by Skittles
~~ Dedicated to the Woman that will always have my heart ~~
~~ I Love You and Always Will ~~

This is my goodbye letter to you.
I see that our love as I know it, has come to an end.
My heart still loves you to much to be your friend.
You, have found solice in the arms of another.
So, now I bow out gracely as I see this is one fight I cannot win.

There is not a day that goes by that I won't be thinking of you.
I still believe that the love we shared between us is completely true.
Your smile is no longer mine and neither is your kiss.
This my dear, are not even half of what I'll miss.

The things we shared that were just between us,
I will never ever forget.
You moved on, and so will I full of promise, and
Not one regret.

You have shown me the door and I have no choice now,
But to walk on through.
I guess there is nothing left here for me to do.
Hopefully, one day you will miss my love,
But I know that day is not today.

I hope you find your happiness,
In her that with me you couldn't find.
My love will always be here,
But for now it's left behind.

I loved you then, I love you know,
And from this day I always will.
You are a beautiful woman and I am lucky still.

To have had a wonderful woman,
like you once upon a time.
Maybe one day if I am lucky,
Again you will be mine.

But for now my love, I say goodbye.
With broken heart in tow, I promise I won't cry.
For I have a heart that I know was always true.
So again my love I say...
This is my Goodbye letter to you.

Love Always

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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