. Their legs quivered and moans escaped that left Trinity certain that there was always room for more.
Trinity slowly slid her body down India’s until her face was mere centimeters away from her clit. India was breathing so hard trickles of sweat rolled down her face. The base from the music vibrated the room and it was like Trinity was waiting for just the right beat. She slid her warm, wet tongue in between India’s vaginal lips and began stroking slowly. So slow that the anticipation alone was making her even more wet. Trinity found her rhythm and stroked until India reached a level of satisfaction that she could honestly say she had never experienced before.
Trinity took the time to locate India’s vaginal opening and penetrated. She sent waves of fluttering tongue motions through her insides...doing tricks with the tip of her tongue that had the power to make wet women cum. It felt good; better than what any dude could do. India's gyrations matched Trinity tongue dance. She moaned louder and moved her body harder, faster. Every time it got too intense and India would pull away, Trinity would pull her closer and continue playing games inside her vagina. India could do nothing but place her forearm on her forehead and close her eyes...pleading the blood of Jesus, but Jesus ain’t got nothing to do with this.
India held on to the back of Trinity’s head...indicating that she was hitting the spot...that spot right underneath the clit...the sensitive spot that pulsates at a mere breath...that spot that can be played with, with a tip of a tongue that wants that woman to cum...that spot that had India at a lost for words....that spot that had her gripping hair and biting bottom lips and...shit. Moaning...gyrating...moving...pulling...contorting her body to fit the rhythm...realizing that it feels so good...harder....faster....moaning...Cumming…quivers...releases…
Trinity stayed in that spot until the after shocks were complete. She placed soft kisses on India’s vagina and waited for her to recover. When she did, Trinity kissed her deeply--almost wanted to start a round two. Instead, she rose, clothed, assisted, and kissed. No words words needed.
Trinity guided India to her feet and once they were both dressed they exited the dark room in this random club. As the crowds began to engulf them, all they could do was exchange looks. Trinity vanished into the crowd and India retreated to the bathroom, finally. Leaving behind a mere memory...

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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