by JaeB

In a cold, cruel world of unknowns and deluded values
I found you.
And I've found in you
the greatest of humility and simplicity
and this is my feeble attempt at expressing my emotions
to you.
If you could indulge me for just a moment of time,
as to allow me to somehow find a way to turn this passionate outpour of
into mere words.

This is my love letter to you...

I pray that you
not to be bored of me
but commune with me
under the whips of God
and clear consciousness.
I just need a little time
as to explain
this conversion of me
this change in me
as winter stirring into spring.

It was from that moment
that I began to grow in God's favor
and in love.
You have been like a precious ointment
poured into the blistering crevices of my life
healing my soul from my life's never ending
bitter winter.

You have restored...
my faith in love
my craving for love
and I've been forever changed
by your truth
by your love
and what a love it is...
a love for which the hearts of ages have longed for.
So what I have come to learn
is that at any moment
in any situation
the soul that seeks God in everything,
shall be accomplished.

As I am now a wealthy woman through you.
No longer in a common place.
This is my love letter to you.

My prayer is that I am never effaced from your soul.
Please allow me to be the pleasurable treasure for you
that you have been for me.
Allow me to amuse you with my trivial devotions.
I have well established myself in the shadows
of your presence.

Give up yourself to me.
And with regard to those things only spiritual,
resign yourself
And I shall yield you
a nourished soul.
written without any fear
this is my love letter to you.

I have always been governed by love
selfless acts
but none in return
and then came you...
My reason to be pleased and well-satisfied with myself,
And believe today
If you never believe another word I say
that in all acts Pure as God
till death calls on my soul
I have
and will continue
to give you all that is in me to love.
This is my feeble attempt at writing a love letter to you.

I have found a sufficient amount of strength in you.
And I wish to forever dwell in the continual joy
that I have come to know as you.
I have formed this habit of you.
Believe me when I say that there are times when I doubt
that I deserve the favor...
of your love that you have so abundantly bestowed upon me
with great care and diligence.

I find myself growing accustomed
to doing everything there is
or could ever be
to provide you with a pleasing love.
My life's endeavor is to do so
and show...
my hearts obligation to loving you.
And you shall find true Peace
as my adoration invades your soul.
My actions will all be lead by my desire to please.
My only business is to loving you.
Except for losing you,
I fear nothing!
Desiring only you
I shall never do
than to perform all actions in the name of true love.

I am the definition of being in Love.

As in a clear mirror
I can plainly see
all that is for me
and all that is for me to do.
So invested is my soul.
And I shall resolve to endure all things.
This is my love letter to you.

I am so inflamed by your love
that I can hardly contain myself.
I implore you
that I shall never retire
I am clear of my duty
and I will never deny you
As I follow my conscious of readiness
I am a heart determined to be insensible to anything and everything
but your divine love.

You have had this silent conversation with my soul
which causes me raptures of joy
so great
that I pass over many things
just to be tedious
to you.

My works may not be full of greatness, but they will be rich in love.

I desire earnestly to be in your Godly presence forever,
for all times
for every second
for every minute
for every hour of every day
I drive away
the involuntary interruptions of my thoughts of you
and this is my feeble attempt
at expressing my emotions for you
written without hesitation
This is my love letter to you.

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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