by FERiginal

My fingertips
Run down your curving spine
Such a golden joy to watch you wriggle that behind

My fingertips
Squeezing your smooth chocolate ass
Your warm, round, sweet, and supple fleshy mass

My fingertips
Scratching at the bottoms of your feet
I stroke my way back up to make your thrill complete

My fingertips
They cross your sultry lips
That sexy, sucking sound; beads of sweat begins to drip

My fingertips
Feel the joy of nipples round
pinched between my nails; did I hear you make a sound?

My fingertips
Sliding down to navelís mound
Leering down below; you know Iím southward bound

My fingertips
Work your other pair of lips
Reasons lost and found, you grind and thrust your hips

My fingertips
With arms holding tight
We continue on, all through the night

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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