by Stickyboi

Kissing, exploring
And eager hands
Is where we've begun
In this lovers dance...
Cheek to cheek
Hand to breast
Tounge to skin
You know the rest
From the tips of my fingers
To the depths of her soul
I want to feel
Her love sounds explode
Caresses down her back
Nibbling on her neck
Hot kisses snaking down
Over succulent breast
"Ooh.. Aah.."
I hear her moan
And I myself
Can barely contain my own
Lower still
The kisses go
Following the rainbow
To the pot of gold
She sucks in a breath
As I take my first taste
Of that little slice of heaven
Hidden below the waist
Slow but steady
I get into a groove
And her body's responding
And beginning to move
I begin attacking her spot
And softly she whispers to me
"No baby, please don't stop"
I know I'm doing it right
When she's got her hands in my hair
I hear her moaning
"Yes, Sticky, Oh baby right there"
I pause for a breif moment
And come up for air
And by the look in her eye
I can tell she's almost there
Her body's tense
Taut with desire
Begging me to release the fire
Licking, sucking, slurping and kissing
I do what she wants and just eat it
She's so close to the edge now
And lawd I can feel it
Faster and faster
I increase the tempo
Her body's protesting
And yearning to let go
And with a well placed nibble
All hell breaks loose
And I find myself swimming
In her love juice
I hold her tight
As tiny tremors rip through her body
I whisper
"Breathe baby, Breathe"
And hold her closer to me
We lay still for a moment
And I just take it all in
The sounds, the smells
And the fuzzy feeling within
The dogs begin to bark
And my haze lifts and I realize
It was no more than a dream
Concocted in my subconcious mind...

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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